What is a franchise that opened too many stores?

Some thoughts:,Krispy Kreme - Way too many stores opened, including three in the mid-sized city near me. All three have long since closed. The entire chain has shrunk to a fraction of its former size.,GNC - Since everybody was selling vitamins and supplements, there was no need to open stores to sell them too. There are six in the city near me and

Spirit: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How can I astral project?

I have a friend who is a buddhist monk and master of a temple. I discussed this topic with him. He says that unless you are a monk and know what you are doing, you should not attempt it as it is extremely dangerous.,In short, in a deep meditative state, when you achieve detachment from the here and now and from the physical world, you donu2019t get

Does NVIDIA Titan V support G-Sync?

Looking at their official site the cheaper Titan Xp has the G-SYCH-Ready support but itu2019s not listed in the much more expensive Titan V I think this is just a poorly set up site with an oversite since they have lumped the Xp with the V as offshoots of each other in the same generation,Here is the Titan Xp specs:,NVIDIA TITAN Xp Graphics Card wi

Is it smart to purchase & live inside a tiny home for retirement?

I think a smaller retirement home is a great idea, as it would have less area to maintain. Be sure to find a home that suits your future mobility. Consider whether stairs or a ladder to a loft bedroom will work for you both now and as you get older. A small slab home might be more suited to your needs.

What are the best places to visit in France?

Wow, where to begin?nFrance is one of the largest countries in Europe and the #1 touristic country in the world, bar none! The main reason is its central location but another one is the extremely diversified geographies one can find in France: you could describe it as a concentrate of every piece of Europe. nAnother important fact is the rich combi

Is ERP system a good example of a Data Warehouse?

The simple answer to your question is no, ERP systems and a Data Warehouse are two separate types of systems and the presence of a reporting function does not make a system a Data Warehouse.nThe long answer is in describing what an ERP system is versus what a Data Warehouse is. I don't deal in ERP systems. I'm a Data Warehouse guy, so for the ERP s

What makes a good leader?

My dad served as a senior advisor to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. One of the things Gates did while interviewing potential candidates was ask these candidates' subordinates what they thought of this person.,His idea was that a good leader will have people under him who donu2019t have terrible things to say when it is safe to do so.,A leader c

What is the best Italian recipe that I can cook in 20 minutes max?

Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara:n,nhttp://www.italianfoodnet.com/eng/video/spaghetti-carbonaran(I took out the other carbonara text from italianfoodnet.com as I think the quantities were a bit confusing.),Just a note: In my experience Bucatini all'Amatriciana takes over 20 minutes since the base sauce before bacon is going to take 40 minutes to make.

What are some mind-blowing facts about the worlds most famous brands?

Starbucks did not want to sell any beverage in their stores, ever.Now, there is a very interesting story about how this changed.,First, a little background -,The company was started by Gerald Baldwin (Jerry), Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegel in 1971 as a coffee bean store in Seattle. They were highly inspired by Peetu2019s Coffee and Tea, a store in Be

Is MSG bad for your health?

Is MSG bad for you? Debunking a long-running food myth (video)From Public Radio International:,The additive's negative reputation can be traced back to the 1960s, when The New England Journal of Medicine published a letter from a Maryland doctor named Robert Ho Man Kwok. Kwok wrote that he experienced symptoms similar to those of an allergic reacti

How do I make a simple cold sandwich?

Cold sandwich is a sandwich having two slices of bread that has a spread applied and filled with cold filling like veggies or chicken. I make mayonnaise veg sandwich for which I normally use Dr. Oetker orginal veg mayonnaise. You can use any filling of finely cut or grated veggies like, cabbage, carrots, capsicum etc., add finely cut onions and cor

What are your goals for 2022?

Travel to France.,Grow my net worth and get closer to my retirement goals.,Exercise more consistently.,Maintain my weight.,Travel to Scandinavia vs New Zealand.,Decide whether I will stay where I am or whether I will start from scratch somewhere else.,Take steps to minimize burnout.,Be more purposeful about spending time with people I care about.

What are the best mirrorless cameras that are future-proof (2022)?

Nothing in tech is future proof. With that said, mirrorless cameras will be more long lasting feature-wise than DSLRs because a lot of what they do is software driven. So they can be upgraded to improve current features, and add new features (within the limits of the hardware). This is true of all brands of mirrorless cameras.,The main thing, and t

Can you download Instagram on laptop?

If you have Windows 8 or 10 you can by Clicking on the Shopping Bag then type in Instagram then when it comes up Click Install,If you have a Earlier OS Like Windows 7 you cant

Does Google Chrome for Android use JavaScript V8?

