Whatu2019s a good beer to pair with Mexican steak tacos?

Tacos call for Mexican beer. Steak tacos will have a lot of strong complex flavors so you need a complex beer to stand up to them. I would recommend Negra Modelo if you like a darker toastier beer or Bohemia if you donu2019t. Pale Mexican beers like Pacifico and Corona are just too light. Save them for Micheladas or to drink with your ceviche.

What was Anthony Bourdain net worth?

$ I.2 million total net worth at the time of his passing. He also had a 1 million mortgage on an apartment that his ex-wife and daughter live in. He regretted buying the apartment. He said: u201cYou buy it. The bank owns it but youu2019re stuck with it u201d.,Bourdain had less than $450,000 in cash.

Is there an equivalent of selecting image A on Photoshop and then using it to cut out a shape perfectly in image (A + B), so youre left with just image B for audio software, a way to exclude acapella perfectly from a song by using the instrumental?

Yes. This is entirely possible if the conditions are correct. You can use destructive interference to remove the common sounds and be left with only the difference between the two versions. If one is instrumental and the other is the exact same instrumental plus the vocal you can use the instrumental to cancel out the instruments from the vocal ver

If an asteroid actually killed the dinosaurs as science claims, then what became of this huge rock? Why cant we see it now? And what is the evidence that such an asteroid did indeed hit the Earth?

Evidence indicates that the asteroid fell in the Yucatu00e1n Peninsula, at Chicxulub, Mexico. In March 2010, an international panel of scientists endorsed the asteroid hypothesis, specifically the Chicxulub impact, as being the cause of the extinction. A team of 41 scientists reviewed 20 years of scientific literature and in so doing also ruled out

What port numbers and protocols does the IP camera in the sengled snap use?

Doubtful they use a port. Their user manual is of no help. Since the video is stored to the cloud, likely the camera sends a connection request to their cloud server, then sends the video clip to them. As the user, you also connect to their cloud server to view your video.,If you have a Synology NAS box, you could use any normal IP camera and the S

Why do some car manufacturers call a car that is clearly black, midnight blue?

Why do some car manufacturers call a car that is clearly black, midnight blue?The fine color gradations automakers choose can very much appear black under certain lighting conditions, but look at it under full sun and the difference will be more apparent.,For example, hereu2019s a (deep) Midnight Blue in the square shown below with a RGB value: 0,

Can you suggest me a one week meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner without potatoes? Or just simply a few ways to eliminate potatoes from daily life?

For breakfast go for cereals. Oats or muesli with cornflakes. Add some milk some honey almonds or some fruits like apple, papaya or banana,if not cereals you can go for poha aur dalia too,or lunch you can go with brown rice with curd or white rice would work too.,if you want to eat chapati you can eat it with some dal or rajma, chana etc,for dinner

Can I see Saturns rings with a smartphones camera capable of a 100x zoom?

I donu2019t have a 100x smartphone camera, or the planet Saturn visible right now, but hey, letu2019s find out!!,This was shot by Grant Petersen with a Samsung Galaxy S8. You could do the same with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, though I wouldnu2019t recommend using anything but the standard wide-angle 1x mode. Petersen also used an 8u2033 Dobsonian telesco

What is the best way to invest in US stocks from India? Are there any Indian brokerage firms that offer such services? I am also interested in how RBI (Reserve Bank of India) policies regulate such foreign currency transactions.

I just submitted the form to open an ICICI Direct account. They have a partnership with Saxo bank on which you can trade.,Opening charges are Rs 1500.nBrokerage for NASDAQ/NYSE - $.02/per share or $15 whichever is minimum. The minimum transaction value has to be $50.nThey provide a comprehensive list of all exchanges one can trade on and their corr

How do vegans survive?

One does not need animal products to survive. In fact, numerous studies have shown that animal products are responsible for a vast array of maladies, including many cancers. n n A vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seed, vegetables and fruits and the nearly infinite number of foods made by combining them. Many vegan versions of f

Do passenger planes that travel overseas provide disposable toiletries in the bathrooms?

