How much money do you get for 100 million YouTube views?

There's no direct answer for this question. Since revenue from YouTube videos is dependent on all of the above factors, you cannot accurately estimate the worth of YouTube views. However, you can generally expect to make an average of between $1,000 and $3,000 for every million views on your video.

What is your opinion on Hong Kongs Sinophobia by some parts of the people?

I do not approve of what China was currently doing in the West Philippine Sea, but I sincerely think that Hong Kong indeed belongs to China. That's it, no more bull.,What is now Xiang Gang, or Hong Kong for that matter, was Chinese territory for more than two millennia. The British only acquired the territory when they defeated China during the Opi

What is a good width for a brick garden path?

It depends. Look at this picture:,As you can see, there is a concrete walkway. That is 38 inches wide. For one person that is comfortable to walk on, but the brick wall on one side, is an absolute boundary. If there are two people, then both have to avoid bumping into the wall. If the wall was not there, 38 inches would be fine. Since there was a w

What are some of the common Russian cuisines dishes?

Russian food is simple and hearty. There are no strict rules, there are regional differences, and things are changing, but here are the meals that are ordinary for all the generations, home-cooked or offered at the casual inexpensive diners and restaurants:,Here we go. BREAKFAST.,Traditional Russian breakfast: whole-grain kasha (porridge). Oatmeal,

How do you write an effective but gentle reminder email?

I would start with the wording in the subject line such as "Just FYI" or "Just checking in." Then, start your message with "Hi, how have you been?" ,Depending on what you're reminding the person about, state it briefly and with a friendly tone. "Just wanted to remind you (or ask) about the information we discussed a few weeks ago. Were you able to

What are some good scholarships for international students?

To begin with, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities available all around the globe for international students in countries, the United States,France, Australia, South Africa, India, the UK, China and etc.,There are many scholarship opportunities to each and every international students. Thus what's needed is for one to research and find the

Where is one of the most dangerous places in the world for sailors?

Off of Cape Good Hope, Africa. Quoting NASAu2019s Earth Observatory:,Mariners have long considered the waters off Africau2019s southern tip to be treacherous. After decades of failed attempts to navigate around the continent, Portuguese explorers took to calling one of its southerly promontories the Cape of Storms. (It was later renamed the Cape of

How many guests can I bring to the pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

In short:,If you are just visiting, you cannot get in. ,If you are staying at the hotel, there is a way to sneak additional, non-paying visitors in (although it is against the rules),Firstly, the hotel takes steps to ensure that only paying guests are able to access the Infinity Pool. The pool is a major drawcard for people to pay to stay there (se

How can I make a passable steak out of ground beef?

Well, youu2019re essentially going to make a Salisbury steak which isnu2019t all that much more different than a burger.,Iu2019d actually go one step further. Make it into a form of a Chicken Fried (Salisbury) Steak, or a Poor Manu2019s Chicken Fried Steak.,(from Allrecipes ),Really just make it into a really flat burger, bread it carefully and dee

What are the documents required to register GST for a private limited company?

Here are the mandatory documents required for GST registration of a Private Limited Company:,Registration certificate of company.,Electricity bill/registry proof in property is owned or rent agreement in case property is on rent.,First page of bank statement/Bank passbook containing MICR code, IFSC code, Account number,Authorization letter for GST

Which is the best south Indian dish?

disclaimer: These are just my personal favorites. I'm from Tamil Nadu. so the dishes described are those famous in my state.. ,1) Ulundhu vada + coconut chutney n,n2) Masals Dosa (Dosa with potato/cauliflower/paneer) though the one with potato is traditional and personal fav. ,,n3) Mini Idlyn Same as normal idly, but very small in size that you get

What is the most panic-inducing thing that can happen as a teenager?

When your parent walks over and asks you to hand over the phoneYou have .35 seconds to delete Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Quora, and clear all your browser history.,Even if you know that you have nothing bad on it, it's still freaky as hell.When your tell your crush you like themThe conversation usually goes something like this:,Friend: Hey John,

Do NRIs need to be present physically for completing the property registration?

NRIs don't have to be present physically while purchasing or selling property in India. An NRI can issue a power of attorney in favor of his/her relative/ friend/ family member/ colleague, but make sure you are choosing a reliable person.,After this, a Special Power of Attorney needs to be executed in favor of the person selected so that he/she can

What would an INTJ do if they had a crush on you?

I will answer this because I needed this answer before.,I am an INTJ-T/INTP-T (tested twice INTJ recently and twice INTP some time ago) who has a crush on a confirmed (by a MBTI test) INTJ-T.,Things I do when I have a true crush:I will know exactly when I started to like my crush. Like, almost exactly. If you are a part of my u201cinner coreu201d g

How does a dog get stomach bloat?

