What are some rare pictures that we have never seen?

Microscopic WorldStem of banana tree,2. Toothbrush bristles,3. The surface of toilet paper,4. The split end of human hair,5. Snow,6. Salt and pepper,7. Monster-looking lice,8. Human eyelash,9. Larva of a bluebottle fly,10. Zebra fish,11. I have no idea what this thing is, but it's pretty damn scary

How does cryptocurrency work for beginners?

The algorithm dictates how transactions work and how new once are been created users create peer _to_ peer transaction using software called wallet for beginners, who have not really learn how to mine*EDIT* If you are a beginner and you are dabbling with crypto it is best adviced you entrust the risk into someone who has more wins than losses. if y

Which is the best 7-star hotel in India?

Top 7 Star Hotels In IndiaIndia is the second most populous democratic country in the world and is well known for its commercial and aesthetic wealth. It is newly industrialized country and holds diverse culture, languages and traditions. With its rich history, geographical diversity and magnificent beauty it attracts many international tourists to

Is bread flour substitutable for all-purpose at a 1:1 ratio?

It depends on what you're baking and how much you work the dough. Bread flour has more protein than all purpose (plain) flour. It develops gluten when combined with liquids, which makes things baked with it stretchy and chewy rather than tender. This is great for bread, less good for other baked goods. If you don't stir the batter made with bread f

What are some unique aspects of Finnish culture?

I started to think of all cliches of Finnish culture and I felt that I don't want to perform them once again. So I started to think what would really, deeply and genuinely be uniquely Finnish and had a hard time to find anything. Something luckily remained, and I'm afraid, some cliches included.,So, I'd like to say, that there is very little anythi

How do I adjust the HDMI screen size on a TV with Windows 11?

Here is an article that might help:,How to fit the laptop screen on TV over HDMI [Quick Guide]I also found thisu2014it seems very helpful as well.,Put the cursor in the bottom right corner of the Windows screen and move it upward. Select "Settings," then click "Change PC Settings." Click "PC and Devices" and then click "Display." Drag the resolutio

What are some of the best hair styles for men? How can I have it?

There is no such thing like perfect or best hair style do basically hairstyle and looks depends on the each person's shape of the face like there are lot of face shapes like triangle square, circle etc so first you need to find the right shape of your face then you have to haircut according to that.,Most of the people try to copy the hairstyles of

Is AMP good or bad?

When Incomm integrates flexa into its 500,000 points of retail, Amp will grow. This is not financial advice but in my opinion, Amp is the best investment of the 2020s. Blockchain payment networks are only in their infancy, and Flexa provides what every investor needs u2014 brick and mortar use cases. Have a look over market & do research and then i

What are the must-visit islands of the world?

Islands are my favorite destination. ,Somehow they always give you a special feeling of "presence", a sense that they are are a world of their own, our anxious human nature feels somehow quieter when the hugeness of the cosmos is reduced to clearly palpable physical boundaries.,My ultimate dream is to have visited all beautiful islands of the world

How did you foil or dodge someone elses attempt to cheat or deceive you?

By being cautious and common sense. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.Here in the Philippines, most telecoms have a u201cShare a Loadu201d feature. If you have family or friend who needs to make an important text or call, but is unable to go load up now, you can share some of your credits.,For Globe (the network I use), you simply

Why is the Philippines considered the poorest country in Asia?

-Because Philippines is more popular than other Asian countries so Philippines gets the more spotlight.,-Because a lot of the foreigners are not well versed with geography so they donu2019t know anything about other Asian countries which have a much worse poverty rate than PH.,-Because they only see the negative side of the Philippines, or they onl

What is information technology?

Information Technology is the branch of engineering. It deals with the use of computers and telecommunication to recover, restore and transmit information. The concept of IT is too vast to explain in a small paragraph. Yet, for a lay understanding of the term, one could say, Information Technology is a set of various and multidimensional technologi

Do you get a BA or BS in business?

In the US, the usual business degree is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, or BSBA. Some colleges may call it a Bachelor of Arts or BA instead, but the degree title BA vs BS is usually irrelevant.,Outside the US, a business degree may be called a Bachelor of Commerce or B. Com.

What would be some of the biggest obstacles faced by a citizen colonisation of Antarctica? & would it feasibly be possible without widespread destruction of the environment?

Watch hipster chef Anthony Bourdainu2019s documentary on his visit to Antarctica and youu2019ll see why we canu2019t colonize it. It would be more practical to build rafts in the Atlantic, and that isnu2019t practical either.,Itu2019s one of his best episodes BTW.,Amazon.com: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 9Reason 1: worst. weather. on. Ear

Why is methane part of the greenhouse gases?

All gases with 3 or more molecules are greenhouse gases. This is because with 3 molecules, they can bend, twist or vibrate in ways that diatomic gases, such as O2 or N2 cannot. In fact, Nitrous-Oxide is a greenhouse gas as well, with just 2 molecules, which is interesting.,But on methane, or CH4, itu2019s a tetrahedral shape so thereu2019s lots of

What are the best ways to make Nestle toll house cookies soft?

