What makes a city a fun and interesting place to live?

I like living in a city mostly because itu2019s convenient.,You have supermarkets and gas stations around every corner.,Plenty of hospitals which are equipped to treat anything.,If you want to grab a bite, there are literally hundreds of restaurants close by.,Many job opportunities and opportunities to grow.,Travelling around is easy since you have

When should Christmas lights and other decorations come down?

We take ours down on Epiphany (6 January), regarded as the end of the Christmas season. Strictly speaking, the end could also be u201cBaptism Sundayu201d (the first Sunday after 6 January) or even u201cCandlemasu201d (2 February) which celebrates the 40 days after Christ was born when Mary would have gone to the temple for her u201cpurificationu201

Are Instagram downloaders safe?

InstaDownloader offers Instagram users with an option to download any video they desire in a safe and secure manner. You are required to simply feed the online site with the URL of a video or photo you would like downloaded, and InstaDownloader will get the job done in no time.,where you can view and download Instagram stories or highlights in high

How did people wash their clothes 100 years ago?

See this:,This is a standard sized washboard; they also make much smaller ones that are designed for lingerie. I used one of these occasionally when I was younger to do one piece of laundry. And this is sort of an industrialized version of using a rough rock.,The picture below is a 1930 Maytag u2014 my grandmother still had this type of machine in

What is a good recipe for cinnamon rolls?

You are saying you want to make your own recipe and not follow another existing recipe? To make a recipe, you start by writing down the ingredients. Follow that by writing down the steps.,Start by specifying what dough you want to use. I have some yeast raised bread dough I am thinking of using (ala Mario Batali apology cinnamon rolls). I have used

What are the main goals of economic globalization?

Greetings.,The Spectre speaks.,For more than 100 years,South Africa was the worldu2019s leading gold & diamond producer.,It (South Africa) has now dropped to 9th position-ostensibly because of u201cu2026,economic globalizationu201d.One of the main goals of economic globalisation is u2026,1.Control!,Control over strategic resources,Another u201cgoal

Who is the best photographer of all time?

My favourite photographer is Steve McCurry.,His oeuvres have set the benchmark for photojournalism. He earned his recognition when his photograph u201c The Afghan Girl u201c got published in the National Geographic magazine. It created a worldwide outrage and became the face of Amnesty International.People started refering it to as the modern Monal

What are some interesting things to talk about with my boyfriend?1

In general:u201cSo, when are you gonna write about me on Quora again?u201d,u201cSoon, sweetie. Quora is not my personal blog.u201d,u201cDo you even read what you write?u201d,u201cPoint.u201d,My job:u201cSo, what sort of stupid ebook do you have this week?u201d,u201cMm, I got, u2018How To Fuck His Brains Out, Spirtually, Mentually, Physically, and E

How long does it take to get a possession order from the court?

Forgetting about COVID for the purposes of this answer, in England and Wales, it takes about 8 weeks to get from issue of proceedings to first hearing on a possession case. Unless the occupant has a pretty strong defence, itu2019s likely that a possession order will be made at that hearing. The order cannot be enforced for at least 4 weeks, so, at

What are tips for weight loss?

Season - 2I have already shared 10 tips for which you guys gave me a good response, so here I am sharing another 10 tips.,Drink one spoon apple cinder in one glass of water before 5 minutes of your meal.Advise : one to two tablespoons (15u201330 ml ) be taken each day, mixed with water. Don't take more than one tablespoon at a time as too much in o

How thoroughly does steak need to be cooked to kill bacteria?

It's also important to note that microbial death is a function of temperature AND time, e.g., if you hold a piece of meat at a lower temperature for a longer time, you might still be able to reach a safe level of pasteurization. Page five of this PDF has a great chart detailing the time/temp necessary for safe consumption of various proteins: http:

Which cameras with which lenses would you recommend for professional wedding photography? My thoughts are on a Nikon D3 with a few primes and a 70-200, a Canon 5D MK, an Olympus maybe or a Fuji? Would you trust on a 34 against Nikons beast?

Kindly have an eye on each camera manufacturers they are good, Super good. The difference between one manufacturer to another may last only for 90 days to 180 days as a rule in the electronic industry standards. Choosing a camera brand is purely personal and a bit psychological coupled with influence. None make a research before making an effort to

What is an easy recipe for a casserole that you bake in the oven that has chicken, cheese, broccoli, rice and breadcrumbs that you wouldnu2019t mind sharing?

