What was something you were blissfully unaware about, until recently?

So this is the new trick which I learned recently and I hope almost everyone is unware of this Trick,So now a days Everyone upload whatsapp status very frequently but most of them wish to upload whatsapp status in landscape modeu2026So here is the trick with which we can easily convert every video from portrait mode to Landscape mode,So first Downl

Have you ever been with someone who is so cheap itu2019s uncomfortable?

Yes, and here is the story.,I had been dating a great guy for around a year, and we were contemplating becoming engaged. One sunny Saturday, we decided to take a trip upstate to visit a nearby island for the day. We got up early, drove the 6 hours to get there, and bought tickets for the hour-long ferry ride to the island.,No one boarding the ferry

Why is it necessary to study on environmental issues that cause illnesses and diseases?

AIR POLLUTION IS THE MOST DEADLY ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM FACING THE WORLD TODAY AND IT IS EXACERBATED BY THE PSUEDO SCIENCE OF CO2 ALARMISM.Air pollution kills more than 4,000,000 in developed world because they lack electricity and cook outdoors where they are subjected to harmful smoke. Bringing more onto grid power will save thousands of lives but

How can I prepare for the UPSC Mains examinations?

Just being done with the Prelims feels like a big relief. You feel that a lot of burden has been lifted off your shoulders. And the joy of performing well and knowing that you get to go the next stage ( Mains) is beautiful. You plan to chill for a few days, but there is still that anxiety somewhere regarding mains.,I had felt the very same anxiety.

What is the cultural history behind German food?

In comparison to the French cuisine which developed under Louis XIV, German cuisine remained rather basic. We did not have a unified nation until 1871. We had SEVERAL nations and each developed its own style. And we got LOTS of different ingredients so actually, we can develop an haute-cuisine as well; what young German chefs are doing right now! I

How and why did Gothic architecture replace Romanesque architecture in the Middle Ages?

The term Gothic as we use it now was introduced by Giorgio Vasari (who also introduced the term Renaissance for his own epoch) and was meant pejoratively for a less harmonic and opposing style to Roman and Romanesque art and architecture. Its naming refers to the Goths who invaded Roman territory u2013 southern Europe u2013 during the late Roman em

What are the most expensive countries in Europe to live in? Why?

Switzerland is among the expensive.,I recently travelled there. A two day rail and bus pass covering just one area of Switzerland cost around US$130. A room in a dormitory in a youth hostel was over US$50 per night.,Restaurant meals were prohibitive. Consider going to a supermarket and assembly a picnic of bread, cheese, meat, fruit and beer. This

What are examples of political globalization?

Because of trade developments and financial exchanges, we often think of globalization as an economic and financial phenomenon. nNonetheless, it includes a much wider field than just the flowing of goods, services or capital. Often referred to as the globalization concept map, some examples of globalization are:,Economic globalization: is the devel

The Philippines appears to have very little to offer tourists and foreign remote workers, relative to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. Why does it look like an overpriced trip to dilapidated Cuba on all of social media?

The Philippines is an archipelago nation comprised of more than 7,000 islands dotting the Pacific Ocean, like Indonesia; both Thailand and Vietnam are part of the Asian mainland.,The country's official tourism slogan is u201cItu2019s More Fun in the Philippinesu201d because whatever type of travel adventure youu2019re looking for, youu2019re bound

What Chinese foods can be traced back to Chengdu, China?

Chengdu, the principal city of Szechuan, is widely admired in China for the "eight methods" of cooking that make its fiery hot, super-spicy cuisine the emblem of China's most populous province. Szechuan cuisine has few aquatic foods. Agriculture is diverse, mountain forage is traditional and plentiful, especially bamboo shoots, mushrooms and fungi,

What are the must-do things in Honduras as a tourist in 7 days?

1.Copu00e1n Ruins Archeological SiteCopu00e1n Ruins are located in western Honduras, in the department of Copu00e1n, just 14 kilometers from the El Florido border with Guatemala. For many years, Copu00e1n Ruins have been famous for its magnificent Mayan ruins, declared by UNESCO as Archaeological World Heritage Site in 1980. Today Copu00e1n Ruins i

How fast is Hyderabad growing in terms of economy?