Bloat in dogs is an emergency condition which requires immediate veterinary attention from an experienced, skilled veterinary surgeon, preferably with ACVS (American College of Veterinary Surgeons) board certification in the US or the equivalent in your country.,It is caused by a condition called GDV for short, the full name of which is Gastric Dil

What is the best weight lifting equipment?

Best Weightlifting Equipment for Beginners1. Things to considerCreating your own home gym is an empowering experience but it does come with its obstacles. To build a comfortable workout space that still gets you an all-body workout youu2019ll have to keep a few things in mind.,2. SpaceFirst and foremost youu2019re going to have to figure out how mu

A normal 100g piece of chicken breast has 31g protein. So why does skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillets have around 20g? Whatu2019s even the difference?

The difference between a chicken breast and a skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillet is the amount of fat. A chicken breast has a higher fat content than a skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillet. The skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillet has had the skin removed, which is where most of the fat is found. The skinless c

Where do most expats in the Philippines live?

There are plenty of good answers already to this question as written.,I'm presuming the OP is thinking of moving to the Philippines. If thatu2019s the case, a better question might be where's the best place to live in the Philippines?If you like big cities - the upsides (like big malls, lots of restaurants, entertainment) and the downsides (like bu

Why hasnt Mount Kailash been climbed yet? Is the reason it hasnu2019t been climbed yet due to spiritual or political reasons, or simply because itu2019s a physically impossible task?

I was randomly watching YouTube videos and saw one about Mount Kailash , Then I spend my whole day reading articles and YouTube videos about Mount Kailash. I am not sure am I eligible to answer this or not but will try.,I am Hindu and my views might reflect Hinduism (sorry for that, I don't know much about the Mount Kailash and its association with

If the amount of liabilities is 165,000 and the percentage of owners claim in the total partnership assets is 45%, what would the partnershipu2019s total assets be?

If the amount of liabilities is 165,000 and the percentage of owners claim in the total partnership assets is 45%, what would the partnershipu2019s total assets be?Kimberly,,The following is offered as advice from a CPA of 37+ years and the father of 3 college grad and 1 soon to be grad (just finishing his 1st semester of his senior year).,From you

What is the UNiDAYS discount for Apple?

UNiDAYS has some great student discounts for Apple products. Basically it offers up to 10% off when you shop online.,UNiDAYS Apple Music discount: if you a student of university or college you can get discount on Apple Music for up to 4 years. Discount amount depends on your country of residence. You can check availability of Apple Music discount h

Do drones only have low range transmissions with under 1 hour flight times in case people use them to spy on people, etc., just like military drones do in the Middle East?

Depend on how much you want to spend on your drone. Even a relatively small drone could carry a mobile phone that could work in any serviced area. They could also carry a satellite phone conection that could weigh less than 2KGs. Larger civilian UAVs are being developed to carry packages for delivery services. Some drones can carry 5kg. So you coul

Why are girls physically weaker than men?

Evolution. It actually makes a ton of sense. Let me explain:,Humans have 3 main evolutionary advantages over other creatures:,Hairless skin. This allows us to thermoregulate via sweat. This is a huge improvement over, say, wolves, which have to pant to cool themselves. The cooling effect wolves get through their noses, we get all over our body.,Ere

If I write a sentence or couple of sentences that are verbatim from either the textbook or from Wikipedia in my history GCSE (from memory) is that plagiarism? Would it be ok if I reword it slightly?

Natasha, I think the kind people attempting to answer this so far are living on too elevated an academic level. They don't understand about GCSEs.,I do, but on the other hand it's a very long time since I took O level History (which stopped at 1914)! But let's have a gou2026,Firstly, unless you have been given specific definitions or phrases to lea

Which K-Pop idol has the best Instagram feed?

This is a pretty obvious answer for me; itu2019s definitely Suho from EXO (kimjuncotton Login u2022 Instagram). This might be a little unexpected because of his whole u2018mom of the groupu2019 vibe. But his instagram is heavenly, he definitely knows what heu2019s doing. I wish I could put his entire feed in here, but iu2019ll limit myself.,Here ar

How do you take a slick, professional headshot with your phone?

The keys to any kind of portraiture are lighting, posing, and composition. The type of camera is mostly irrelevant, but you do need a lens with a long focal length and (most importantly) distance between the camera and the subject.,Photos taken from too short of a distance exaggerate facial features in an unflattering manner. The camera should be a

How do you connect a wireless printer to your Windows 10 PC or laptop?

Below are the steps to connect a wireless printer to windows,Open Windows search by pressing Windows Key + Q.,Type in "printer.",Select Printers & Scanners.,Hit Add a printer or scanner. Source: Windows Central.,Choose The printer that I want isn't listed.,Select Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network discoverable printer.,Choose the connected print