Which is the worst op-ed written by an Indian journalist youve ever read?

This one : The Callousness of Indiau2019s COVID-19 ResponseWritten for The Atlantic by a Ms. Vidya Krishnan (we will get back to her later), it just shows how journalism is truly failing with each passing day.,The article is just a rant, an outlet for the hatred the author harbors against the current Indian administration. In writing about the lock

How can I make a collage dubsmash video?

I just found out a way.nPicPlayPost - Video Collage - Android Apps on Google PlayThis app is really cool Here's a collage me n my brother Mandar Thakur created using this app.

Can a diabetic patient eat a fried fish?

Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps maintain a healthy heart. In this recipe, chef Michel Nischan pan-fries catfish and serves it with a Southwest-spiced tartar sauce. The result: A delicious, healthy entru00e9e that's very low in carbs -- perfect for people with diabetes.,Click below to watch chef Michel Nischan make this spicy seafoo

How did people fry chicken before KFC (before Colonel Sanders found the chicken recipe to cook with all the flours and high temperature cooking oil)?

People pan-fried chicken in their home kitchens, and they still do. Most homes don't have deep fryers and would never want them, but home cooks have been making fried chicken their own way for generations. ,Home cooks have different strategies for coating the chicken before frying. Some use a dry mix of flour and seasonings; some use a flavored bat

What is your favorite CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution and why?

Do you need a central list of all your customers at a single place? Do you have customers contacting you from different channels making it difficult to keep a check on the conversations? Is your Sales and Marketing teamu2019s productivity suffering because of sifting through excel sheets to find a customer? Want to make it easy to track all convers

What is the most economical and safest way to go from Vancouver airport to Surrey?

Two options from YVR:,1. Take The CANADA LINE to either BRIDGEPORT STATION (if your Surrey destination is SOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK/CRESCENT BEACH) u2014 then board a corresponding Rapid EXPRESS TRANSLINK BUS u2014 makes an express /limited stop journey mostly via highway99 until reaching South Surreyu2019s Semiahmoo Peninsula;,2. Otherwise, if heade

Is there any way to download a private Instagram story?

install stroy downloader from play store. if you follow any private account u will be able to download their stories.,in case it does work for pictures : you can take screenshots,for videos : you can use screenrecorder.,GOOD LUCK.

What are some good ideas for throwing a Platform 9 and 34-themed birthday party?

This one is not easy to answer, and I am assuming the birthday kid in question is of age old enough to still enjoy it thoroughly.,You could actually expand the theme a bit to be a journey from finding out youu2019re witch/wizard (wizard from hereon for simplicity) to boarding the train.,Have invitation cards sent out which are in the fashion of the

What is a good recipe for chicken salad?

I generally roast a whole chicken, then use its parts during the week for several meals. As long as you donu2019t overcook it, it will be tender and juicy. Use a digital thermometer, and take it out of the oven when the thickest part of the thigh reads 160F. Tent the bird with foil and let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting it. The temperature w

What is the relation between current and voltage?

It seems you are beginning to study about electricity, an enjoyable and interesting subject. Most of the time electric flow is compared with the flow of water for easy understanding.,If we consider water flow, it happens due to a pressure difference (say between the water pressure at the tap and the atmospheric pressure in the surroundings. As the

Whats it like to have induced labor?

I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I decided to go in for induced labor to avoid complications from the baby getting too large in the womb. Here's a log of my labor, created as I was going through the process. Please do not treat this as medical advice; its only intended to prepare new moms-to-be for what the experience is like.,4.10 am : I ge

What are good keto dessert recipes?

Nothing tastes better than a Keto Shortbread for those insane dessert cravings!,Keto-Iron Chef's Keto-ShortbreadServings: 1-2, Time: 60mins, Difficulty: easy,Ingredients20g Inulin Powder,20g Casein Protein Isolate,10g Whey Protein Isolate or Pea Protein Isolate,1g Xanthan Gum,1g Salt,2g Vanilla Extract,(Whisk and sift all these ingredients together

What happens if income statement accounts are not closed by year-end?