Yes, it does use the V8 engine.,The wikipedia page of Chrome V8 mentions modifications made specifically for Android.,Chrome V8 - WikipediaIn fact, it turns out that even before Google Chrome was released for Android, the V8 engine was still being used in Android, in the stock Android browser that used to ship with the OS.

What is the methodology in a research proposal with an example?

First we need to understand what is Research proposalu2026well I would say that it is a sketch of any fine painting, or it is a brief index of any book.,Before writting a research thesis or project we need to be very clear about each and every aspect of the topic. For getting approval of the research topic one need to present their idea and importa

What are the best mobile app development companies? Why?

The 10 best mobile app development companies to work with right now:Here is a quick snippet of the top 10 mobile app development companies in 2021!,1. HEDGEHOG LAB :hedgehog lab kicks off the list of top mobile app development companies in 2021,This team based in Newcastle, London, and Boston has worked with big names like Deliveroo, Microsoft, and

Identify and explain how Macbeth uses commonly perceived (at the time, at least) gender roles as a fundamental feature of its plot and character structure. What are some examples?

In the play, Macbeth has an amazing recipe for gender rolls that he is famous for all over Scotland. Given how terrible Scottish cooking is at that period, his gender rolls seem like a gift from God Almighty. There is just one problem. Only women are supposed to cook. Macbeth, as a male, should be scornful of such duties as cooking. But he is notu2

What is the best camera setting for nighttime photography?

If you are shooting with your camera held in your hands, make sure the shutter speed is reciprocal of your focal length. nFor example, if you are shooting with 18-55mm lens at 18mm focal length, your shutter speed should be faster than 1/18s (1/25s, 1/50s for example). If your lens focal length is set at 50mm, make sure the shutter speed is faster

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 going to be?

According to newly published article @ dubaiposter .com /blog below the latest rumors and news about Galaxy S9.,Samsung launched the latest versions of the S series (S8 and the S8+) on April 2017, and rumors have already started that How will be the next Smartphone?, What will be the features & Specs of Galaxy S9 and more. Nevertheless, thousands o

What are some of the common Russian cuisines dishes?

Russian food is simple and hearty. There are no strict rules, there are regional differences, and things are changing, but here are the meals that are ordinary for all the generations, home-cooked or offered at the casual inexpensive diners and restaurants:,Here we go. BREAKFAST.,Traditional Russian breakfast: whole-grain kasha (porridge). Oatmeal,

What vegan chocolate cookie recipes make moist, chewy cookies?

This is good one that I have tried!,Soft-Baked Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookiesn6 tablespoons MELT Organic Rich and Creamy Spreadn1 1/4 cups plus 1 tablespoon all purpose flourn1/2 teaspoon baking sodan2 teaspoons corn starchn1/4 teaspoon fine saltn1/2 cup dark brown sugarn1/4 cup granulated sugarn1 1/2 tablespoons almond milk or other non-dairy milkn1

What are your favorite places to go every year to take advantage of free stuff on your birthday, and have you ever signed up friends and family to double-dip?

I almost always manage to get to Panera Bread, which has a little window of opportunity. I always get a dessert.,I almost never get around to using any other free stuff. It never occurred to me to do the u201cdouble-dipu201d. To me, a double dip is what you get on an ice cream cone if you eat ice cream. A triple dip, especially during chocolate fes

How do you save money traveling Switzerland?

Buy your train tickets 3 months in advance. While booking, select half fare pass and then buy a half fare pass. This will effectively bring down your train ticket price to 1/4rth of the original price. Trainline.eu is the best site for booking train tickets in Switzerland and France. This half fare pass will also work for cable car rides to Mt. Tit

In the US, what are considered to be unhealthy foods?

I live in upstate New York, home of the infamous u201cGarbage plate.u201dThere are many variations but it basically consists of,u2022 your choice of two hamburgers or two hotdogs,u2022 macaroni salad, don't let the u201csaladu201d confuse you it is pasta and mayo,u2022 ground beef,u2022 cheese,u2022 baked beans,u2022 ketchup, mustard, mayo,u2022 tw

Which is the best baby name that starts with S ends with S?

The S ending is commonly found in Roman names such as Atticus and Linus, stylish now for boys, as well as other fresh, cool choices. Along with James, boy names ending in S in the US Top 100 includes Lucas, Thomas, Charles, Elias, Nicholas, and Miles. Atticus and Silas are the most popular boy names with an S ending on Nameberry.,Boy Names That Sta