What is the best time to go whale watching?

What the best season is, would depend on the location. If you are located on a key migratory route, say the Southern California, the weather is typically pleasant year round, and the variety of marine life we see here in Southern California is tough to match anywhere else in the world and what you are likely to see is dependent on the time of the y

How do you cook meatballs on a stove?

You can cook them in a pan with just a little oil, or you can cook them entirely in the sauce. The texture will be different if you cook them in the sauce, and you will miss the flavor added by the maillard reaction that you get when searing meat. Itu2019s really a matter of which you prefer; the choice is up to you. I find it easier to put all the

What was your first social media profile?

orkut.comSo Iu2019m a 1995 born guy from India, and Iu2019m pretty sure most of the children born during my era must be having Orkut as their first ever exposure to social media. It was a big thing during our days. Scraps, Testimonials, Connections, everything seemed so fancy and satisfying and intriguing for young minds.,Today surely the world has

What is your definition of the consultant toolkit?

Hereu2019s a consultant toolkit that I rely on:,Microsoft Office (particularly Word, Powerpoint, and Excel),Pitch deck,Consultant CVs,Discussion letter template,Proposal template,Costing worksheets,Master professional services agreement template,Management services agreement template (for interim management arrangements),Kickoff deck template,Works

Who are some of the IIT alumni who have really made a mark in the world?

Raghuram Rajan n,nAchievements: n,Governor of RBI,Professor of Finance at Booth School of Business, University of Chicago,Visiting professor for the World Bankn,Visiting professor for the US Federal Reserve Boardn,Visiting professor for Swedish Parliamentary Commissionn,President of the American Finance Associationn,Chief economist of the Internati

How powerful was the USS Constitution warship for its time?

The USS Constitution was on paper a fifth rate warship but had combat power closer to a fourth rate warship of the time. Calling the USS Constitution a fifth rate by the way was the technical designation used by the Royal Navy based on the number of guns it carried; the USS Constitution was officially a 44 gun frigate (making her fifth rate) but no

What is the Pf contribution of employee and employer?

All articles, blogs, Quora answers and all contents in the internet are saying Employeru2019s Contribution is 12% of Basic Pay + DA and Employeeu2019s Contribution is 12% of Basic Pay + DA.,But practically as far as I know in Corporate context the Employeru2019s Contribution is flat 1800 and Employeeu2019s Contribution is flat 1800 if the basic pay

Is it time to start using a Windows phone?

nI currently use a Nokia Lumia 930 (Hong Kong version, imported to India, as seen in the picture above) and also an HTC One M8. I've used a Lumia 520 and a Sony Xperia C3 before.,I'll try not to be biased and will be honest on my opinion on Windows Phone experience I had ever since I got one.,PART 1: WHAT I LOVE ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE?LIVE TILES!nYes,

How can you do a good job interview?

Iu2019ve interviewed with some dream companies like Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, LinkedIn. And have cracked all of those. Iu2019ve worked with all these companies.,Me in Google Mountain View.,Image source: Instagram [It features more stuff on career-guidance],The first time I gave an interview, it was pretty bad. I had searched the internet for int

What is the difference between red velvet cake, chocolate cake, and black forest cake?

Chocolate cake: pretty much universal. Is basically made the same as a white cake, just with cocoa powder. Can be served with any variety of icings under the sun. Generic. Can be served in whatever style you want. In fact, both red velvet and black forest cake are versions of chocolate cake.,Red Velvet Cake: Is more or less a chocolate cake (as pre

How do you make Beef Wellington?

The best Wellington I ever had was last Christmas over friendu2019s house.,It was a recipe Barbara found on the internet. Parallel slices of thin prosciutto were formed into a sheet then topped with flavorful sauteed mushrooms. Tenderloin was wrapped in the mushroom prosciutto and refrigerated. It was easily wrapped (prosciutto held it together) in

How do you open a bottle top without a bottle opener?

If those are drinks, I have seen youngesters opening it with keys, teeth, door knob, belt buckle, table top, granite plat form, even lighter.,Since I am a Teetotaler, I never have to use those methods. I never tried.,I need to open sauce bottles, jam bottles or cool drink bottles. I never misplace my opener. Haha.,Sometimes in friend's house, in my

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro worth buying?

