What are the best snorkeling spots in Belize?

The Philippines, another famous destination because of its pristine beaches and islands, also have tropical beach resorts near Manila and in island destinations like Cebu and Siargao that have striking resemblance to those found in Bali.,Compared to Bali, the Philippines has a lot more options for a peaceful trip to the beach. Here you can find man

What are three examples of renewable resources?

I think human stupidity is an unexhaustible resource, and your question makes the point again if it ever was needed.,Before asking a question on Quora, make sure it hasnu2019t already been answered :

Could Ripple surpass bitcoins market cap following todays spike?

Itu2019s anyoneu2019s guess, but there is a fundamental difference between Ripple and Bitcoin. The XRP coin ecosystem is under the complete control of Ripple, the company. The Ripple organization still owns the majority of Ripple coins. It will always be in their best interest for the XRP tokens to appreciate in value, until it comes into conflict

How do you describe your best beach vacation?

This is our little paradise.Our beach has a 6 kilameter long start from our barangay to the end..There are a several tourist came to shoot like the movies and the others was taking for vacation.Beside of the the beach a lot houses and end was still virgen fourist and lot of cocunut trees.this beach located in San vicente Palawan Philippines.I was g

Does Geisinger accept UnitedHealthcare insurance?

Like most health care providers, Geisinger lists accepted insurance plans on its website. You can find the page at this link: $nameThe only "United" plans I see on that page are United Behavioral Health and United Concordia Companies, which may or may not be related to United Healthcare. There's also a phone number you can call to make sure: 800-64

What should a father do to correct a son who curses at his mother (including the C word)? The son is almost 18 years old and corporal punishment is not an option.

How awful for your wife and you.,You donu2019t actually need to have him in your home until he is 18, especially since he is a threat to his mother. But you should support him until his birthday. You can do that without having him at home.,He clearly is unhappy with your household. He needs to live elsewhere.,I would get $1,000 out of the bank in c

How do children learn to speak?

They need to communicate their needs and desires, and so they spend several years in an attempt to replicate the sounds that the people around them make, and eventually they succeed in this replication.,As for u201cnot having a conceptu201d, though, this premise can be contested. The frontal lobe of the human brain has all the required structures a

What is a taste of home for you?

A big turkey dinner with all the trimmings, especially homemade stuffing with lots of sage, onion and celery. Thanksgiving and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them.

What is unique birthday gift for girlfriend?

i have suggestions,if sheu2019s a new girlfriend then consider,flowers (choose the ones that u think it represent her),box of (body/face lotions + her favourite chocolates / maybe a candle if she likes it ),if u were together for a long time you can take her for a trip then drop her to the,b-party with the same presents above,the most important tha

Why was the Panchatantra written?

Panchatantra(m) or u201cFive Booksu201d was written to teach to mankind that basic knowledge and wisdom which would make life richer, fuller and happier. This, the book, accomplishes extraordinarily well through the medium of fables in which animals are actors who are endowed with all the human qualities. Thus lion is strong but dim-witted; the jac

What are the biggest rivalries that exist between two states of the USA?

The two American states that hate each other the mostThere are certainly some fierce rivalries between pairs of states, usually predicated by a combination of historical discord and differing opinions on current events. Typically the rivalries are civil, more trash talk that legitimate hatred, pride in ones own state rather than wishing ill upon th

Which smartphones are cheap but with long battery life?

Hey,,So if 10000 is cheap for you, go for Redmi Note 5/4. Both have an amazing battery life.,Dont just listen to me watch for yourself.,Redmi Note 4 -,2. Redmi Note 5,If you seem to be looking for a much cheaper smartphone around price range of 7k then try Moto C Plus/ Redmi 5a.,If you dont like flash sales and stuff so just skip Xiaomi phones.

Where are the best and worst area to live in Cairns, QLD?

Each suburb has its good parts and less good parts. The nicest (and probably most expensive) areas are the older parts of Edge Hill and the upper parts of Whitfield, but even those suburbs have some fairly high density housing. Most suburbs on the North side of the city including Redlynch, Brinsmead, Kamerunga, Freshwater and Stratford, which are a

How do I use hotspot on Android?

You have likely seen the hotspot button in your deviceu2019s quick settings drawer. While that is the fastest and easiest way to turn your mobile hotspot on and off, you are going to want to take a moment to configure things first.,Hereu2019s how you configure a hotspot connection on Android:Open the Settings app;,Select the Network & internet opti

What are fun things to do in ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Anchorage, AK", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 16895, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicAnchorage-AK"}}}, {"text": "?

If youu2019re here in the summer on a Saturday or Sunday Iu2019d recommend strolling through the open air market at 3rd and E. Renting a bicycle and riding the coastal trail lets you view scenery, flora, fauna, and offers exits from a half mile to about 11 miles. Westchester Lagoon is along the trail, also easy to reach driving, and showcases a big

What one meal could you live off every day and still have a balanced diet?

I ate this meal for about six months, after an emergency operation where I also lost a lot of blood, close to the amount where legally I should have been transfused; I didnu2019t know how much I had lost until seeing my PCP three weeks after the surgery.,Pan-fried ribeye steak, half a sweet potato, and asparagus. I drink only water, except for coff

Why doesnt the government construct a very basic and minimalistic apartment block that people can use for free (or much cheaper) to help the homeless?

One of the real problems with this approach is that the cries from NIMBYu2019s (Not in My BackYard) that it will u201caffect the neighbourhoodu201d and u201cwill decrease property valuesu201d is absolutely true in this instance.,When I was growing up in Scarborough, Ontario in the 1970s there was very little in the way of rental property in the nei

What is the secret of biryani?

Iu2019ll refer to Veg Biryani.I donu2019t cook it like a professional chef but we love to make biryani once in a while for supper.,I love that it gives the pleasure of eating vegetables along with rice. I balance the spices with a curd side dish and delicious papad. Itu2019s a complete meal in itself.,Hereu2019s what makes a Biryani great..Flavorfu

What do baby whale sharks eat in the wild?

The whale shark, no matter how old is a filter feeder u2013 one of only three known filter-feeding shark species (along with the basking shark and the megamouth shark). It feeds on plankton including copepods, krill, fish eggs, Christmas Island red crab larvae and small nektonic life, such as small squid or fish.,Here are a few great references you