What was Pompeii like before the eruption?

Pompeii, at its pinnacle, was both an ocean resort town, and a regional center of commerce.,Many Romans had villas there, and the city of 11,000 had a thriving port, lots of commerce, and was considered at the crossroads of lower Campania and the central part of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was equipped with an amphitheater, water works, street

What are the relations between anthropology, sociology and political science?

Anthropology is the study of the historical development of man, and it take two forms: Cultural and Physical Anthropology.,Sociology is the study of how societies are organized and function, and how people within those societies interact.,Political Science is the study of the forms of government societies create to help them function.

Why was the first digital camera important?

Hereu2019s inventor Steve Sasson with his digital camera, the very first, which he created while working at Kodak in 1975. In many ways, this wasnu2019t all that important. After all, he was building a one-of-a-kind device in the lab that wasnu2019t replicated. This camera recorded its 10,000 pixel image on cassette tape, taking 23 seconds for each

How effective are Facebooks lead generation ads?

Many entrepreneurs believe that they understand their crowd, but frequently confuse customer insights with customer information. That is what Facebook lead advertisements (sometimes called Facebook lead generation) does.,If your goals include market research, client responses, or even raising conversions, Facebook lead advertisements could possibly

What is the meaning when a woman gave you a coconut in your dreams?

To see a coconut in your dream suggests that you need to be more versatile in a situation. It also symbolizes perseverance. Alternatively, seeing a coconut in your dream signifies leisure. Perhaps it is time for a tropical getaway.,Dreaming of eating a coconut implies that you are being stubborn about a situation.,If you dream that you are applying

Why is congenital lactose intolerance an extremely rare genetic disorder?

It isnu2019t, and it isnu2019t a disorder. Most non-whites, and a significant minority of whites, cannot digest milk sugars as adults. This is partly because drinking milk is mainly a European thing and weu2019ve adapted to it, and partly because the lactose content of the milk of modern breeds of cattle is different from that of their ancestors, a

What are some cheap foods that are also healthy?

The first thing would be a vegetarian or mostly vegetarian diet. Just that alone will save you a lot of money. Buy dried beans, lentils, and chickpeas rather than canned. I have the routine down of putting my beans and chickpeas to soak when I go to bed and then pressure cooking them first thing in the morning as I get ready to leave. They're ready

Which one is better, the Canon 700D or 60D? Why?

"Better for what?",They're very similar on some specs. The 700D has the same basic sensor, and the focusing system from the 60D. However, DxOMark's tests rate the 60D over the 700D in terms of image quality... so clearly, they're not exactly the same 18Mpixel sensor. They also find about 18% lower noise at high ISOs with the 60D vs. the 700D. It co

What is a marketing mix?

The key difference lies in the platforms which these two sides use. Traditional marketing includes TV, Newspaper Ads, Radio, Magazines, etc. As you can see weu2019re all familiar with tradicional marketing methods, theyu2019re easy to understand and weu2019ve used them for decades.,Digital marketing includes Email, SEO, Content marketing, and as yo

Is it safe to resign based on an offer letter in pdf format that is not signed by an authority from a the organiations? The pdf has neither digital or manual signature and name. It says "because it is system generated has no signature".

No . It is not safe. First visit the new office. Meet the boss. Do not forget to meet your new would be colleagues. See if every thing is in order including your terms and conditions of employment. When you visit physically they should be able to give you a signed copy with name of competent authority and date .Do not pay any cash in the name of Se

What are the best dash cams which are easy to remove daily, as leaving them visible in parked car attracts robbers. I donu2019t want the suction cup as it leaves marks on windshields. Are there any other options?

Question: u201cWhat are the best dash cams which are easy to remove daily, as leaving them visible attracts robbers.u201d,I have dash cams installed in all of my vehicles.,You should distinguish between a dash cam being visible and it being conspicuous. The cheaper dash cams are quite large and they are very conspicuous and would probably serve as

Which is the smallest island in the world?

Unfortunately there is no definite answer to this question. This island beats out the world record holder and there are probably hundreds of thousands of islands smaller than this one and the record holder.,The definition that Google gives for u2018islandu2019 is: u201cA piece of land surrounded by wateru201d. But at this rate continents are island

What are some of the best Indian foods?

I have not visited many places so, I am adding some of the best foods known to me. All are welcome to add more recipes to my answeru2026,Veg meals of Tamilnadu (Eating with hand is recommended),2. Non veg meals of Tamilnadu,3. Ragi ball - one of the tastiest and healthiest food,4. Arisi Thengai Payasam - It is a Kheer-like dessert and this one is m

What are Harry Stylesu2019 Watermelon Sugar song lyrics?