Some airlines with a first class may offer a service like this to their first class customers.,Itu2019d be rarer to find a Business class with this kind of service.,For most airlines (Middle East carriers not withstanding) Economy can forget it.,Yes, that handle on the left of the picture is the door to the bathroom. The person is standing in the i

What are some of the most widely circulated fake pictures?

Claim: A two-and-a-half year old girl is protected by her four year old brother in Nepal, in the aftermath of the region's devastating earthquake.,Reality: The photo was actually taken in Vietnam by photographer Na Son Nguyen in October 2007. Despite the many tales that have been woven about the two kids, he says that the young girl was simply frig

How likely is it that an apocalyptic event will occur in our lifetimes?

Itu2019s very damn likely u2014 Hereu2019s a Top 10 list of reasons why u2026,First though, letu2019s say that apocalyptic means events that injure or kill millions, and lifetime means within the life expectancy of children today, say up to about the year 2100. Weu2019ll also include events that might not have a high body count, but which degrade l

What is the most memorable or chilling historical fact for you?

It is widely believed that fast food bars are a modern invention. However, ancient Rome does not quite agree with this statement.,The first recipe for an ancient burger can be found in the cookbook Apicius, written in the first century CE. More often, however, the name u201cOn the Subject of Cookingu201d is used. The precursor of the modern burger

How many Roman gods are there and what are they?

This is a difficult question. It depends on what weu2019re defining as a god, particularly, a Roman god.,In reality there are a countless number of Roman gods. Each person technically has a genius, a divine aspect of a person, and each household has a lar, or household god. None of these deities are any more than mere spirits in the eyes of a being

Why do traffic lights have red, yellow and green color? Why dont they use other colors?

This is a warning to drivers that the light is about to turn green. This is very beneficial in countries where drivers use a stickshift and/or stop their engines at red lights.,For stickshift drivers, it means that they can sit in neutral and when they get red & yellow, they can then shift into first. This minimizes the time that they have to be on

Which app is used for increasing Instagram story views?

Apps for Instagram Stories#1: Create Clean & Minimalist Templates with UnfoldUsing Instagram Stories templates is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories content! By using a set of templates for your Instagram Stories, you can create cohesive, on-brand content that aligns with your brand as a whole.,If you arenu2019t comfortable creating or

Can we use FX format lenses for DX format cameras?

Yes - in fact, if you currently own a crop sensor DSLR and are considering which lenses to buy, go for FX lenses if you can afford to, especially if you plan to stick with the brand (Nikon in this case) and upgrade to a full frame camera in time. Whilst the technology in camera bodies changes and improves with time, making it worth upgrading them,

What methods can one use to open a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew?

Method 1: Locate a wood screw that is at least as long as the cork. Using a screwdriver, insert the screw into the cork just over two thirds the length of the screw. Using a pair of pliers, pull straight out on the screw until the cork leaves the bottle. Note that pulling out at an angle may break the cork. If this occurs, remove the free portion o

Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?

Q: Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?,A:1971 Dr.Samuel C.Hurst invented the electronic touch screen interface, while teaching at the University of Kentucky, United States of America.,The first working somewhat touchscreen phone that you could actually buy was the IBM Simon in 1992, which featured a basic touchscreen, however it

What is the smartest thing youve seen a child do?

This happened in an orphanage three years ago. ,There were around 20 kids in that room. From 2yr old to 15yr old. When I entered the room, they stood up, joined both their hands making a namaste gesture and said out loudly "namaskaara". This little gesture made me happy and sad at the same time.,We were a group of 6 friends. Our agenda was to dedic

Does Canon have mirrorless cameras?

Assuming you mean mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (as opposite to Point-and-shoot camera - Wikipedia , which are technically mirrorless cameras too), here's a list of them:,Canon EOS R,Canon EOS R - WikipediaCanon EOS RP,Canon EOS RP - WikipediaCanon EOS M5,Canon EOS M5 - WikipediaCanon EOS M6,Canon EOS M6 - WikipediaCanon EOS M6 Mark II,Ca

What are the benefits of a wooden house over a house built with bricks?

Wooden houses are cheaper and they are faster to build in the USA. They require cheaper materials and less skilled labor. In this way, people in the US are able to get larger homes than they might get had they been constructed entirely of masonry., In general, I believe brick homes are seen as a superior in the US, but for many, they are not worth