What is best diversification strategy?

Depending on age and funds available:,Index funds in base country and global or USA- Takes care of diversifying under equity segment.,Debt Fund / FD - Debt funds are already diversified for FD best is to spread across different banks,PPF - If you can only invest in one kind of fixed income excluding emergency fund. This one should be the one.,Gold/

How do I share high quality images in Instagram?

Whenever you upload a high quality photo on Instagram, the applicationu2019s system automatically adjusts the resolution of the photo and compresses it down according to their requirements. Most of the time this compression thing affects the artists, as it snatches away all the details from their work and art. So here are the tricks to upload high

If the Democrats eliminated the filibuster while controlling the Presidency and having a majority in the House and the Senate, how could they cement control of government for the long term?

It is extremely unlikely for Democrats to get stable control of the Senate especially with a working majority.,The thing is you get 2 senators per state, and Republicans control 29 states.,List of United States state legislatures - WikipediaThe net effect of that is it is near impossible for the Democratic party to control the Senate.,The reason Re

What are the responsibilities of Agriculture Department?

Short answer, yes.,Dictionary.com - The world's favorite online dictionary! - any product of plant growth useful to humans or animals,Merriam Webster - a : a product of plant growth (as grain, vegetables, or cotton) the fruits of the fieldb (1) : the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially : one having a sweet pulp associated w

Can I freeze marinadedbreaded chicken thighs for fried chicken?

No. Don't freeze the chicken after marination.Because, the marination is done on chicken to get the flavours. And if you freeze it, the chicken becomes harder and the marination won't enter the chicken skin. Think about the stone, which cannot suck the water as it's too hard, but the sponge can suck the water. Simple as that. If you freeze them, yo

For how much would a camera with the quality of our eyes be sold?

Typical qualitative image seen by an eye seeing a landscape(credit goes to the page in the next link).nHere a good web page doing a comparison Cameras vs. The Human Eye.,If you want a camera good as or even better than the eye, any high end DSLR, and some clever photoshop optimizations can get still images that are far better than what you could ge

What are the prime factors of 56, and how are they determined?

I'll answer the second part first. You determine the factors of any number by looking at it and identifying divisors (factors), by trial and error if necessary. Then you break these factors into their factors until you reach prime numbers.,So 56 is even, so 2 is a factor. Being prime, 2 is a prime factor. Divide it into 56.,We're left with 28, whic

What is a good Netflix movie to test surround sound?

It's best if you don't go into the movie knowing too much, but we can tell you the atmospheric effects sound incredible in 5.1!Original Post: Terminator 2: Judgement Day.,John Wick.,The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring.,Doctor Strange.,Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.,King Kong (2005)

What is the difference between sociology and anthropology in UPSC syllabus?

A2A,A somewhat similar discussion was done which might help you greatly. Social Sciences: What is the difference between sociology and anthropology? Although the discussion does not deal with UPSE syllabus specifically I believe it would give you a fair idea.,To me, the scope of anthropology has a wider scope than sociology. Additionally most of th

How many children does Anne Hathaway have?

Anne Hathaway have 2 children.Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman,Jack Shulman,Anne and Adam welcomed their first child, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman, into the world on March 24, 2016. Like some celebrities who enjoy their privacy, Anne doesn't typically share photos of Jonathan on social media.,Anne confirmed the name of her son Jack in an Oct. 26 episode of

Why do some people still want to live in countries like India?

Want my perspective? Iu2019m white British and if I could get OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) I would. Iu2019d be back out there in a heartbeat.,I lived in India for three years and visited many times. I speak Hindi relatively well and have a working knowledge of Tamil.,Why do I want to live in India?,I lived in a little town called Ooty up in the

How do I calculate the correlation coefficient in Excel?

For linear correlations you can install the data analysis toolpak by going to options -> add-ins -> hit u2018gou2019 at the bottom -> check the analysis toolpak and hit ok -> now navigate to your data tab and select data analysis on the top right -> lastly select correlation and specify your data.,That will leverage built-in excel fu

What ingredients can I add for the best egg fried rice?

Iu2019ve always thought that cracking an egg into frying rice is a cheat u2014 because egg makes everything tastes nice. The flavour is prominent, wraps everything egg-y. Shelf the thought for now. N-o-w, what would make a fried rice delicious?,The basic: rice needs a bit of crunch and colour to get it mouthwatering appetizing - diced carrot, onion

What are some examples of globalization?

