How do I answer in an interview when asked "what is your weakness"?

My friend used me as a reference for a software engineering job, and this question came up during the call.,My answer was u201cheu2019s bad at linear algebra, but heu2019s been taking online courses and learning the material on his own.u201d,He got the job.,Iu2019m sure they didnu2019t care if he knew linear algebra.

What is the best way to cook meatballs in tomato sauce?

It's actually to only finish the meatballs in the sauceu2026,Grab your favorite u201cthicku201d frying pan and place on the stove next to your simmering sauce. Preheat it to medium to medium-high while you roll out or pluck the prepaid meatballs from the fridge. You'll need the oven preheated to about 400 degrees as well. Melt a tablespoon or more

Whats the current status on Bitcoin?

the price just went up and bitcoin is beginning to worth more than usual why don you consult Donald Stinson on if he has any knowledge about this

What was the first pet youu2019ve ever owned?

Well I grew up with dogs and cats but the first pet I ever bought and 100% took care of was a blue parakeet,(she looked a lot like this bird),I dubbed her Sally after my favorite stuffed animal.,Little thing about me, I had a gold cap on one of my teeth and had this small dream of being a pirate. As you know, no pirate is complete without a trusty

What are the best drones value for money?

Best drones,1)Dji Mavic pro,2)Dji spark fly more combo,These two drones are the best also having value for money, a new individual may easily learn drones via fully navigated software, obstacle avoidance, vision sensors, and many more things Dji have in thier drones.,Anybody want to buy drones can contact +917776918322.

What is a business model template?

Business model template or framework is a set of blocks, sometimes in visual form, that helps you understand key aspects of the business system that you want to build.,For example, there is a u201cBusiness Model Canvasu201d template or framework that can be found on some services like Miro or Canvanizer or Strategyzer or Figma:,It helps you underst

Why did pirates fly pirate flags?

From Marcus Rediker's (historian, lifelong researcher of the Anglo-American maritime world) book Villains of All Nations:,"The omnipresence of death, the apocalyptic impulse, the heterodox belief, the gallows humor, and the centrality of these in the consciousness and culture of pirates show up their symbolism, especially in the best-know emblem of

What do Indonesians like about the Philippines?

Iu2019m Indonesian and happily married to a beautiful Filipina. I finished my college in Manila and therefore know very well about the country and its people. When I was a Freshman, my peers thought I was snob because I always answer their questions in English (not in Tagalog) and my teachers thought I was a loner since I didnu2019t mingle with the

What are some good ideas for throwing a Platform 9 and 34-themed birthday party?

This one is not easy to answer, and I am assuming the birthday kid in question is of age old enough to still enjoy it thoroughly.,You could actually expand the theme a bit to be a journey from finding out youu2019re witch/wizard (wizard from hereon for simplicity) to boarding the train.,Have invitation cards sent out which are in the fashion of the

What is your favorite song from J-Hopes album, "Jack in the Box"?

All of them at a conceptual level but if I base on my musical taste/style, the only one I'm not a big fan is 'More', just because Iu2019m not fond of Rock or Grunge, however, I do like the old school rap part as well as the MV.,This album is a concept album with a perfectly planned storyline from start to finish that not only tells the origin of J-

Is investing in the forex market risky?

How risky is Forex trading? This is one of the most discussed topics in the world of Forex trading.,Of course, every investment is risky but the risks of loss in trading off-exchange forex contracts are even bigger.That is why once you decide to be the player in this market; you had better realize the risks connected with this product to make suspe

What are some endangered species people dont know?

Hereu2019s a few of my favorites:,Saiga antelope:,A unique bovid that is a true ice age relict, saiga had a broad expanse across the Northern Hemisphere during the Pleistocene epoch, roaming the vast Mammoth Steppe alongside the ecosystemu2019s namesake shaggy elephants as well as woolly rhinos, cave lions, and cave hyenas. In modern times, theyu20

What are the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Industry 4.0 isn't only about potential increases in resource efficiency in manufacturing, or robots harvesting vast amounts of data. It's already happening now and it's impacting your life is through improved products and services, road safety, better working conditions, and even healthcare.

