What are some good pasta recipes without red sauce?

There are many other sauces that go great with pasta.nThe simplest one would be aglio olio which is just olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes. Shrimps added to aglio olio are just perfect with spaghetti when topped with a sprinkle of herbed toasted breadcrumbs called pangritata.nThe pesto is another one which goes well with fusilli, rotini and s

How is Philippines during the New Year?

Greetings fellow budget traveler!,There are a few things to consider but generally, not at all too different from any other day in the year. BUT, you are gonna want to visit the provinces if youu2019re interested in our beaches. That said, consider that:,Price of services tend to be higher during the holidays. That includes hotels and resorts if yo

What are term sheet schedules?

In the context of a legal agreementu2014which is what a term sheet isu2014a u201cscheduleu201d is a list of things that are referenced in the agreement. Often, for complex agreements, there are many things that need to be listed. Examples might be:,Names and salaries of employees,Names and ownership interests of shareholders,Software licenses,Paten

What are some pros and cons of Android and iOS?

Iu2019ve been an iPhone user since the very first iPhone hit the street. This year I was lured away from the iPhone by the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now Iu2019m an Android user.,I prefer the Android. I hated being tethered to iTunes and iCloud and that alone was enough to push me toward Android. Iu2019ve found that the Android apps are just as capable and

How can I download Instagram stories?

There are a few ways that you can download Instagram stories. One way is to use an app called MollyGram, which you can find on the App Store and Google Play.,MollyGram allows you to save Profile Photos, Videos, Posts, Stories, Story Highlights, IGTV, Reels from Instagram whether it's from your friends or from public accounts.,Just visit on MollyGra

Can I use agar-agar instead of gelatin while making non-bake cheesecake? If yes, how?

I believe agar-agar turns out to be runnier than gelatinu2026so I donu2019t think that will help you unless you want to add starch as wellu2026.But you shouldnu2019t even need gelatin or agar-agar for a no-bake recipe, even if you are vegan.,Normal no-bake:,No-Bake CheesecakeBest No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe | An Easy No-Bake Dessert!No-Bake Cheesecak

Why would anyone need a 108 megapixel camera in their phone?

Q: Why is Samsungu2019s 108-Megapixel camera not just a GIMMICK?,A: In fact Samsungu2019s 108-Megapixel camera really is just a gimmick.,When you add moreu201dpixelsu201d to a camera sensor, the pixels get smaller because they have to not in the same space,The smaller the pixel the less light each pixel captures,The less light the pixel captures th

How can I make money on OnlyFans in a large scale without showing my face?

OnlyFans is one of the best ways to make money easily. Earning money without showing your face is possible and has no drawback.,If you're not going to show your face, then what are you going to show?If you're looking to make adult content you can go with some popular niches.,Some huge adult niches do well for anonymous creators. Below are the ones

Which city is the best place to live in, Sydney or LA?

I lived in LA 16 years. Went through:,LA Riots. Was car jacked while 8 months pregnant, in worst part of Long Beach CA. Our personal Business ( Building) was involved in the LA Riots. Guns and more Guns, in our house for protection.,Neighbours don't talk to you, they drive up to their garage door, wait for it to open, drive in, that's it!,Everyone

What are some shocking secrets of Ramayana?

Note: On many of my answers regarding various stories of Mythology, people commented as u201cwhich scriptureu201d and u201cit's not authenticu201d and u201cthese are stories for entertainment with no knowledgeu201d. So before I start writing this one, I am sharing you the source as well as my reasons for selecting those. I learnt these from the fol

Why are Canon and Nikon DSLR prices moving high in India?

All the camera price are moving high due to the demand. There was no fast supply to meet the demand also there was some shortage like some semi conductive chipset.,So price hike not due to single factor, it depends on multiple factors!!!!

What are some of the best lyrics from Tamil songs?

Movie Name : Manmadhan, Song : Kaadhal Valarthean.,One of the lovely sad songs with lovely music and beautiful visuals which makes it complete with heartfelt lyrics.,Movie Name : Vikram Vedha, Song : Yaanji.,Soul Stirring Music with lovely romantic visuals and frank loving lyrics.,Movie Name : 3, Song : Poo Nee Poo,Lovely visuals with heart wrenchi

Is there a real Hawkins, Indiana like in Stranger Things?

The town of Hawkins, Indiana from the television show Stranger Things is completely fictional. There is no real town in Indiana called u201cHawkins.u201d Roane County, in which the town of Hawkins is supposed to be located, is also completely fictional. It is also worth noting that, despite being ostensibly set in Indiana, the show Stranger Things

What is the biggest sea island in the world?