Here you go:,Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin'nAnd it sounds just like a songnI want more berries and that summer feelin'nIt's so wonderful and warmBreathe me in, breathe me outnI don't know if I could ever go withoutnI'm just thinking out loudnI don't know if I could ever go withoutWatermelon sugar highnWatermelon sugar highnWatermelon

Can you digitally sign a document in Microsoft Word?

What do you mean by u201cfreeu201d?,Either you pay for the service, or you put some energy in it.,For the first option, you can become an E-residence of Estonia.,For the second option, join cacert, and become an assurer yourself.

Can you use the oven broiler to make grilled cheese?

Itu2019s possible but I wouldnu2019t recommend it. The heat is too high, so it would be a tightrope between getting the cheese melted and burning the bread u2014 youu2019d be playing chicken with your oven. A stovetop is a better choice because the temperature is lower and you can flip the sandwich.

What is the most chilling room ever designed?

Iu2019ve never spoken about this experience, it changed me. The most chilling room was in the Mental Health unit.,Looks like a playroom for children to play? Itu2019s an isolation room, found deep within a mental health facility.,Trying to place words of the experience into a short read, for myself I canu2019t-This photo must have been a brand new

Is Chinas new Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge necessary or is it just a vanity project?

When China started to invest heavily in high speed rail network over a decade ago, people criticized government for wasting money on u201cvanity projectu201d and they were quite convinced the slow trains were good enough for Chinese.,Those critics were just near-sighted and lacked vision of how this would change China and her people and how it woul

What is the difference between red and green curry in Thai food?

Red CurryRed Curry is made of up to 20 red chillies that give it a beautiful red colour. It is cooked with dried red chilli that is soaked to remove the harshness and the heat from it. Soaking the chillies also lends an excellent flavour to the dish. Thai red curry is very soupy as the chilli paste is mixed with coconut milk or water. The curry var

When did you walk into a restaurant, take one look, and then immediately walk out?

Last year hurricane Irma ran right over my little town in Central Florida. You should know that when we refer to it we donu2019t say hurricane Irma, or even Irma. Most folks just say, u201cThat bitch Irma!u201d,My condo community lost power for six days. Many folks suffered much longer.,If you have ever been in the restaurant business you know that

What are the different types of students in middle school?

The blue-haired girlsColored hair, of course,Theyu2019ve probably diagnosed themselves with at least five different mental illnesses.,They wear those wolf hoodies. Yu2019all know what Iu2019m talking about.,They watch anime,Insist on people calling them by their middle name or something that isnu2019t their name at all,They only hang out with guys

How tall is the Titan of Braavos?

Very tall. Probably 60-90m (~200-300ft),There is no official measurement listed for the Titan of Braavos in the books, or the TV series, but it's supposed to be massive. This is an excerpt from A Feast for Crows:,,Baelor the Blessed would not reach his knee. He could step right over the walls of Winterfell.nThe outer wall of Winterfell is eighty fe

Why do companies like Nikon sell cameras that around 16 megapixels but phone companies like Sony and Nokia sell phones that have 20 to 40-megapixel cameras?

Simply put, camera markers and phone makers are trying to solve different problems in photography. The camera maker is mostly targeting enthusiast and professional photographers trying to capture the best image possible. For consumer models, these days, theyu2019re trying to offer customers a thing they canu2019t get in a phone, because right now,

When did the Great Depression start and end? What are the metrics and cutoffs historians refer to when determining periods of economic decline (like this) or growth?

Opinions vary. Some will say the great depression began when the stock market collapsed in October, 1929. Others will cite economic conditions where the u2018business cycleu2019 had tipped over into overproduction earlier that same year, or even in 1928. In a sense, theyu2019re all right.,As to when it ended? Equally frustrating. The stock market b

What is the best online English to French translator?

I personally never trust on any online translation tool. They just provide literal translation and if you need a meaningful translation you need to go for an expert certified translator. I have always recommended to go for human translators as they understand the whole source content and the provide the meaningful translation of the same.

Can I see Saturns rings with a smartphones camera capable of a 100x zoom?

I donu2019t have a 100x smartphone camera, or the planet Saturn visible right now, but hey, letu2019s find out!!,This was shot by Grant Petersen with a Samsung Galaxy S8. You could do the same with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, though I wouldnu2019t recommend using anything but the standard wide-angle 1x mode. Petersen also used an 8u2033 Dobsonian telesco

I saw myself driving a car in dreams, What may be its meaning?

I have been dreaming of driving cars almost every night for going on thirty years now, and have gone through all the books on dream interpretation I could find, only to conclude they cannot not help me identify any true meaning behind these dreams.,But I did learn one thing about my car dreams: When I have them, I snore.Itu2019s like my body gives