If you ask a lawyer to draft a contract, can the lawyer really own the copyright?

Short answer: Yes. Like any other work of authorship, legal documents are subject to copyright law, with rights initially vesting in the creator absent a work-for-hire arrangement or other written, signed agreement assigning copyright elsewhere.,After doing some research on this very question for my own purposes u2014 which Iu2019ll explain:,In the

How do you marinate grilled pork chops?

You donu2019t marinate cooked meat. Marinating is a long process. In fact, I recommend marinating the raw pork chops the night before to get the maximum flavor from the marinade.

I cancelled an interview a day before a scheduled interview and the recruiter told me that, u201cI cut a meeting short so that I could talk to you. We arenu2019t interested in having you work here.u201d How do I respond?

If youu2019re applying for a job - there are a few safe bets in most situations.,There are other candidates. Likely many of them. Most likely - too many of them.,Applicants are not as unique as you think. Most of the promising candidates will have comparable CVs (at least as far as you can really conclude anything from a mere CV). Aside of the few

What are some of the best "fun facts" you have heard?

Here's my list :,,There's an alarm clock that wakes you up by firing three puzzles into the air, you must collect and return all pieces to matching holes before stopping the clock, Until then alarm won't stop by.n,After 4 years of planning and 2 months of working every night at team of hackers at MIT, Turned a building into giant, Multicolored play

How has the poverty rate in the US changed over time?

http://www.npc.umich.edu/poverty/ will answer the latter and http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/faq.shtml the former, I hope. There are, of course, many definitions of what constitutes "poverty" but using the poverty threshold & guidelines helps to keep a consistent measure across time (although one could argue it may not be the best measure).

What are the secrets to making a truly outstanding burrito?

OQ: What are the secrets to making a truly outstanding burrito?,Truly outstanding, you say? First thingu2019s first, thanks for the A2A. Secondu2026 I wasnu2019t going to share my secrets, but for the sake of Quorans the Quorld over, I SHALL SHARE! I was considering making a joke post out of this with all sorts of shenanigans about traveling to X c

What was the biggest wedding fail you experiencedwitnessed?

Hoo, boy!,Deborah and I met on-line. This was really unusual at the time because the Internet was still this arcane thing used by universities and research institutions. Email, once you got off the Internet per se, was transferred via UUCP and used bang paths.,Regardless, we met in person, fell in love, and, soon, I moved down from Seattle to join

What are medium format cameras?

Medium format cameras are cameras with a sensor size (or film size) that is larger than 35mm film and smaller than large format (4x5 inches).

Is ERP system a good example of a Data Warehouse?

The simple answer to your question is no, ERP systems and a Data Warehouse are two separate types of systems and the presence of a reporting function does not make a system a Data Warehouse.nThe long answer is in describing what an ERP system is versus what a Data Warehouse is. I don't deal in ERP systems. I'm a Data Warehouse guy, so for the ERP s

What is the silliest reason you cried while pregnant?

It happened during my third trimester. My husband always brought some Indian delicacies on Friday while I was pregnant. I never thanked him or praised him for bringing so many food items that too without me asking. On one Friday he didn't bring any, because he cudnt travel, he had more work. And traffic in our city was pathetic(he had to go to oppo

What is a healthy diet for hair growth?

I brought my son into the dermatologist because he had large balding spots on his head. The dermatologist recommended a sulfate free shampoo and foods rich in Biotin (and a Biotin supplement).,Foods high in Biotin.,Avocado is a decent source for sure- but there are some more to try.,Eggs,Almonds, walnuts,Beans, edamame,B vitamin (biotin enriched) w

Is LaTeX dead? If yes, what are some modern alternatives?

I'm a PhD-ed physicist, worked in software industry for almost ten years and now I'm happily back in research for five years now. I used MS Word, Libre Office and Latex to create documents for various purposes and my perspective is the following :,Latex is far from dead, it is the main text processing tool in academia, whereas Word (and Clones) is

Where are great places to live in New Brunswick?

Despite current political strife and economic issues, New Brunswick is a great place to live - if - you like a small city or rural environment.,Last year I wrote an answer on the positive and negative things about living in New Brunswick that is relevant to this question.,One of the central points is your business, profession or trade. IF you have

How should a bedroom be arranged, according to feng shui?