Ummmu2026that IS a casserole recipe. Only thing I would add would be a sauce which could be as simple as a can of cream of mushroom soup and a little milk.,pre-cook and chop the chicken (a rotisserie chicken from costco is ideal), and the broccoli (steam it a little bit to bring out the color, chop into small pieces).,Make the rice as per package d

What are some good examples of human resources?

Human Resources encompasses many things, such as:,^ Trainingn^ Compensationn^ Employee Relationsn^ Management/Employee Developmentn^ Employment Lawn^ Staffingn^ Offboardingn^ Etc.,Depending on the employer, an HR may handle all of these, or, in the case of a large employer, HR might be very specific, such as Training Specialist.,Donu2019t know if t

How do I call landline phone using Whatsapp messenger?

Soon you will be able to make landline calls, including free calls, from apps like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber in India. According to a TOI report, an inter-ministerial panel on Monday gave a clearance for inter-connect agreements between internet service providers and telecom operators.While some chat apps, for example Viber, already allow people to

What are some of the dumbest things about modern housing construction?

My wife and I were quasi house-shopping/looking about two-years ago.,We were considering moving to a prestigious gated small neighborhood with a few dozen amazingly designed spec homes and custom homes. I didn't care so much about the neighborhood, it was the view that I wanted. The homes were awesome looking from the outside too... they started at

How do VCs make money?

By investing their capital in ventures. Hence the term VC. High risk equals high return (eventually).

How can sliced sandwich bread be made into garlic bread?

Sure! It's not going to look super fancy (restaurant style) but it will certainly taste and smell super good! I have done it and it works just fine! You can use hot dog buns too!,,Get some butter (unnsalted) and put it at room temperature so it softens. You can also heat it for a few seconds on the microwave oven. You can use olive oil instead of b

What is the most selfless or caring thing you have ever seen a cat do?

When I was in my early twenties and still living at home, I had a black and grey tabby cat that was born in our house. My bedroom was separated from the living room by a thick curtain. I went to bed early, because I worked the following day. The cat went to bed with me and a few hours later, he would go under the curtain and join the rest of the fa

How do you smooth the edges on Photoshop?

Smooth the edges of a selection by anti-aliasingYou can smooth the hard edges of a selection by anti-aliasing or feathering. Anti-aliasing smoothes the jagged edges of a selection by softening the color transition between edge pixels and background pixels. Because only the edge pixels change, no detail is lost. Anti-aliasing is useful when cutting,

Can you use your credit card for PayPal?

Thatu2019s Easy. Add the credit card to your PayPal account. Then you can select the send money option with your card. You can also make online purchases and pay with your credit card

What are the possible and useful usages of an iPad if you have a laptop?

Iu2019ve got a bunchu2026.,Reading. I read, a lot. Sometimes I read stuff on web sites, which can sort of go either way as iPad vs laptop, but usually with a slight nod to the iPad, as portrait orientation is more efficient for consuming large quantities of text (for me).,That applies in spades when moving from u201cwebsitesu201d to documents - Iu2

What are some examples of academic strengths?

A2A. Strengths and weaknesses are opposed of one another.,Some people are better at math than history. The academic strength in this example is the ability to do math; the academic weakness is the inability to do history.,You see this all the time with standardized tests that are designed to show strengths and weaknesses. For example, international

I read somewhere (and this is a common view) that North and South American food is strong and flavorful, whereas French food is bland and boring. Is this just another misconception of European food culture?

First, itu2019s opinion masquerading as fact. I mean, I can see someone not caring for classical Parisian food in its purest and narrowest form on the grounds that itu2019s cloyingly rich, puts in a lot of work to produce relatively simple results and lacks in use of vast ranges of spices and flavors found elsewhere. On the other hand, thereu2019s

What should I do with 4 days in or around Tokyo?

Excited for you, Tokyo is a wonderful city. ,If this is your first time.. Be aware that taxis from Narita airport will be expensive. The great thing is that there is a bus that runs from the airport straight to downtown Tokyo. It is terrific. You can see the times here: http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/platform_searches/index/4/59nTickets are 3000