What type of electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelengths?

My short answer to the question is that currently, we, the physicist community, do not know or agree on the shortest wavelengths of photons (electromagnetic waves), as of Y2021. Please, let me elaborate on my sort of tongue-in-cheek answer and show that I am serious, not least frivolous.,The most of the answers so far on the question say that it is

How much money does an Internet startup need to get off the ground?

My partner and I incorporated in Delaware, had cheap hosting for a Wordpress template (to start), spent money on legal fees for our employment contracts, guidance on setting up our company, etc., and then miscellaneous things like postage, gas, lunch with potential developers, etc. In 4 or so months we spent about $3,000, most of it on incorporatin

What are the best ways to cook chicken?

A Roast Chicken ranks alongside national favourite Roast Beef as the perfect meat for a Sunday Lunch. Roast chicken makes a great alternative as it is a lighter, and healthier meat because it has a lower total fat content than red meats with most of that monounsaturated.,The roast chicken is also good in the summer months when some think it too hot

What settings should our screen be while editing pictures?

The only way to properly adjust your screen so it will accurately represent the sublets of your photographs and allow accurate reproduction is to periodically properly calibrate your monitor. Furthermore, if you print your own photographs, you need to also calibrate your printer to your monitor. The links below will explain the process. I have also

Have you ever experienced something you cant explain?

These are some incidents in my life that I couldnu2019t explain:,FIRST INCIDENTI was running some errands for my mother one Sunday morning. I think it was in 2011. As far as I can remember, it was somewhat between 10am and 11am. I think I bought some needed ingredients for the food my mother was making for lunch from a nearby store, about one block

What are the sampling methods?

There are four methods of sampling namely Random sampling,Stratified sampling, Cluster sampling and Multistage sampling. Letu2019s look at them one by one.,Random sampling - When each subject of the population is equally likely to be included in the sample, the sampling method is called random sampling.,Stratified sampling- Under this, the data are

What is the best mirrorless camera on a budget in 2022?

Some of the models of the Olympus Micro four thirds system that are a few years old are still good performers such as the OM-D E-M10 and the E-M10 mk ii, mk iii and current mk iV.,Original E-M10 with 16 MP sensors, the body can be had for $150 an is nearly as good feature-wise as the 20 MP mk iV. and about 6 years old. Lenses for these cameras are

Which are the best countries to visit?

Sorry for long post, I just keep uploading more images since there are more viewer and more places I visited.Thailand,1..The cost of living is low. You can survive here with only 200 US dollars a month( 100 for a nice guesthouse and 100 for food).,Edit: 100 $ a month for a nice guesthouse house seem to be arguable, but let me explain. Two years ago

What is the smallest city in the world by population?

buford , wyoming a town in america is probably the smallest in the term of population. it has the total population of 1u200c in 2012 with a house , a gas station and a post office.the temperature is -2 c. the only resident of buford is don sammons who moved to buford in 1980 with his wife and son .his wife died in late 90and his son move away for s

What is the best way to make passive income online?

Here is how I did it.,I made an app. I had a few goals one of which was to make it the one of the best apps. It was my first app. Now there were a few things I realized. I don't have money to advertise. So what to chose to make? Something which everyone, literally everyone will download if they find it good.,There were thousands of apps already of

What are the best modern interior style trends in 2020?

I have some ideas related to modern interior design for bedrooms.,1. WAXWING SLIDING DOORS:The Two-Door Waxwing Sliding Wardrobe Is A Stylish Wardrobe With Two Sliding Doors On The Two Sides. It Has Many Racks And Drawers For Putting Hangers, Garments, And Different Accessories, For Example, Wallets And Belts.,2. MIRROR DOORS:In The Event That You

Is ones GPA in graduate school unimportant compared to research output?

Grades are generally meaningless, although in rare cases they might matter. People who put any weight on them have no idea what grad school is about and put far too much faith in schools to actually differentiate students based on class performance, but that's their problem.,For an indication of just how ridiculous it would be to place any weight o

Is Portugal a Mediterranean country?

Overall I would say that portugal cannot be defined as a mediterranean Country or at least as exclusively mediterranean. The Atlantic has always exerted some kind of magnetism in the country and explained many of itu2019s strategic options throughout history.,The Craddle of the Country, the Minho and Douro Regions, are geographically and culturally

You have to eat three countriesu2019 cuisine for the rest of your life. What are they?