If you look at the Toll House recipe, you will see it calls for 2 u00bc cups of flour. Increase it to 2 u00bd cups. Then you can either make a bar cookie or drop the cookies. You make the bar cookie by spreading the dough over a greased cookie sheet and baking. When it comes out and cools, you can then cut the single piece into bars. If you make dr

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?,Lane Tech Alumni Association has over 5,900 active members all over the world. As a result, the Lane Tech Alumni Association has the largest membership of any high school alumni organiza

In 20 years from now, who will be remembered more; Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift?

I say this with a bias as a Taylor Swift fan; Taylor will certainly be remembered more than Kim. Hereu2019s why: Kim is famous for the sake of being famous, because her dad was a high-profile lawyer and because she built an empire off of her appearance and her sex tape.,Taylor, on the other hand, worked her way to the top of her game and has made l

Why cant I wake up with an alarm?

Most likely because your alarm is set to a ringtone that is more of a lullaby than a wakeup monster. Well, you know I have listed two extremes, but I am sure you get the point.,Here are some recommendations:,Set alarm ringtones that are different than your best music. Pick an app that offers a variety of ringtones.,Pick an app that allows you to au

What are the solutions to the problems that the airline industry face?

The most prevalent trend in aviation recently has been the move from u201chub-and-spokeu201d to u201cpoint to pointu201d network configurations. This has been abetted by the introduction of long range, and highly efficient planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the 737 MAX/ A320 NEO.,From an industry perspective, moving to the u201cpoint to poin

What is the best organizational structure for a software company?

The organizational structure depends on a particular software company. As every structure has its advantage and disadvantage, it depends on the software that the company makes and the client requirement. A flat structure is an organizational structure with only a few layers of management. In a flat structure, managers have a wide span of control wi

What does dreaming about snakes mean?

An ancient religious text called as Swapna Shastra offers in-depth analysis of seeing snakes in dreams. According to it, seeing snakes in dreams is usually good if you are not harming snake in your dreams in any way,If the snake bites you in your dreams then it means that in future, your health is not going to be good or you are going to suffer fro

What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Davao City, Philippines?

Interesting! I have to share some of my exciting experiences in Davao City. Alright! If you love beaches, I would recommend to visit Samal Island the Paradise beach resort. . Thatu2019s one of the safest beach to visit for if you really in to outdoors, everything is there.,However, if you like quite and peaceful environment, try to check Alorro bea

What is the meaning of the Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo da Vinci?

u201cMonau201d is a shortened form of u201cmia donnau201d, which is Italian for u201cmy ladyu201d. This is not meant to indicate possession of a woman per se, but as a title of respect. The word u201cmadonnau201d is a similarly shortened form. Drop one more syllable, and you get u201cmonau201d. Itu2019s like u201cmiladyu201d in English.,As for u201

I graduated culinary school and want to be a chef, but cant live on a cooks salary. Is it detrimental to take a full-time job with great pay and benefits while pursuing my passion part-time in fine dining?

You can not be a chef, without being a cook. Just because you graduated culinary school doesnu2019t make you a chef. The lifeu2019s experiences are learned and taught while being a cook which ultimately turn you into a chef with years of practice and refinement. I lived on a cooks pay for more than 20 years before I was finally a chef.,Dont live be

Are there any side effects of eating boiled chicken daily in dinner?

Boiled chicken is a very good source of protein and must be introduced in a diet. It is not obligatory to join a gym if youu2019re consuming chicken everyday however any exercise is obviously good.nEating chicken for lunch would be better since meat takes longer time to be digested and you donu2019t want to a lot of pressure on your digestive syste

How are cameras helpful for security?

A CCTV Camera System Plays An Important Role In Your Home SecurityTo observe whatu2019s going on, you can add to your home security system a security camera system. They are the ultimate home security product.,Whether you live in a spacious estate, in a gated community, or have a house in the suburbs, they are designed to fit your needs. Video came

Can scammers get your full name from your phone number?

Yes, of course, particularly if they are willing to pay for it, but if they are moderately skillful, they can do it anyway.,Most scammers share a lot in common with debt collectors:,They want to get their hands on your money,They want you to give it to them, rather than take it some other way,They are happy to call you up and misrepresent themselve

How can I make white sauce pasta?

Whoa, hold the flour folks, this is a pasta sauce not beef stew.,All you need is a pint of heavy cream, bring it to a boil, toss in about three ounces of grated parmesan, reduce and finish it with a tablespoon of butter off of the heat.,To this recipe you can add any garnish or flavoring, pancetta, roasted garlic puree, peas, sun-dried tomatoes, bl

Does cigarette smoking offer any benefits?

In 1966 an epidemiologist working for the CDC, Harold Kahn, discovered that non-smokers in the USA were 3 times more likely to die from Parkinsonu2019s disease than smokers.,Since that seemed impossible, several other researchers tried to replicate the result of Kahnu2019s work, or refute it. In the end about 40 other studies showed the same thing.