How do you keep bacon from smoking in an air fryer?

First your questionu2026if you have a pan that goes under the grate put some water in it so the bacon fat wonu2019t spatter and get to hot or, itu2019s smoking point. Second, u2018air fryeru2019 is just a different name for a convection oven. Frying requires a fat medium, oil, shortening, etcu2026All an air fryer does is heat and circulate the air

What is your review of the OnePlus Nord 2?

The latest OnePlus Nord 2 flagship u2014 NORD 2 5Gu2014 heats up the affordable flagship segment with a top-end Mediatek chipset, improved cameras, software and battery life. The phone u2013 which looks similar to the OnePlus 9R u2014 is priced between Rs 29,999 and Rs 34,999. Going by the specifications, the phone is a value for money offering. It

Former FBI special agent said it is unprecedented for the FBI to execute a search warrant on former president. Do you think Trump has been treated unfairly?

So here was the start of Trumpu2019s Sidious Presidency.,On May 10, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump disclosed classified information to Russian government representatives, creating political and security concerns in the United States and its allies, especially Israel. Soon after the meeting, American intelligence extracted a high-level covert sou

Can you share a beautiful zen garden?

Artist Creates Mesmerizing Mini Zen Gardens That Are Hypnotic to Watch Being Made ud83eudd0eu2018You donu2019t need to have a green thumb or a lot of space to start your own garden. Sometimes all you need to do is think outside of the box. Artist Yuki Kawae proved that it is possible to scale down and create a miniature garden that still provides m

What are things to photograph at home?

Original Question: What can I photograph if I am at home?Thanks Quora!!,,Off the top of my head:,Close ups of house plant leaves and blooms,Frost on your window,Step out of your front door like I did for this,Self-portraits work too,A garden scene from a patio (friendu2019s home in Ireland),A still life,Pets,An old camera you donu2019t use anymore

What are some good projects for students to improve programming skills?

I recommend you going through the following list of projects that surely will help you improve your programming skills.,Numbers:Find PI to the Nth Digit - Enter a number and have the program generate PI up to that many decimal places. Keep a limit to how far the program will go.,Find e to the Nth Digit - Just like the previous problem, but with e i

If you dream about someone does that mean theyre thinking of you?

Many years ago, I had a pretty crazy experience. I was in bed with my boyfriend but dreamt about an ex that night. I was kissing the ex in my dream. I was very much into my actual boyfriend at the time and not at all pining for the exu2026 still I felt a slight twinge of guilt when I woke up that morning.,Image: Trippytiktoksusa (TikTok)Later that

What are the best countries to visit in South East Asia?

Most people who have travel to Indonesia always recommend the traditional Bali and Lombok for its distinctive culture, developed tourism infrastructure, amazing resorts and beaches... but Indonesia is actually way more than these 2 island..,If you really want to do some amazing Scuba diving, i really recommend Indonesia for its diversity in marine

Why does Asian Development Bank have its headquarters in Manila, Philippines rather than other major cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore or Bangkok?

To answer this question, I will have to take the context of your question out of the equation and brush it to latter part of this response.,First and foremost, one has to consider the organization's historical and economic conditions at the time of the development of the ADB, 1966.,During that period, the Philippines was leading in all economic ind

What are term sheet schedules?

In the context of a legal agreementu2014which is what a term sheet isu2014a u201cscheduleu201d is a list of things that are referenced in the agreement. Often, for complex agreements, there are many things that need to be listed. Examples might be:,Names and salaries of employees,Names and ownership interests of shareholders,Software licenses,Paten

Why is McDonaldu2019s struggling in the Philippines?

It isnu2019t really struggling, but it is second to Jolibee.,There are a few reasons it isnu2019t as profitable as it is in some other countries, but the biggest has to do with the power structure in the Philippines. The Philippines is an oligarchy and they maintain their political and social dominance by smacking down the poor any chance they get.

What is the best weight loss patch, and how long should you wear weight loss patches?

WHAT ARE THE BEST PATCHES FOR WEIGHT LOSS?Weight loss patches are new innovations in the weight loss industry. The manufacturers claim that the ingredients in these patches help people lose weight. People apply the patches to their skin over the areas where they want to lose weight.,Researchers have not studied the efficacy and safety of weight los

Why do you like your Instant Pot? Apparently, no one likes it.

Newbie anxiety does not translate to u201cno one likes the Instant Potu201d. I find the question based on the clickbait article misleading, but, considering the nervousness the mere mention of u201cpressure cookeru201d brings to many, perhaps understandable in its hyperbole.,I like my Instant Pot despite a number of less than lovely results and one

Do Statue of Liberty tickets sell out?

Crown tickets (when available) are limited to between 350u2013600 people per day. Covid shut interior visits down for now. Additional fee for crown per ticket is required at purchase. Ticket must say crown access and have ticket holders name on it for ID verification for entry (not transferable) Order 3u20136 months in advance,pedestal tickets are

Is there a good vlogging camera under $100 with a flip screen?

Nope your asking for a modern DSLR/Camcorder video capable with decent bitrate at a minimum 1080p 50 mbps that's gonna be 200USD+ for anything usable/practical,Best your gonna get for entry level is a YI 4k+ for Video quality and the features required to do vlogging keep in mind you'll have to drop 150+ in SD cards batteries and a proper mic in the

In an effort to address the widening political divide in the United States, what do you think of the idea of a 2-party Presidential ticket in 2020, made up of a moderate Democrat and a moderate Republican vowing to work together to unify the country?

I think you are asking too much.,Let me explain, I am 60 years old and as far as I can see there are no moderate democrats.,The democrats of my childhood would be considered right wing nut jobs today!,JFK asked a really relevant question; ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. This is totally alien to the de

Are foreign governments justified in their fears of using Huawei telecom equipment, given that Article 7 of Chinas National Intelligence Law mandates that all Chinese companies must collaborate in national intelligence work?

Starting 1 January 2019, no scientist working with Indiau2019s DRDO laboratories will be allowed to carry phones inside the labs. The move cites security concerns after a BrahMos scientist was arrested for leaking information to the ISI. The Defence R&D Organization (DRDO) has also banned the use of CDs and pen drives or any media that can help tra

Why has "income inequality" replaced "poverty" as a political issue?

One reason is that income inequality is easier to measure and compare over time and place.,What is a "poor person"? How much income makes you "not poor"? How much "stuff"? You can't base this solely on $ income because $5 per day in one place is not equivalent to $5 in another place - this is true even within the USA and much more clear if you comp

Is Philippines Airlines safe?

About 20 years ago I had early flight from Manila to Jakarta. Fell asleep almost immediately. Heard over intercom to fasten seat belt as were arriving. Figured I missed the breakfast Service. Looked out window and saw we were landing back in Manila. Deplaned and found PAL representatibo, Bambi, and inquired what happened. She said someone called in

I have 4 teenage daughters (and three preteen sons). My daughters all share a room and have for their whole lives but lately theyve been complaining about it. What do I tell them? (I cant afford to move houses right now.)

I agree with the answer that you should just be honest about the financial situation, but I have a couple of suggestions in the meantime as well. My daughter has 2 toddlers & her boyfriend has a toddler as well. My grandkids are a girl & a boy with a new girl on the way, & the step son is a boy. My daughter owns a decent sized trailer that had 2 sm