How are moles formed on our body?

Generally melanin is responsible for black color in our body,,,, the dispersed melanocytes in skin gives colour to skin,,, if more no. of melanocytes get accumulated in a particular area it causes production of melanin which is represented as moles...

Why do I feel so full after drinking alcohol?

Probably because there are many calories/joule in alcohol.nEthanol is a high energy molecule, and there is often sugars and proteins in alcoholic breverages too.,Here is a chart so you can see the aproximation of energy in alcohol:n,u200b

What is the narrowest country in South America?

Chile.Chile is ~4,300 km long (2,670 mi) long but only 350 km long at itu2019s widest point! Making it the narrowest country by relativity to itu2019s north-south length.,I did a project in school about Chile. Did you also know that Chile has 11 different ecosystems due to itu2019s north-south length. I bet you didnu2019tu2026 liar.

What were the most significant announcements made at Google IO 2016?

I watched the entire keynote on a live stream and was following Google I/O throughout and hereu2019s what I think were the most significant announcements at Google I/O 2016 -,Android NThe new JIT compiler. Not only does it speed up system updates but also improves app install times by a whopping 75%.Multi-Window support. Even though Samsung and som

As someone from India, what foods are popular in your region?

I am from South India,Tamilnadu. We are the land of Hospitality and our language is called tamil, it has 2000 years old heritage , food ,tradition .,Lets us see the some of the famous foods of the regions of Tamilnadu.,1. Kancheepuram Idly- Kancheepuram is famous for its idlis which are not typically idly shaped. In addition, they also have cumin,

Is it true that an abortion is never needed to save the life of the mother?

Original Question: u201cIs it true that an abortion is never needed to save the life of the mother?u201dPeople who are wedded to a particular point of view for emotional reasons often have to invent facts to support their cause. It would be more intellectually honest to state the truth.,In this case, the truth is that extreme pro-lifers prioritise

Whats the antidote for cyanide?

What's the antidote for cyanide?,Sodium thiosulfate, Sodium nitrite and amyl nitrite.,Crush 0.3 mL ampul of amyl nitrite q1min and inhale vapor for 15-30 seconds until IV sodium nitrite infusion available,Following infusion of 300 mg or 10 mg/kg IV sodium nitrate, over 2-5 minutes, inject 12.5 g sodium thiosulfate IV over 10 minutes PRN; may repeat

How do you create bitcoin accountaddress?

A wallet in the realm of bitcoins is equivalent to a bank account. Your wallet is where you receive, store, and send bitcoins. There is essentially two types of bitcoin wallets: a software wallet and a web wallet.[1] Both wallets have their pros and cons, and the decision will depend on your needs for a bit coin wallet.nMethod One of Three:nCreatin

What are some of the spiciest hot sauces?

The hottest one Iu2019ve tried, that was a legit, good tasting salsa (not one of those idiot u2018stuntu2019 hot sauce things for what Texans call u201cmouth surfersu201d) was made with lovely, orange, habanero peppers. The base salsa had Roma tomato, onion cilantro and mango. The peppers had nice sweet and floral notes of musk melon, orange blosso

What does an "f2.0 lens" mean?

An aperture is needed with clear lenses because there is distortion at the edges of the focused light. ( As that aperture gets smaller, on the other hand, distortion from diffraction sets in. Most lenses have a "sweet spot" where the aperture is set to a middle value (often around f/8.0) where

Is wallpaper still a popular option for decorating walls?

Although traditional wallpaper has become dated, difficult to remove, and not so stylish, there are still many options today that work with changing and emerging styles, and have revitalized the use of wallpaper in interior design once again.,While wallpaper was the material of choice for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathroomsu2026practically

What are the advantages of firing employees quickly?

This question isnu2019t very clearly stated. Firing them quickly without giving them opportunities to correct their issues or firing them within the 90 day probationary period or calling them in and firing them and walking them out of the building in the space of 15 minutes or less?,The advantage of following your companyu2019s disciplinary procedu

What is the best free photo editing app for the iPhone?