They almost certainly wonu2019t be. It takes time to compute the appropriate year-end accruals. You have to check your bills that came in near year-end to make sure you have allocated each one to the proper period. You have to finish your end-of-year inventory counts, appropriately value all of the items, and then add everything up so you can compu

What is the size of the tourism car rental market segment?

Depends on the company. For some companies--Dollar, Thrifty, Budget, Alamo--it's a high proportion. For others--Hertz, Avis, National--it's less.,Someone with access to broad data on the travel industry as a whole can probably provide some more specific numbers, but in my experience, the value-branded agencies see probably two-thirds of their traff

What do you love most about Chennai?

Hospitality: Chennaites shows great hospitality towards the people from other places. In fact, 60% of Chennai people are from different places.,Transport: There is a lot of transport facilities in Chennai like metro, bus, MRTS, Suburban trains, auto and taxis, connecting different parts of the city. Chennai International Airport is the fourth busie

Is Soap2Day safe to watch movies and TV shows on?

Here are 3 reviews I found online,Soap2Day is a free movie watching website that may display dangerous ads tricking into downloading malware. ... Although video streaming websites are very popular on the Internet, using service is prohibited due to the copyright violation of cinematography.,Soap2day is an amazing site that has a lot of free movies.

What kind of food causes breast cancer?

Speaking in general terms, food does not cause cancer. Yes, there are some foods which, in horrifically large amounts, could possibly cause some form of cancer to be more likely -- but that still does not mean the food will cause any form of cancer. ,If your food is contaminated with radiation, however, and you can measure that radiation, it is a g

Why is the Philippines still richer and look a lot more modern than Vietnam?

Because many Filipinos love to dig out photos of Vietnam like this:,They then proceed to compare it with photos of their cities like this:,Then conclude that their country looks richer and more developed. But the reality is much more complicated.,You see, each tiny white blob you see in the Vietnam photo is a private property. Something that looks

What are some ways for a master bedroom to look like the 80u2019s?

Go for bold colors,*0s was all about bright and bold colors so paint your wall in that mint green or hot pink to get the feel. Although it might be overwhelming to your senses so make sure you really want to get the look.,Pattern love,Use graphic prints and stripes in your furniture and decor. put throw pillows and cushions with edgy graphics of ab

How do you reduce the calories of Cuban bread?

Please donu2019t. cuban bread is so delicious. Itu2019s moist and tender with a great crust, and it owes much of its texture and flavor to the lard in the recipe. Donu2019t want the calories? Donu2019t eat the bread, or eat less of it. Try slicing it thinner, or eating only one slice instead of two, or only having it on special occasions. Have cuba

Can you mix traditional design style with modern design?

Hi,,I think we can mix traditional and modern designs together to create indo-western look. Which I think is a great idea to start on. We just need to choose themes of traditional and modern designs and then just combine them together to create a look.,Thank youud83dude0a

Is Philippines Airlines safe?

About 20 years ago I had early flight from Manila to Jakarta. Fell asleep almost immediately. Heard over intercom to fasten seat belt as were arriving. Figured I missed the breakfast Service. Looked out window and saw we were landing back in Manila. Deplaned and found PAL representatibo, Bambi, and inquired what happened. She said someone called in

Is there an iOS photo app that does batch editing?

You can accomplish this to some degree using Lightroom Mobile. To accomplish adjust one photo, copy the settings and then paste the settings to the other photos. It's not as fast as sync'ing photos on Lightroom (on a PC or Laptop) but it is much faster than individual photo edits using other mobile apps. ,You can see more on the Lightroom Mobile he

What protein pairs well with creamy Parmesan Brussels sprouts?

I wish people would stop talking about food items in this way e.g. protein. Scientifically speaking itu2019s bullshit. The majority of protein foods we humans eat also contain other important food categories e.g. carbohydrates and/or fats.,Cheeses contain a sizeable amount of fat. Meat contains some fats (depending upon the cut), but lamb has a hig

What was life like in Cuba before the revolution?

He was (as the Americans are fond of saying) right out of central casting.,Cubau2019s dictator was a figure of distinction. Immaculate in dress, graceful in carriage, noble in bearing, compact yet sturdily built, Batista was five feet, seven-and-a-half-inches of formidable strength. His coup du2019u00e9tat had been cunningly orchestrated. Army tank