There hundreds of tips about bedrooms ranging from basic feng shui to addressing specific issues, such as health luck, wealth luck and even attracting love luck.,Don't place your bed directly across from the door. This is called the coffin position. In older days, when people died in their homes, their bodies were carried out feet first.,The ideal

Are there angels that are gods?

Yes. Remember, David said that God Almighty isnu2019t the only god; itu2019s just that all other gods are His children. u201cI have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.u201d (Psalms 82:6). God is the God of Gods (Psalms 95:3, Deuteronomy 10:17, 1 Corinthians 8:5u20136).

What made your jaw drop the first time you visited Great Britain?

This wasnu2019t the first time that I visited, as my parents did drag me along there as a child. But I was invited to go from Perth, Australia, to Oxford University for an academic conference in 2009, and I was very anxious about finding my way through public transport and then getting to the accommodation I had booked. It all seemed very complicat

What is Jacobs Ladder?

This s a biblical reference.,u201cJacob's Ladder (Hebrew: u05e1u05d5u05dcu05dd u05d9u05e2u05e7u05d1 Sulam Yaakov) is a ladder leading to heaven that was featured in a dream the biblical Patriarch Jacob had during his flight from his brother Esau in the Book of Genesis.u201d

Which is the best free stock photo website?

For 5 years I have used 1000u2019s stock images from multiple sites. These sites are too much helpful for marketers or designers. But the problem that started slowly is the same photo has been used by millions of websites or creators which affects the search ranking.,So the trick that I have discovered is when you search for any image, the change t

What are the traditional dishes of the Yap Island?

In Yap, the preparation of meat and starch food were always separated until foreigners brought new ideas of how the two could be mixed and vegetable is a key ingredient that should be included in our diet.,What we have on the islands are bread fruit, bananas, taro, Yams, tapioca and fruits such as sour sop, papaya, local apple, and the coconut that

How did people pay for products ordered by mail in the 1860s?

In 1860 the US post office was not authorized to carry parcels of more than 4 lbs in weight. If you had to ship heavier packages or collect money from the recipient, you used private express companies. Then in 1864 the postal money order system was created in the US, primarily as a means of Union troops sending money home to their families. So in t

What should a receipt of payment for a personal loan payment look like?

If you have sanctioned a loan to your friend and he is repaying you every month, he will demand a proper receipt from you. It is your duty to issue a receipt that will prove the genuineness of your payment acceptance as well as the regular payment of the borrower. ,It is not only about the personal lending, but also about the loan applications to b

I am a vegetarian living in the U.S. I would like to eat more Indian foods for breakfast and dinner, does anyone have any easy and healthy ideas? I cook often but Im not very experienced with Indian cuisine.

Prepare Upma , Poha.,On Weekends dry fry Rava . Then with little oil fry curry leaves. Mix these two later & keep ready.,When you prepare upma , it will be easy.,Next , prepare poha whenever you can.,You may prepare baaji ( curry with vegetables) & have with bread as Pav Bhaaji.,Prepare tamarind, jaggery combo known as Gojju & keep it in fridge. Pr

How and where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

The time period between 1760 and 1840 largely spans what has become known as the First Industrial Revolution (although the boundaries arenu2019t always that clear). There was an obvious and abrupt movement away from the traditional cottage/domestic mode of manufacturing, especially in the field of textiles, towards large scale industrial production

What are the relations between anthropology, sociology and political science?

Anthropology is the study of the historical development of man, and it take two forms: Cultural and Physical Anthropology.,Sociology is the study of how societies are organized and function, and how people within those societies interact.,Political Science is the study of the forms of government societies create to help them function.

What alternatives are there to tearing down statues as a form of protest?

Tearing them down is one of the least effective forms of protest one can do with a statue.nIn fact, if history is anything to go by, itu2019s directly detrimental to the cause in multiple ways. A statue is just a symbol marking an idea, often with a person emblematic of said idea. As such, they are the perfect tools in a protest. Stand-ins for idea

Can the Bible be a reliable moral guide for an atheist?

Oh good Grief no. Itu2019s not even a moral guide for modern-day Christians.,The moral values in the Bible are suitable for illiterate bronze-age tribal slavers, and contain such gems as:,It is permissible for a father to sell his daughter as a sex slave as long as he does not sell her to foreigners (Exodus 21:7u201311);,When you wage war on a town