Hyderabad is one of the most fastest growing city in the world ,infact itu2019s ranked second only to Bangalore with 8.47%growth rate other cities include Surat,agra and Bangalore with 9.2%, 8.7%& 8.5%respectively.,ECONOMY:Recently Amazon has build the largest campus outside the U.S.(largest in entire india)and these campus can accommodate 25,000 w

What is your review of United Airlines?

HORRIBLE!! We were made to pay $2300 extra just to fly from RDU to EWR because of rude and irresponsible customer service.,Let me elaborate.,We were late by just 5 mins for a 5:50a flight we booked with United Airlines using our points from RDU to EWR on Oct 8, 2017. Cust associate at the airport named SATVUNDER K and another lady put us in 8:15a s

Which are the countries with the fastest fixed internet in the world in 2022?

That is actually an unimportant metric.,What's more important is the number of premises or actually the percentage of all premises that already have or can get gigabit speed with only a phonecall within a countryu2026,10Gbit/s are possible in numerous countries but it does not make any point for most users. And if you can afford it 400Gbit/s or ter

How did you decide how to set up furniture and decorate your apartment or house? Did you look in magazines or go by the set up of friends and family?

When I designed my house, I had a clear idea of what I wanted in the first place. Iu2019ve made so many bad decisions in the past with home design that I knew what I wanted for the house that I would live in for the next 10 years.,Firstly, I wanted an open-to-below living room. I wanted a floor to ceiling windows and the same went for the fireplace

Can you take metal cutlery on a plane?

No. You canu2019t. The TSA will take it away from you. Even if you canu2019t kill someone with the toothpick or tweezers on them, the same canu2019t be said about the knife blades. Put it in your checked baggage or better yet, leave it at home. That way you wonu2019t get it taken away from you when you forget to put it back in your checked bag on y

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Bogotu00e1?

First of all, welcome to Bogotu00e1. You are in for a treat. In my humble opinion, u201cthe Athens of South Americau201d is one of the absolutely unmissable Latin-American cities.,So, since I was born and raised here (excepting the 8 years I lived in the US), I think I can give you some advice now that youu2019re moving here.,Advice #1: Bogotu00e1

How did the Korean War start?

Korean war is in many ways a direct result of the post-Second World War reality. At the end of the WWII, US and Soviet Union emerged as the two largest powers in the world with great ambitions [to influence a large chunk of the world], fears [of revolutions and counter-revolutions] and ideologies [autocratic communism or democratic capitalism]., Ma

How do I make a perfect amaretto sour?

Jeffrey Morgenthaler has written what has become in recent years arguably the canonical take on this drink in the blog post I Make the Best Amaretto Sour in The World. Hereu2019s the main excerpt:,There are two things that impede all other Amaretto Sours from challenging mine. First off, the obvious: theyu2019re too sweet. One does not simply use a

How can I protect against gluten if I love white bread?

There are lots of gluten free flour blends on the market now, and most of them come with recipes for simple, gluten free bread on the package. Bobu2019s Red Mill and King Arthur Flour both make gluten free foulr and mixes for things like cookies, brownies, etc. KAF also has tested recipes online for gluten free bakng.

In Tamil Nadu, which colour saree is used for bridal?

Thanks for the A2A.,I am singularly unqualified to write about sarees, especially bridal ones. My mum generally ignores my usually unsolicited opinion regarding sarees for these reasons:,I tend to think 40u201350 sarees in a wardrobe are bit superfluous, personal opinion of course.,I refuse to believe that maroon can have a shade called u201carakuu

Is there a correlation between hair loss and thinning eyebrows?

If one or both eyebrows are thinning, it could be due to infection, skin conditions, hormonal changes, or an overactive immune system. Nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, or emotional stress can also cause diminishing browsTrusted Source. By narrowing down the cause, you and your doctor can find the right treatment to help prevent, reverse,