Why Mi 11T Pro is an amazing device:n1. 10 Bit display Amoled display.n2. Harman Kardon tuned speakers which are loud and crystal clearn3. End to end HDR 10+ which is highly useful in watching videos on apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc and also watching videos on mobile.n4. UFS 3.1 for high-speed data transfer.n5. 120W superfast

What are the best places to visit in Europe in December?

Forget about Southern Europe. It is warmer than elsewhere in Europe, but not warm enough to enjoy yourself on the beach.,I say bundle up and check out the Christmas markets found in town squares all over France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Is computer science easier or harder than engineering? Why?

It depends entirely on the individual and how their mind works. CS is all mathematics, abstraction, and theory. CE has practical implementation at its core. So, if you find mathematical abstraction difficult without a tie to real-worl applications, CS will be harder for you. I've observed CE PhD students struggle with computational complexity theor

What color pants go with navy blue shoes?

I'd suggest light colored pants to compliment the shoes. I love for the shoes to be a showstopper. A navy blue is surely an accent color to consider. Khaki (all shades), lightly colored denim (ashy wash), white jeans/pants, or fun colors that compliment the outfit. Make sure to tie it all in with the shirt and shoes, and of course pants are always

What does "no correlation" mean?

I have to take exception to Brian Hoangu2019s answer. He is mostly correct, but he attributes meaning to u201cno correlationu201d that is not strictly implied.,Correlation is a statistical measure. It equals the covariance of two random variables (e.g., x and y) divided by the product of their standard deviations. Covariance, in turn, is the expect

What is the correct abbreviation for cell phone on a business card?

I'd not go all the way to a one-character abbreviation. I'd stick with the standard three-letter ones (tel. for telephone, fax. for facsimile). "Mobile" is short, relative to "telephone", so I don't abbreviate it.,If you are just listing one number, and it happens to be a mobile, I'd use the standard "tel.",If you have to differentiate between a ce

Is an air fryer healthier than a normal deep fryer?

It works by using very hot air instead of oil.,The upside of this is fewer calories, and no unhealthy stuff forming in your oil.,The downside,in my experience, is that oiling the snacks (like french fries) by hand is a pretty big hassle, the result is ok but not quite as tasty as normal (much drier so you're inclined to use more mayonaise/ketchup/w

When will MIUI 10 be released for the Redmi Note 5?

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM has already been released for Redmi Note 5. For more information & download links, visit - MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.19: full changelog & download links - MIUI General - Mi Community - XiaominAs far as MIUI 10 Stable ROM is concerned, itu2019ll be rolled out in phases after successful testing of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM.

Where should I put my sofa in the living room?

Place your Sofa on where you can get a Clean Corner;i.e. two adjacent walls . Place it against the longer wall and make it as the Accent wall of your living room. Your TV would be placed opposite to this wall and the rest of the Furniture like the Ottoman or the sofa chairs and the centre table would be placed around your Sofa.

What is the differences and similarities between a lawyer and computer engineer?

U.S. perspectiveI was not an engineer. However, I did study computer science as an undergrad, and I wrote software for three years before attending law school.,I will start with the similarities and overlaps between writing code and practicing law as I do:,I tend toward details, intense focus, precision, and formality of expression, which are helpf

Game Developers, what is getting into the gaming industry really like?

The video game industry is currently growing at a healthy rate that is four times faster than the growth of the overall U.S. economy. However, there is a lot of chaos associated with this growth as publishers try to figure out appropriate business models that work with free-to-play and games becoming more of a service that you regularly purchase on

How do I find a trustworthy and efficient financial advisor?

Thatu2019s a difficult question, because it depends a lot on your needs, knowledge and personality, to name just a few key factors.,Before you talk to anyone, you need to take a hard look at your situation, and answer a few questions:,Why do you need a financial advisor in the first place?,What are your financial goals?,Do you have special circumst

Which health insurance is the best to buy in India in 2019?

I have spent few days reading articles, talking to insurance agents, online agencies gathering information to find the right insurance policy for my family. These factors have helped me identify the best one among so many in the market today.,Following are some of my key takeaways. Every point also includes the corresponding information from the po

Where is the best fried chicken in America?

The best I ever had was at a motel in Illinois. They had a Sunday buffet with fried chicken, beef roast and one other thing. I had the fried chicken and it was fantastic. Long time ago and I donu2019t even remember whereabouts it was or the name. But I still remember that chicken. My usual place is KFC though.