What are the best examples for globalization?Globalization, in simple terms can be defined as the free movement of labour, capital (both investment & working capital), technology, entrepreneurship, goods & services across national borders - guided by the market forces of supply and demand.,Just like the way India was forced to embrace Globalization

What is your biggest regret in life?

I have already written a similar answer so i am going to copy and paste that.,I have many regrets. Sorry for the long post.,I am 22 year old male was born in a lower middle class family in India. I have sweet parents. They have always provided me with the best they can. I donu2019t regret being born to them in fact that is one of my greatest gifts.

What is the difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus?

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6s Plus: Specs & Hardware,How do Apple's two new flagships compare? We take a detailed look at the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus,Apple's only been offering two different sized iPhone models for the last two-generations, so many iPhone fans are still not entirely used to having the choice and needing to pick which to go for. I

Is a CyberLink PowerDirector a good tool for editing short movies and YouTube videos?

Yes.,Iu2019ve used it for over a year because my shitty laptop canu2019t handle VegasPro. I assume you came across it because Cyberlink buys brand placement on every list.,PowerDirector is best for short videos unless you have a great rig. Even then, youu2019d be stupid to use PD over Vegas or the real editing programs.,Pros: n-Easy to usen-Full of

Can I use any USB-C charger for an iPad Pro?

No. It needs to output 15 volts at 2 amps. If it doesnu2019t it will charge very slowly, and if youu2019re using the iPad Pro at the same time it may not charge. Apple MacBook chargers output 20 volts at 4 amps which doesnu2019t match the iPad, so it will fall to lower volts/amps resulting in slow charging. The linked article in your question is in

What are the 10 largest cities in terms of population?

According to United Nations (UN) estimates in 2018, Tokyo, Japan, was the largest city in the world at that time. Its total population was estimated at 37,400,068.,However, there are several ways to measure the population of a city, including the number of people in the city proper (the geographic boundaries of the city limits), the metropolitan ar

What are some of the strangest laws in the world?

Some Weirdest Laws from Around the WorldJapan : It Is Illegal To Be FatAccording to the law, companies and local governments must annually measure the waistlines of Japanese workers and citizens who are between 40 and 74 years old. The waistline limit for men is 33.5 inches whereas for women it is 35.4 inches. Dieting guidance and re-education is g

What are money market accounts, and how does it work?

A money market account is a type of savings account offered by banks and credit unions just like regular savings accounts. The difference is that they usually pay higher interest, have higher minimum balance requirements (sometimes $1000-$u00ad2500), and only allow three to six withdrawals per month. Another difference is that, similar to a checkin

How do you watch TV shows on an iPhone?

How do I personally? ,,Plex Media Server - Your Media on All Your Devices ,NetflixAmazon Instant Videon,YouTubeVideos App for TV shows purchased through iTunes.

Which Android phone has the best battery life?

If you wanna know about smartphones then it would be definitely Ascend Mate 2 4G. It has a battery life of almost 25 hours and 54 minutes.,But if wanna know about a biggie how about this :nSamsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE:9500mAh of raw battery backup!nAnd oh, for the record - My Laptop has a battery of 2260mAh.,Thanks to Ajinkya Ghadge.

What fast foods are the healthiest, but not salads?

A&W grilled chicken sandwich probably tops the list as far as lower calories, low fat and high protein. Boat load of sodium as most fast foods are.,Grilled chicken is always your safest bet for lean, low calorie proteins at fast food restaurants. Anytime you add breading to it you skyrocket the fat and carbohydrate values of the chicken. Avoid turk

How is the relationship between greenhouse gases and global warming best described?

The atmospheric greenhouse effect maintains a surface warming of 33C degrees over the temperature produced by solar radiation alone.,As additional greenhouse gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane enter the atmosphere that greenhouse effect is enhanced or strengthened forcing an upward trend in surface temperatures.,Water vapor is th

What are the best snorkeling spots in Belize?

The Philippines, another famous destination because of its pristine beaches and islands, also have tropical beach resorts near Manila and in island destinations like Cebu and Siargao that have striking resemblance to those found in Bali.,Compared to Bali, the Philippines has a lot more options for a peaceful trip to the beach. Here you can find man