Being a vegetarian, I find it hard to try new cuisines especially the Asian ones as the authentic dishes of many of these countries would involve meat or some form of meat/fish in them. However, I still try to make vegetarian versions of these with minor tweaks and improvisations. The three cuisines that tickle my taste buds and would make my veget

How do I reflect a picture on an iPhone?

Download the app.. Toolwiz. Go to effects and you will see the tool mirror.choose your photo, and it will mirror it automatically in several different ways. You can adjust how close you want it mirrored and how small you want it, all by the touch of your fingers. I know phones are kinda hard to work with, what I might suggest is to invest in an And

What are the advantages and disadvantages of induction stovetops?

Here are some pros and cons of induction cooktops you should know about -,ProsInduction cooktops heat faster! That's because, with induction, you donu2019t have to wait for the heating element to transfer to the pan. Instead, the pan heats up directly and super quickly.,They give precise temperature control. When you turn the Cooking zone off, heat

What is the most dangerous archaeological dig or location?

A portion of the Great Wall of China in a more rural area (More than 1,200 Miles of Chinau2019s Great Wall Have Been Destroyed ),The awe-inspiring stone fortress above is part of the Jiankou Great Wall, one of the most dangerous sections of the Ming Great Wall constructed between 1551 to 1555. Literally translated as "Arrow Nock", the Jiankou secti

What are some of the strangest laws in the world?

Some Weirdest Laws from Around the WorldJapan : It Is Illegal To Be FatAccording to the law, companies and local governments must annually measure the waistlines of Japanese workers and citizens who are between 40 and 74 years old. The waistline limit for men is 33.5 inches whereas for women it is 35.4 inches. Dieting guidance and re-education is g

How do I study with focus and concentration and avoid distractions and procrastination?

Its very simple fanda!! (fanda means Gin, Loop, Snare),u201cIncreasing your concentration is possible, but takes persistanceu201d,1. Making the Bed - It might sound silly, but itu2019s the first thing you do in the morning is to achieve a task & even the last while going to bed.,2. Reading - All successful people read constantly. Even if itu2019s a

What is the scariest archaeological finding humans could find?

A2A: Hmmmu2026 How about clear evidence that some disease u2014 perhaps a variant of the corona virus u2014 wiped out 90-plus percent of the population of the civilization in question. And that the pathogens are still alive and well in the sample youu2019ve been studying. And that youu2019ve already sent samples of the human remains in this discove

What is the strangest archaeological object ever found?

Baalbek temple, in which massive stone blocks have been used with the largest of the stones to be approximately 1,500 tons and a size of 68x14x14 feet. Those are the largest building blocks that have ever existed in the whole world. Below is the picture of a stone called the stone of the pregnant woman Stone of the Pregnant Woman - Wikipedia and la

Why cant I search for filters on Instagram?

Instagram doesn't allow you to search for filters from the actual camera u2014 or anywhere, for that matter. ... Once you've tried it out, you can save it by tapping the name of the filter and selecting u201cSave effect.u201d The other way you can attempt to find filters is to follow the hashtag associated with it.

What are some innovative startup office interior design ideas? Pictures are welcome.

I've been fortunate to vist over 50 startup offices in 2012, from small startup offices in Poland to Facebooks old and new campus. ,It's common to see the same sorts of innovation in offices. Idea Paint, Call rooms, 'hang out / nap' areas and sometimes a bar. ,Perhaps one of the most innovative non-startup companies was Interpolis in Tilburg, Nethe

What are the best dogs?

I believe that most dog owners believe that their dog is the best dog in the world.,Take Jake, for example:,This is Jake when he was still a puppy. Heu2019s a pitbull mix. I adopted him almost 8 years ago from the SPCA of Luzerne County in Wilkes Barre, PA.,Of course, to me, he is the best dog in the world!,He can sing:,He can follow commands such

How do you make heavy cream from scratch?

The old way was to let milk sit while you waited for the cream to come to the top so you could skim it off.nThe new way is use centrifuges to extract all the cream from the milk before adding it back in to the milk.,Homogenization of milk is the process of forcing the milk under high pressure through a plate with very fine holes in it. This breaks