Greenland has historically been considered the largest island on earth. But this seems to be a matter of convention. When one looks at a map, Australia looks an awful lot like a really big island. However, Australia has historically always been considered a continent, and this continues to be my understanding today.,In terms of landmass, Greenland

Whatu2019s are the top 10 restaurants in New York at the moment?

The Halal Guys.Itu2019s $7 for a plate full of rice, chicken, iceberg lettuce, and pita bread. Put some white sauce, BBQ sauce, and hot sauce, youu2019ll have your stomach filled with delicious Middle-Eastern delicacy!,Itu2019s one of the most popular foods.,A little fun fact. My friend actually ran into them in the airport heading toward a Middle-

What is a healthier alternative to white rice?

Parboiled rice is a great alternative to simple white rice. Parboiling is not exactly partially cooked rice, rather the whole grains are partially boiled in the husk. It drives the nutritions from bran to the endosperm, hence its nutritionally rich compared to white rice. Also, the whole process makes the rice higher in its fiber content. ,As an en

What is promotion mix?

A promotion mix is a set of different marketing approaches that marketers develop to optimize promotional efforts and reach a broader audience. The marketer's task is to find the right promotion mix for a particular brand.

Is the mobile phone repair business dying?

No, Apple has announced that in the course of 2022 spare parts for the latest iPhone models will be provided by Apple itself. Conversely, it means many locks that hindered a repair will no longer exist see iphone 13 that means the repair business boomed more than ever

Where is the most expensiveleast expensive area in Manhattan to live?

Traditionally the most expensive area in Manhattan to live has been certain areas within the Upper East Side where the super rich tend to congregate, somewhere in the 60s to 80s on Fifth and Park Avenues. While this is still generally the case, over the past 15u201320 years or so the trendy people have made areas like Soho and TriBeCa even more exp

Where is the best food available in Bangalore?

The best food available in Bangalore are :-,Mysore Pak.Where :- Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall, Bangalore.,This place is known for serving authentic Mysore Pak from decades. There are many places in Bangalore which serves Mysore Pak but this one is the best and highly recommended place for Mysore Pak. It's texture is such that it totally gets melt-i

What is PayPals currency conversion rate from USD to ZAR?

I donu2019t think you can convert ZAR.,However Paypal charges you a % of your transaction plus a fix fee. Then, if a currency conversion is applied, they will charge an hidden fee of 2,5%.,Paypal does not admit this fee exists. The Paypal system is designed in a way than even Paypal account managers donu2019t see this fee.,The fee is charged to bot

What is the significance of Rahu-Ketu transit this year?

The transits of the lunar nodes act on a person in a slightly different way than the movements of certain planets. And such perturbations can sometimes be quite significant. By and large, in astrology, there are no trifles at all. Absolutely everything is important, even the most insignificant changes in the celestial sphere.,And although the lunar

How long would it take someone to walk the Great Wall of China?

The question was well answered by Chaodao Zhang.,I climbed up to the summit of a mountain using the Great Wall, as Juyongguan Pass, about 40 miles North of Bejing, where many parts of the Wall have been preserved and restored. I found that a hard enough climb (photo taken 2014 from the summit) so Iu2019ll let others try to do the entire thing. To m

What is the best all-in-one printer scanner for travelers?

These are the portable printer/scanner devices you should look for travelling,The Primera TrioWeight-2.6lbs,Resolution-4800*1200dpi,Li-ion Rechargable battery,The HP Envy 4520 Wireless Portable printerEasy photo printing any kind of device from mobile phone to laptops.,2 sided paper printing,Energy efficient,Resolution-4800*1200dpi,The Epson WorkFo

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro worth buying?

Why Mi 11T Pro is an amazing device:n1. 10 Bit display Amoled display.n2. Harman Kardon tuned speakers which are loud and crystal clearn3. End to end HDR 10+ which is highly useful in watching videos on apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc and also watching videos on mobile.n4. UFS 3.1 for high-speed data transfer.n5. 120W superfast

Do you accept Arab people?

Of course! Thatu2019s a question with an obvious answer (for me). I donu2019t see anything bad with them. I think theyu2019re awesome with those long satin headdress and those nice and soothing music.,Yeah, maybe there are some of them who fights and obscenely murders people but that doesnu2019t mean all of them are. And, also, THEY are part of the

How do I share high quality images in Instagram?

Whenever you upload a high quality photo on Instagram, the applicationu2019s system automatically adjusts the resolution of the photo and compresses it down according to their requirements. Most of the time this compression thing affects the artists, as it snatches away all the details from their work and art. So here are the tricks to upload high