What should I do in Athens, Greece?

Things to Do in AthensWhat can you say about Athens that has not already been said? We have spent seven days in Athens with kids having enough time to go everywhere, from museums to squares, beautiful parks and botanical gardens, churches, and all the other historic buildings. The local police station as well. While I was wandering around with my h

What are the smartphones released this year (2020)?

Latest Mobile PhoneIn this digital world, there are several latest mobile phones getting launched by various brands with exciting updates, specification, upgraded features and much more, holding a responsibility to fulfill user needs and continue to launch updates accordingly. Unfortunately, some part of user needs are not being achieved by some br

Is there an AirPrint Printer that can print pictures on photo paper?

HP printers can all use AirPrint now. As far as I remember HP and Apple did joint work to get AirPrint functioning. ,Some HP printers have a built-in photo tray along with the regular paper tray (7640, 5740, 5660 models are a few) ,I have a weekend job in retail, so I attempted printing from Brother, HP, epson, canon. ,The most difficult to connect

Should Malaysia allow dual citizenship?

Although Malaysia may not accept dual citizenship, you still can explore and travel the world.,According to the passport world index 2016 Malaysia has one of the strongest passports in the world. Malaysian citizens can travel visa free to 154 countries. That's just one less than US citizens (155),Passport Index 2016 - World's passports in one place

What is the best way to learn Photoshop online?

Hi! I learnt Photoshop entirely via YouTube tutorials! There are many videos which tell you how to get started and teach you the purpose of all the tools available.,A great beginner video will be:,Once you get to know how all the tools work and how to use them, these are the channels I would recommend you to try multiple projects:,Photoshop Tutoria

What is an alternative software like CyberLink PowerDirector video editor that is for free with no cracking involved and thereu2019s a PC trial version for a month?

If you want a very good free Video Editor then I can recommend HitFilm Express, totally free - forever and no u201cWatermark until you payu201d rubbish.,Download HitFilm Express | for Mac & PC - fxhome.comThe other thing which is very good about HitFilm is that you can expand its already very good capabilities all the way up to Pro. You donu2019t n

What is the meaning of dreams about my teeth breaking falling out?

While itu2019s true that dreams about losing or breaking your teeth can illustrate anxiety or loss or insecurity, when youu2019re interpreting your dreams, you always have to ask, u201cwhy this image for anxiety, insecurity, loss?u201d Any number of images can mean the same thing. You could have an image of losing your hair, and that too, says some

Where are the best places to live in Sydney?

The best place to live in Sydney really depends on YOU.,Sydney is MASSIVE. It can take you a couple of hours to drive from one edge to the other.,,nSydney even has different climates within it's borders. It's fringed on the east by beaches, where the ocean tends to dampen temperature extremes. As you head west, the ocean has less of an effect, and

Which procedure is used to stop sudden headaches immediately?

If headaches happen all of a sudden you can follow these ..,If you are in hurry or busy you can take painkillers this works fast as to give you relief from headaches.,You can apply oil like navratna this provides you cooling effect and go to sleep.,You can apply ointments,You can go in a dark room and let you sleep for two to three hours and the he

What are the creepiest photos ever?

Photographs are a top-notch way to capture a moment and freeze it in time. You donu2019t need to be a professional to snap a brief selfie or take a set shot of you and your pals taking part in a night out on the town. Photos have grown to be the ubiquitous medium that we use all the time these days.,These 25 snapshots show that regardless of how ex

Why are there so many more men in prison than women? Is it about the types of crimes commit, the frequency men vs. women commit crimes, or that women get away with crimes more?

Itu2019s a combination of elements.,Statistically, men commit more crimes than women:,Statistics have been consistent in reporting that men commit more criminal acts than women. Self-reported delinquent acts are also higher for men than women across many different actions. Burton, et al. (1998) found that low levels of self-control are associated w

Why is the entropy change positive in the dehydration of ethane?

u201cWhy is the entropy change positive in the [dehydrogenation] of ethane?u201d*,The balanced equation is C2H6 u2192 C2H4 + H2. There are more molecules in the products than in the reactants, and all reactants and products are in the gas phase. (It doesnu2019t matter that the catalyst and any surface species on it are not gases, since entropy is a

Is Chinas new Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge necessary or is it just a vanity project?