FocoClipping is the Best photo editing application available for the iPhone. It is fast and powerful tool which is 100% automatic. User can edit the image, change the background of the photo, Crop the image, Change background color of the photo etc.,It is a best photo editing apps for iPhone which can provide the most reliable output of the image u

Why is Korean food not as good as Chinese and Japanese?

Garlic sold in American grocery stores look like this.,Garlic sold in Korea look like this.,Maybe itu2019s an exaggeration but Koreans love their garlic and garlic makes food that much better. However I think garlic makes Korean food what it is to our kimchi down to our side dishes. Italian food also has a love affair with garlic and itu2019s consi

How can I learn Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a great method for companies to promote their business online through social media platforms. The main purpose is to create content tailored to each platform.,Before beginning, you must understand the benefits of marketing on social media:,Reach New CustomersWith social media, you are able to reach a greater pool of custom

Are Canon mirrorless cameras as good as Sony mirrorless cameras?

Depends on what you want, to be honest.,Here are some areas where Canon cameras are better than Sony mirrorless:,Ergonomics - Sony has used the size advantage of the mirrorless to make their full frame cameras as small as possible. Unfortunately, this compromises how it feels in the hand. For people with average to large hands, the grip is quite sh

Why cant I search for filters on Instagram?

Instagram doesn't allow you to search for filters from the actual camera u2014 or anywhere, for that matter. ... Once you've tried it out, you can save it by tapping the name of the filter and selecting u201cSave effect.u201d The other way you can attempt to find filters is to follow the hashtag associated with it.

How do you make confectionersu2019 sugar icing?

Place the amount of confectioners sugar you need in a bowl, then add,a little liquid(Water,fruit juice coffee or whatever) add the liquid gradually,until you have a workable paste, You can add flavouring and or colouring.,Finally spread the icing over your cake and wait for it to dry.

To buyout a person from his existing company, to join a new company, by paying the notice payment of contract termination, what are the common binding rules applied to the target person (any sample letters that can be shared)?

Unless youu2019re talking about an athlete in a team sport, then the rule have been established for many years.,just because you u201cpay offu201d a provision in an individualu2019s EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT does not mean that that individual is then unfettered from other duties of care that he owes to his previous employer

What is the longest river in the world?

The largest river in the world will have multiple answers. One definition will be the river with the biggest volume of water or the river with the longest distance.,It was first in the mid-20th century, it was possible to do absolutely accurate estimates with GPS technology and satellites to determine the rivers measurements of length and volume of

What led to the industrial revolution (inventionschanges)?

The thresher and the seed drill. All the other stuff pales in comparison when it comes social change, even the prostitution from the opium wars, steam power or the revolver. What happened was not just vast unemployment, but people no longer belonged to an estate that would take care of them, and when push came to shove, they were driven off. In 180

What do the Chinese think of Western food?

Malaysian Chinese guy in Australia here. Overall, I like Western food; Iu2019ll list out cuisines Iu2019ve tried in no particular order, with my personal thoughts.,ItalianI loved pasta growing up. It was a change of pace to rice, and special u201cWesternu201d nights in my family would be all about bolognaise, lasagna, pizza, garlic bread. Australia

I saw myself driving a car in dreams, What may be its meaning?

I have been dreaming of driving cars almost every night for going on thirty years now, and have gone through all the books on dream interpretation I could find, only to conclude they cannot not help me identify any true meaning behind these dreams.,But I did learn one thing about my car dreams: When I have them, I snore.Itu2019s like my body gives

Why is my computer running slow and freezing up?

There are many reason that can lead to this problem.,Software- format your system and reinstall windows or any other operating system. Most of the problem will be solved,If you are giving extra load to the system then try to upgrade with ram or SSD.,Hardware- if there is no software issue, then you should check for hardware, show your computer to e