Do owls make good pets?

Repeat after me. Harry Potter is a fantasy. Harry Potter is a fantasy. Harry Potter is a fantasy.,If you live in the US, you cannot have an owl as a pet. Owls are protected under the Federal Law that forbids you from having so much as a single feather from a Native North American wild bird (unless you are a carded Native American or a Falconer). An

Should I watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5?

Nah, itu2019s crap.Not even Captain Jack Sparrow could save this movie.,Itu2019s like the first movie, so everything is predictable, only it sucks, because you actually feel bad for the bad guys who are killed.,Sure, the visual effects are cool, but literally ever movie nowadays has good visual effects.,The story is predictable, the comedy falls fl

Which flowers are safe for human consumption?

Nasturtium flowers are often eaten in salads; they have a mild peppery tates. (Image Source) ,,Banana flowers are eaten in stirfries or curries.They taste like bananas, but aren't very sweet. You have to remove the big red outer petals and eat the little pink buds. (Image source),,Pumpkin or courgette flowers are chopped up and made into quesadilla

Why was Caesarea Maritima important?

The city was populated throughout the 1st to 6th centuries AD and became an important early centre of Christianity during the Byzantine period, but it was destroyed during the Muslim conquest of 640, after which it lost its importance.

Iu2019m staying in Sedona in January and have 2 days to explore Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. What would be the best way to view these areas across 2 days? Sunrisesunset etc.

You must not be too familiar with the Southwest. First of all, the distances involved between your requested exploration stops would involve non - stop driving with very little time to u2018enjoyu2019 the sights. Sedona is a neat place to explore in itself, but all the overlook roads up to the rim are closed for the season.,Hwy 89A is your route to

What are your favorite Chinese dishes?

I LOVE RICE, and these dishes are perfect to eat with rice.,1. Steamed egg with shrimp,2. Tomato with fish ball soup,The tomato soup base is very suitable for cooking fish, shrimp and mushrooms, which is fragrant and rich. It is perfect to be served with rice, because of the sour flavor.,3. Coke-flavored Chicken Wings,4. Stir fried meat with chili,

Is the Modi government doing anything for Hindus?

I am a Hindu,Lets see what he has done for me as a Hindu,Nothing!!!What exactly do i need as a Hindu?,Nothing!!!They say he has made hindus hold their head up high,Who the hell cares?I would rather like to enter USA without a Visa or Australia without a Visa. I would rather like to hold my head high as an Indian proud of some unique global achievem

What are some good ideas to make living room more bright?

Bright Ideas to Create a Bright Living Room That Gives Hands-on BenefitsAlso known as the lounge room, the living room is a critical room in all homes. That is where you relax after a busy day at work; families converge and catch up, play, study, and so on. It is also important to note that the living room gives a house an elegant look. Being an im

What is the best way to travel to Disneyland from Los Angeles?

In addition to Garrick Saito's detail of the typical transportation options, there are a few other options to consider.,Greyhound offers the "Disneyland Express," a fullsize shuttle bus that runs from LAX to the Anaheim resorts, including the Disneyland hotel which is a short walk from the main gates. Cost is $30 o/w or $48 r/t for an adult and the

A medical breakthrough in cellular biology prolongs mid-life physiology for 250 years and cures cancer. The UNall governments instantly approve and fund for everybody to receive the treatment. What would happen geopolitically and economically?

A medical breakthrough in cellular biology prolongs mid-life physiology for 250 years and cures cancer. The UN/all governments instantly approve and fund for everybody to receive the treatment. What would happen geopolitically and economically?Our current life expectancy, generally determines the average age at which various professional and at tim

How do I print 4x6 photos on an HP printer?

Printing photos is very simple. You simply open the photos you want to print, click on print and in the page orientation, choose portrait or landscape. Next, choose the paper size and hit the print button. You can customise print quality as well, by clicking on u2018more settingsu2019 and then selecting the u2018output qualityu2019, as normal or hi