How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

Ask for money and tell that you will return back in few days. See how soon he is willing to give.if the person really loves you..he will trust you and he know that this person never goes anywhere.He sees you in his future so for him it will be okay even you donu2019t return it.

What are some paleo lunches that we can pack for our kids for school? Id like to reduce the quick pizza or sandwich ham and cheese type lunches or mac and cheese quick meals for lunch.

The easiest and most painless way to stay on your nutrition game all week is to cook for your week on Sundays, but this time, instead of cooking all our meals, I opted instead to hang out on Quora merely talking about cooking all our meals. n,nSo today in the morning, here's what I made for the kids' lunches:,Roasted boneless chicken thighs (nothin

What are your favorite looks from the Met Gala 2022?

Met gala 2022, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, was hosted by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The theme of this yearu2019s Met Gala was u201cGilded Glamor and White Tieu201d.My top 25 favourite looks from Met gala 2022-

What are some DIY crafts for home decor?

Clarification on the question would be helpful. By u201cbest,u201d do you mean, the best return on your investment, or easiest to do?,Updating kitchens and bathrooms give you the highest return on the money you spend. From the simple u2014 such as new faucets, to the complicated u2014 like tiling a backsplash or shower, changing out the cabinets or

Which is the best country in 2022?

Top 10 most powerful countries in the world:Countries that consistently make headlines, shape global economic patterns, and have strong defence and military are considered to be great powers but there's no definitive list of them.,However, the US News and World Report devised a way to rank the countries on the basis of their powers. In its latest r

What are the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website?

Getting into affiliate programs may seem like a complicated step, but youu2019re already halfway there when you know where to look. Influencers with a good following donu2019t usually need to find affiliate deals themselves, but what do beginners do? Well, they go out on a hunt! Here are some ways,Look Through Affiliate Websites -Here are some site

Where do you insert a micro SD card in a laptop?

It depends on the type of laptop. Some have a MicroSD card slot, although these tend to be on smaller PCs. My Asus T100TA two-in-one laptop/tablet has a MicroSD slot in the right hand edge of the screen/tablet section. I also have a Lenovo MiiX two-in-one with a MicroSD slot in a similar position.,Some laptops have a full size SD slot. If there is

Why did the Tamizh (Tamil) rulers build Angkor Wat in Cambodia?

Tamil rulers did not build Angkor Wat. However, it was built under Tamil (Chola) rule. Suryavarman II built the Angkor Wat. Like many other expeditions, Rajendra Chola decimated Sri Vijaya empire (modern day Indonesia) at the request of Sailendra . Sri Vijaya was a mightly empire controlling the Strait of Malacca (present day Chinese nightmare, Lol

Do you accept Arab people?

Of course! Thatu2019s a question with an obvious answer (for me). I donu2019t see anything bad with them. I think theyu2019re awesome with those long satin headdress and those nice and soothing music.,Yeah, maybe there are some of them who fights and obscenely murders people but that doesnu2019t mean all of them are. And, also, THEY are part of the

Why did Google change its logo?

One line answer as per my point of view is : To make it work smoothly across multiple devices.How?To understand this new redesigned typographic colorful logo, we have to consider the most important fact of the logo i.e. the font or typeface of the logo.The new logo is designed in a "sans-serif" typeface. Now question comes, Why Google shift to sans

What is the most popular fast food restaurant in the world in 2022?

What's the number one fast food in the United States?Sorry folks, itu2019s not McDu2019s. Nor is it KFC.,I will argue the number one fast food is pizza and it doesnu2019t show up on the charts because itu2019s not a single franchise but rather many thousands of sources, from school cafeterias, to frozen pizzas in supermarkets, to local pizza shops,

What are the 3 most significant ways you showed your leadership skills?

Lead by example - I was running a chess club on campus and as a President (leader) I learnt that the most important trait is not commanding your employees/members but rather leading by example and delegating tasks to make them feel part of the group.,Pass the ball forward - Also, it is important to step back and allow the next generation of leaders

Why cant I import my .mp4 file to CyberLink PowerDirector? What should I do?

2 possible reasons for windows:-,you may have installed N series of windows e.g. u201cpro Nu201d or u201cStudent N" which excludes windows media player and its codec. so install for example u201cwindows 10 prou201d not u201cwindows 10 pro Nu201d.,2. you might be installing 32 bit version of powerdirector in windows 64 bit or vice-versa.