When China started to invest heavily in high speed rail network over a decade ago, people criticized government for wasting money on u201cvanity projectu201d and they were quite convinced the slow trains were good enough for Chinese.,Those critics were just near-sighted and lacked vision of how this would change China and her people and how it woul

What is the recipe for bone pork chops in the oven?

Set up a three-dish breading station:n1. AP flourn2. egg washn3. panko bread crumbsnI generally add spices to the flour, liquid seasonings to the egg wash, and herbs to the panko. That way, every layer adds flavor to the completed chops. If you prefer less flavored cuisine, then just add a generous amount of both sea salt and freshly ground black p

What is your favorite chicken noodle soup recipe?

The best way to think about chicken noodle soup is in two steps.,First the broth, then the soup.,A few weeks ago on a question about simple, easy to make meals, I talked about u201cCheater's Chicken Soup." The main difference is that if you're not starting with raw chicken and making your own broth, you're cheating. And once you try this, you'll un

In what ways is India changing for the better?

Here is what Pradeep Lokhande of http://RuralRelations.com has to say about how rural India is changing for the better:,,Ask the average woman in the village what she wants to achieve, and now she says that she wants to educate her children. For kids across Indian villages, the average distance to primary school is 1.5km and for secondary school it

What problem do you want to solve in your life?

u201cHey man, could you take a picture of me?u201d I ask a passerby, wanting to document this totally Instagrammable moment in India.,u201cSure, mau2019am,u201d he says.,I hand him my phone. He takes one photo, hands my phone back to me, and says, u201cIs it ok?u201d,Itu2019s not okay. He cropped my forehead.,How is it so hard to get my entire fore

What Japanese city is known to have the best sushi?

The most delicious sushi in Japan is in Toyama Prefecture. There is Toyama Bay, one of Japan's three largest bays.,There, a warm current meets a cold current and many fish can be caught.,The famous sushi toppings are "white shrimp" Gunkanmaki, which is called the jewel of Toyama Bay.,$690 per basket! Phantom White Shrimp,Other than that, the sea ur

I want to install a wireless projector. What are my options?

When you look for a wireless as in a portable projector, you shouldnu2019t only focus on the battery itself. You must also take a closer look at the quality, compatibility, durability, etc. For that, you should think of image quality, sound system, operating system, port facilities, and last but not least, the price.,Some best-quality portable proj

Who has the strongest military other than US,China and Russia?

Thereu2019s a big drop-off after Russia, China and the US. After them, India probably has the most powerful military. India is only behind China in terms of total active duty military personnel. There are currently 1.4 million active-duty members of Indiau2019s armed forces. The Indian Air Force has over 300 fourth-generation fighters, making it th

What girl names mean fearless?

u0905u092du092fu093e u0914u0930 u0928u093fu0930u094du092du092fu093e,These two names means fearless. I hope you will like the answer.

What emotions do you feel when you look at childhood photos of yourself?

Indifference.,I must admit Iu2019m confused about how to categorize my feelings towards seeing photos of myself. I donu2019t want to see photos of me very much, I want to see other people, or the rooms in which I was in.,My mom died when I was 9, and there is quite a bit I remember from when I was a kid. I have memories of Christmases, Easters and

What is the dumbeststupidest thing that a theist has said to you?

At work, we had an admin who was always trying to spread the gospel. She knew I did not believe; we had that conversation as she was shocked and did her thing but then pretty much left me alone.,One day in early December, I walked into the break room for coffee, and she was there with another employee talking about Christmas. The other employee ask

How long does it take to fry a porkchop?

The thickness of the chop and how you like it cooked play a big part in that. I like my pork chops about 2 cm thick and cooked for 3 minutes a side on a hot plate. That gets them crisp on the outside and pink in the middle.

Is biomedical science a good degree and how are the job prospects?

As someone who got a biomedical B.S. degree - which at that time was essentially a pre-medicine degree, you have a wide range of options available.,One thing to keep in mind, if you pursue an undergraduate-level degree only, you will have limitations to advancement in academia; universities are notoriously caste-centric, where PhDs have the power,