How can I remove kitchen wall cabinets without visible screws?

Look carefully at the I side of your cabinetry . Every now and then an installer would countersink the screw into the back of the cabinet and in the face frame to other cabinets . Then a matching colored putty was used to fill over the screw head.,There is another possibility that I can think of although I have encouraged very few kitchens done thi

What are some things that good chefs know yet others dont?

I'll cover a couple of things otherwise missed.,1. Never put good cookware or knives in a dishwasher, even if the directions say that the cookware is dishwasher safe. Also, NEVER take hot cookware directly from the stove to the sink. The sudden change in temperature will surely warp the pans and they will never sit flat again.,2. Always keep knives

What is a good two-week itinerary for a mid-late 20s couple visiting the Philippines?

Hi! ,Well, I'm already probably going to be echoing a lot of what's been said in the previous answers, but if I were going to plan to entertain guests, here's how I would go about it:,Day 1 - Bargain hunting in Greenhills,Sort of like Divisoria, as Andy Huang described it above, but set in a commercial complex of mini-malls. Always a good place to

What is the best home design consumer software?

My personal preference is for simplicity, so I'm happy with something like Room Decorating, Room Planning & Living Room Planner, but there's reviews & links to 18 of them at 18 Best Online Home Interior Design Software Programs (Free & Paid). Depends a bit, of course, on what you have in mind (do you need a 3d view? should it show lighting effects?

What are some great haunted house names?

Here in the Philippines, we have a famous haunted house called the Laperal House in Baguio City.,The Laperal family was one of the aristocratic families of old, and the family patriarch, Dr. Roberto Laperal built the house in the 1930s as a vacation home for his family. Baguio is renowned for its cooler climes, and is considered the summer capital

What are some really simple recipes?

Oreo biscuit cake ( Microwave 3-5 mins):n,u200b,INGREDIENTSn,Oreo biscuit u2013 20 nos (any flavor),Milk u2013 1 cup ( 240 ml),Plain Eno or baking powder u2013 3/4 tsp,Sugar u2013 2-3 tbsp,nMETHODn,In a food processor combine all the biscuits with cream & sugar.Grind it coarsely.Now add milk to make a smooth paste.,Grease a microwave safe bowl and

Today is my 60th birthday and my family has once again made no plans. How can I get rid of the anger and hurt I feel? My family all know that it is the one day a year that I need a fuss made over me. I always take care of everyone else.

Well, I can tell you what I did. My birthday came and went this year. It was on July 6. My daughter, who is the only person who ever does anything for my birthday, said Happy Birthday to me on FB, which is one thing she always does. But the gift and card I always get from her, never came and was never mentioned. That hurt. And then we celebrated my

Why is it good to drink water on an empty stomatch?

When you drink water on empty stomach it lands up in large intestines.,Large intestines absorb Water and vitamins only. Large intestines absorb water for removal of metabolic waste. Vitamins also help in removal of metabolic waste.,Drinking excessive water on empty stomach causes increase in cellular fluid resulting in reduced mineral concentration

How does the pressure difference between the air outside the plane and the air in the plane prevent me from opening the planes door? Doors open outward and theres more pressure inside than there is outside. Shouldnt the pressure work for me?

It would, if the doors were the simple types made for houses. Aircraft doors are a good deal more complexu2014largely for this very reason.,Most modern airliners rely an what is called a u201cplug door,u201d in which the door, seated against its seal, is held closed during pressurized flight by thousands of pounds of force. The simplest design for

What is a three-step dimmable LED round panel light?

Three-step dimmable light provides the unique mechanism where you can dim the bulb using the switch you use to turn it ON. It gives three levels of lightning, without the need of expensive dimmer switch. When you turn the switch OFF and then back ON it will give the output sequence of 100%,50%,20%, one after the other. These LED are adjustable acco

Is it possible to start a business with little to no money? How?

Firstly, Please avoid all this advice about drop shipping, this will NOT work for you. Notice all their posts have affiliate links in the bottom to sign up for a service, they get money when you click that link, they are selling you!,What I will explain here is what I have personally done with ZERO startup money, I am not trying to sell you anythin

What is the easiest experiment you can do to prove that Earth is round?