Is the Modi government doing anything for Hindus?

I am a Hindu,Lets see what he has done for me as a Hindu,Nothing!!!What exactly do i need as a Hindu?,Nothing!!!They say he has made hindus hold their head up high,Who the hell cares?I would rather like to enter USA without a Visa or Australia without a Visa. I would rather like to hold my head high as an Indian proud of some unique global achievem

What Bible verse is u201cgive thanks with a grateful heartu201d?

It is from a modern hymn. Here is the information from Wikipedia,Henry Smith,"Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart" or mostly Give Thanks is an American Christian worship song written by Henry Smith in 1978. It is sung in F major with an irregular meter.,- Wikipedia u203a wiki u203a Give_T...,Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart - WikipediaGod bless you

Is it true that the original iPhone charger cable charges faster than any other cable?

I have never heard of that statement. They can handle an 18w charger with ease and more to spare but it capable of being the fastest cable to charge a device? No I have never heard that. Plus it is lightning, only iPhones use lightning. This was going to be what USB-C was supposed to be. Apple and the USB committee designed it while coming up with

My father had a personal loan in SBI of 150,000. He died recently, but the bank held the money from my momu2019s account which is from another branch. Is there any rule to hold the money of another person?

First, carefully check all documents of the personal loan which your father was signed while applying for personal loan. Is mother was co-borrower or guarantor for the loan? Normally with each personal loan banks ask for wife or son as co-borrower or guarantor. We never read the application forms of personal loan and signed it. Later we are discove

What are some good habits to follow?

When I was young, I set out some lofty goals for myself including becoming a VP at the age of 30, building a company, creating a product from scratch and being in incredible shape (I wanted to be like Tony Horton).,I hit a few of those goals and missed on a lot of them. Why?,I forgot to create the daily habits that would get me there. ,Looking back

What are some amazing pics of reality vs expectations?

EXPECTATION VS REALITY1.How I wake up,2.Half Bun hairstyle,3.Multitasking,4.Pouring liquid from a mug,5.Millionaire expectations,6. Okay,this is lovely.!,7.Middle part hair,8.Photography,9.Sharing the workload,10. My 20s,11.Hiring marketing resources,12.Maintenance of Contact Lens,13.Passport Photo,14.Drawing skill,15.The funny one,16.When you cut

How does Zoho CRM compare to Hubspot?

HubSpot and Zoho CRM, both are popular CRM options for SMBs. Both are good, which makes it a difficult decision to choose between them. While HubSpot CRM is free, Zoho CRM is not and is available in several pricing tiers; this doesnu2019t mean thereu2019s a clear option.,Here, we will throw light on both HubSpot and Zoho CRM to help you make a more

How can I clear space on my iPhone 5 for photos?

The iPhone users enjoy various features on their smartphones that other mobile users can only dream of. They have the luxury of having one of the world`s most desired operating system, camera, applications, and other options in their iPhones. But sometimes, they also have to suffer some frustration like not having enough iPhone storage. Although Ap

Choose a particular thing, animal, or plant that you think represents the quality of a Filipino or our heroes of the past. Explain in a short paragraph their similarities and why did you choose it?

There are two theories on the origins of the first Filipinos, the inhabitants of what will later be called the Philippine Islands and eventually the Republic of the Philippines. See the Early Inhabitants of the Philippine Islands.,In the beginning of the 3rd century, the inhabitants of Luzon island were in contact and trading with East Asian sea-fa

Is social media ROI calculation even possible?

Yes and No.,There are scenarios where you can calculate them and then there certain scenarios where you just can't.,Let me first address the 'Can' part first:If you are selling a product or service, the easiest way to calculate the ROI of your social media efforts is by tracking the visitors that come to your website via social media channels and h

Everyone says shooting RAW is better in every way, but its always seemed daunting. So I bought a new camera, computer, and Adobe Lightroom. Now what?

Thanks for the A2a. Congratulations on taking the big plunge!,Think of JPEG shooting like getting a eating a meal at a restaurant or even just eating a TV dinner. It's relatively quick and convenient, but if you find you don't like how your meal is "cooked" and "seasoned" you have limited options on how to fix things just like there isn't much you