Which zodiac sign is the most beautiful woman ever (personality wise, internally)?

Ok so you donu2019t already know about how you look and you are looking for some points which would help you to derive a decesion about your own looks (which is funny in a way). Letu2019s talk about it -,People are attracted towards you especially opposite sex ( simple to understand). They like having you around and they make a move first to talk t

Why is the entropy change positive in the dehydration of ethane?

u201cWhy is the entropy change positive in the [dehydrogenation] of ethane?u201d*,The balanced equation is C2H6 u2192 C2H4 + H2. There are more molecules in the products than in the reactants, and all reactants and products are in the gas phase. (It doesnu2019t matter that the catalyst and any surface species on it are not gases, since entropy is a

As Qantas can now do the worlds longest flight non stop from New York to Sydney, does that also mean that in the other direction, the UK could rekindle its pre-EEC ties with Australia? Are distance & time zones so great factors in a global world?

As Qantas can now do the world's longest flight non stop from New York to Sydney, does that also mean that in the other direction, the UK could rekindle its pre-EEC ties with Australia? Are distance & time zones so great factors in a global world?Before covid-19, Qantas had direct flights between London & Perth, Australia.,20 years ago I flew from

How has "Game of Thrones" affected tourism in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

For us that do not care about the money as we care about the purity of that town, that is the crown jewel of the whole country - we are happy that people has recognised towns beauty, but sad about unavoidable littering that mass tourism does to destinationsu2026

What is the partnership form of business?

What are examples of partnership businesses?,While it could be almost any sort of business, these are very common ones.,Law firm,Doctors Group office,Real Estate investment firm,Accounting group,Venture Investment group,Almost any business could be a partnership, but generally not manufacturing, large retail, pharma companies, etc. These often requ

Why Crypto market is down today after a positive growth till yesterday?

This is merely a correction. After every small or sizable bull run there is a correction. Lots of sell orders executing and many transactions which were double spent correcting themselves.,Although I will say this, we are still not out of the bear market. Weu2019ve seen some crazy prices downfall over the past 40 days and I feel there is still time

Which is the most luxurious hotel in New Delhi in 2022?

If you are looking for the best luxury hotel in New Delhi in 2022, you should check out the hotel imperial Delhi. This famed hotel has been ranked as the number one luxury hotel in the world by Forbes, and it is no wonder why. The hotel imperial Delhi is known for its luxurious services and exquisite amenities. From its luxurious rooms to its world

People use black magic in India. Is there any way to protect oneself from black magic?

I never believed in superstitions. For me my life's only rule is u201cOm Namah Shivayau201d- I will do karma, rest upto my Lord. Even as a kid, I have seen dead bodies without getting scared. Afterall the soul doesn't die, it is reborn. However 2 incidents in last 5 years shook my belief system about this so called black magic. Don't know what to b

Which is a better tour operator, Kesari or Veena World?

Both are the same. They might have different names and companies but both companies work with same vendors at national and international tours. these are some of the worst tour operators from Mumbai. Donu2019t get impressed by there advertising or sponsorship . Donu2019t trust their sales executives.,Veena world is the biggest torture. If you want

What holidays do your employer have to pay "holiday pay" to you by federal law?

What holidays do your employer have to pay "holiday pay" to you by federal law?Not a single holiday in the US.,In the US, private employers - not under union contract or other such contract - do not have to pay holiday pay for any holiday.,IF they do choose to offer holiday pay, then there are rules governing the pay and whether it qualifies for ov

What disturbed you today?

This story goes back around a year, on 2021 a 23 year old Ayurveda medical student vismaya nair committed suicide by hanging herself at her marital house, and immediately her parents lodge a complaint on dowry harassment and domestic abuse on her daughter by her husband, and police start investigating the reason behind her death. What happened woul

What are career options in travel and tourism management?

If you didn't know tourism is the largest business market in the world with it's annual turnover increasing in billion$ every year.n nNow, answering your question below is a list of some career options available to tourism management graduates :-n,Heritage Interpretern,Travel consultant,Food and Beverage Managern,Spa director,Travel writer/photogra

What are some tips for building built in bookshelfs?

10 Ways to DIY Your Own Built In ShelvesItu2019s generally thought that owners of old homes reap many beautiful benefits from their living space. Older homes like to show off with honeyed wood floors, thick strong trim and beautiful built in shelves and cabinets. Some people have found ways to bring these traditional elements into newer homes to gi

How can a person spend a New Years Eve at home?

Just because you're spending New Year's Eve at home, doesn't mean you can't still have a great time. Here are some ways to spruce up your place to ring in the new year!,Spice up your Decor- A New Yearu2019s Eve party isnu2019t really a party if there arenu2019t any decorations! The day demands elaborate decor to get everyone in the mood. Bring out

Without giving the name, who are your favourite K-pop groups?

1.,Had a rushed debut, started out as a quartet as a result,Defy concepts,F***ing banging B-sides, maybe the best B-sides out of any 3rd gen group,Their best title track is seriously slept on, even by their own fandom,Fandom has the best in-jokes,2.,Leaving their old concept behind highly paid off in the long run,Their best work comes in trilogies,

Which is the best antivirus in 2022?

Depends if you are asking about business or personal. On the business end our favorites based on testing is Bitdefender GravityZone and Malwarebytes Nebula.

Do Japanese people judge others harshly due to their extremely proper culture?

Let me share some of my mistakes made in Japan and please judge if people are u201charsheru201d.,Once I went to a public hot spring bath (It's called "onsen" in Japanese language) in Hakone, Japan. It was the first time I went to such a typical Japanese style onsen- A huge bath hall, lots of showers with small stools. You are supposed to sit on the

What led to the industrial revolution (inventionschanges)?

The thresher and the seed drill. All the other stuff pales in comparison when it comes social change, even the prostitution from the opium wars, steam power or the revolver. What happened was not just vast unemployment, but people no longer belonged to an estate that would take care of them, and when push came to shove, they were driven off. In 180

When does McDonaldu2019s serve lunch?

McDonaldu2019s starts serving lunch at 11:00 am EST. For the countries in America u2013 it is now noon, and for Canada, it is now one ou2019clock.,In the US, McDonaldu2019s restaurants offer breakfast from opening until 10:30 AM or noon, depending on the location. In some other countries, such as the UK and Ireland, McDonaldu2019s offers breakfast

What should I do? Im about to be homeless.

I agree with the other poster about getting rid of u201cthingsu201d. If you can afford it, join a gym or health club. At $45 a month or so this is an inexpensive way to have a bathroom and shower. While being homeless, donu2019t look like someone who has given up. If you have a car, find a safe place to sleep in it at night - train station commuter

Who controls the Saudi royal family?

Itu2019s more of a question of u201cWho doesnu2019t the Saudi royal family control??u201d.,Because they have SCADS of money - money that can be used to pay off anyone (except maybe Putin, whom they hateu2026), or buy advertising. Even the US President is a little deferential to them - and HE controls 4000 nuclear weapons!!,Make no mistake - the Sau