Oh, cu2019mon, stop fidgeting with horizons, ships at sea and lunar eclipses.,Letu00b4s do something that requires a couch, your laptop, smart phone or PC and true, inspiring, deep laziness.,Open the following page (or search for yourself this Google Search u201ctickets Santiago Sidneyu201d):n FareCompare Search ResultsNotice flight time from Santi

How do stock traders manage their lunch times in trading hours?

This is how my whole day passes!,Morning wake up at 6 am.,6 to 7.30 getting ready for the day!,7.30 to 8.30 analyzing global markets and getting ready for the day!,8.30 to 9 analyzing previous days movement and checking daily events going to happen.,9u20139.15 analyzing top gainers and top losers in the market.,9.15 to 11.30 strict trading.,11.30u2

How do you prepare lemon curd?

3/4 cup fresh lemon juice,1 tablespoon grated lemon zest,3/4 cup sugar,3 eggs,1/2 cup unsalted butter, cubed,Add all ingredients to list,DirectionsIn a 2 quart saucepan, combine lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, eggs, and butter. Cook over medium-low heat until thick enough to hold marks from whisk, and first bubble appears on surface, about 6 minute

What is the difference between the net present value and the internal rate of return?

Net Present Value (NPV)To understand Net Present value (NPV), one need to understand the concept of Present value (PV).n n In simplest of terms Present value (PV) is inverse of future value. We all have at some point or other calculated the future value. Remember asking yourself this question u201cIf I invest $100 today for 2 years with interest ra

How is the Home Interiors service provided by NoBroker?

There are lots of interior solution available in market. But if you are looking for something budget friendly and quality service, you can go ahead with NoBroker Interiors. We have given end to end contract for our new home to NoBroker Interiors and they have taken care of it all. It started with the design phase where we were given a complete idea

Almost every time I travel to the Philippines, I become a victim of credit card fraud back in the USA using my Citibank Card. Can someone explain how the fraudsters get my CC info to further their criminal activity?

How are you protecting your information?,Does your wallet have a blocker in it? Do you ever hand your card to someone? Do you let the credit card company know your travels?,The chip in your card has all the information they need? All they need to be is next to you for a couple of seconds?,How good is the security it the place you use the card? Iu20

What cities will be underwater in 2100?

Here are 11 sinking cities that are in danger of disappearing :,Jakarta, IndonesiaLagos, NigeriaHouston, TexasDhaka, BangladeshVenice, ItalyVirginia Beach, VirginiaBangkok, ThailandNew Orleans, LouisianaRotterdam, The NetherlandsAlexandria, EgyptMiami, Florida..According to the World Economic Forum.

What is the best home remedy for bad breath?

Halitosis (bad breath) is the most common complaint, a dental practitioner often hear. We see, patients are willing to get rid of it in no time but they fail to understand or identify the root cause for this bad breath.,The common causes of this bad breath is,,Dry mouth. Dry mouth or inadequate secretion of saliva or reduced intake of water can act

What is the reason behind SolarCity corp. share price rise?

In a sentence, Solar City is a finance company, specialized in vertically integrated solar equipment leasing and leverages their credit exposure using the tax equity, bond, asset securitization, and public markets. ,,,nUPDATED March 25: The gigafactory announcement confirms that Solar City and Tesla is moving forward on mass production residential

How long do you bake breaded chicken?

INGREDIENTS,500 grams (1 lb) boneless, skinless chicken breast cut lengthwise,90 grams (u00be cup) all-purpose flour,1 egg beaten,80 grams (1 cup) PankoJapanese-style bread crumbs,1 teaspoon paprika,zest of 1 lemon grated,u00bd teaspoon salt,u00bc teaspoon freshly ground black pepper,u00bd tablespoon olive oil,2 tablespoons fresh parsley leaves fin

What is the relation between current and voltage?

It seems you are beginning to study about electricity, an enjoyable and interesting subject. Most of the time electric flow is compared with the flow of water for easy understanding.,If we consider water flow, it happens due to a pressure difference (say between the water pressure at the tap and the atmospheric pressure in the surroundings. As the