How do I use Revit software?

If you work in the architecture, engineering, or construction industry, you might have heard about Revit. As to review and build an intelligent 3D model with real-world information about the material, pricing, etc. Revit allows you to conduct a cloud-based structural analysis in real-life building components such as windows, walls, and doors instea

Is life hard in the Philippines?

Hereu2019s what you can get for a dollar in the Philippines:,Coke + Tuna Omelette with rice + 2 sticks of Marlboron3 hours of computer rental with internet accessna McDonaldu2019s meal - Rice+Chicken Strips+Coke / Spaghetti+Coke / Chicken Burger + Coke,The Philippines is a developing country - that fact in itself tells a lot. As a resident and citi

Is cosplaying too immature for adults to do?

Oh, please. Fuck that and fuck you.,Sorry. Not you personally. It's that idea. That damn idea.,Even when I was still an actual child, I was highly impatient with the idea that I was supposed to stop enjoying things merely because I had now existed for some arbitrary amount of time. That's absurd. Fun is fun, dammit. Tasty is tasty.,I mean, yeah, I

Have you ever lived in a very tiny apartment, and how many years did you live there?

I lived in a tiny house for 4 years (2015u20132019) in Paukukalo, Maui, Hawaii. The dimensions were 9u2019x15u2019 = 135ft2.,When I see tiny houses portrayed on TV, I have to laugh, because whoever designed them always makes them look like u201cglampersu201d (u2018glampingu2019 campers).,First of all, if I may digress, about how long do you think w

What should be in a pitch deck?

While there is no ultimate one-size-fits-all format for investor decks, there are some basic best practices and common mistakes to be aware along with key topics and slides that investors expect to see in a deck.,First, letu2019s start with some basic best practices and mistakes:,Pitch Deck Best Practices:Treat your pitch like a story. Weave a comp

Does your twin flame necessarily look similar to you? And are they the same age?

No, a lot of Twin Flames are different races and nationalities, they do not have to look the same. They are not the same age, and in my experience working with TF clients - the woman is often older - I am not sure why, but among my clients, there are a lot of situations like this. There are no rules about appearance or age, and there are a lot of u

How do I crop a picture in Windows 7?

The easiest way by far is to download one of the many free image editors and use that. In all honesty I cannot remember what Win 7 has built into it so a third party app is what I would recommend. They all allow for image cropping.

I have a large combine living room and kitchen. Walls are freshly painted light grey. Kitchen cabinets are white. New sofa is light brown. So what colors would would to make a farmhouse feel?

Itu2019s not necessarily u201ccolorsu201d to make a farmhouse feelu2026itu2019s materials, furniture style, accents, and accessories (art, and hardware). Do you have sliding barn-style doors inside your house? Clearly, shiplap (like barn-style walls) and worn wood either as panel or furnitureu2026primative, rough styled furniture will go along way!

What are some quick and easy dessert recipes that kids enjoy for Christmas?

You can try a few easy and tasty ones:,1. Chia pudding: you don't have to make it as pretty as the one shown in the video but you can just do something similar. You don't have to wait for 4 hours but 20 min is enough:,2. "rice" pudding: you can also try this cauliflower rice pudding. It is going to be a lot faster than regular rice pudding because

What are the best sights to see in Nashville, TN?

In the downtown area: ,Don't miss the Country Music Hall of Fame, even if you aren't a Country Music fan. Allow several hours.,Walk around downtown -- 2nd Avenue and Broadway. Safe night and day and lots of free music venues. Most will have their doors open so you'll get a taste of their musical offerings when you walk by.,Ryman Auditorium -- origi

Whats the difference between an original artwork and a art print?

An original is the actual artwork as it was created by the artist, generally there is only one and it normally costs more, often far more, than any printed reproduction. Modern art prints are made by photographing or digitally scanning the original then printing it out by one of several means. Most common are commercial offset or lithographic print

What are some good vegetarian recipes without vegetables for dinner?

Grilled cheese.,Spanish flan.,Tailleventu2019s sugarless apple pie.,Fettuccine Alfredo.,Pasta con pesto alla genovese.,Cru00eapes Suzette.,Dal tadka and chapati, Gujarati style.,Plain dosa.,Wild mushrooms fried in top quality olive oil and garlic, and eaten with Italian bread.,Avocado on toast.,Japanese rice of the best quality with a fresh raw egg

How much does a first class ticket in an Emirates A380 cost?

The ticket prices depends on where you are going and where you are going, generally the first class tickets are very expensive and are opted by very few or really rich people.,All the prices I am going to tell you are based on what was told to me by my agent(Thomas cooks). I am going to tell you the prices which i inquired for a trip to Dubai from

What happens after an onsite interview at Facebook?

After a Facebook employee interviews a candidate, they submit their feedback via an internal tool. This includes a summary of how the candidate did and how the interview went overall, samples of their code (if appropriate) and either a "hire" or "no hire" decision. The tool also prompts you to say how confident you are in your decision on a 4-point

How do you make caramel popcorn at home?

Sure. Itu2019s not difficult, if you know how to make caramel. The recipe I use starts by popping 1/2 cup of popcorn in two tablespoons of vegetable oil.,Make the caramel by combining 1/4 cup of water, 1 cup of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter and 1.4 cup of corn syrup in a pan, heating it on medium high heat, stirring until the sgar disso

Whats the best recipe for key lime pie?

First you have to decide how tart you want the pie to be. Anywhere from 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup seems to work best for me. Combine this with:,3 large egg yolksn1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)nzest of one lime,That's about it for the filling. This will give you enough for a standard 8 - 9 inch pie crust. You have to make some adjustments to the

Which is the biggest country of Asia?

Population-wise, China is the biggest country in Asia. If you are asking about the land mass, Russia is the biggest one. However, Russia is sometimes considered as European country and in this case, China is again the biggest one in terms of land mass.,The biggest countries in Asia by the total area are :,Russia,China,India,Kazakhstan,Indonesia

What are the best vegetarian barbecue recipes?

Stuffed Mushrooms,Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps RecipeGrilled corn,Perfectly Grilled Corn on the CobOr elotes (Mexican style grilled corn),Grilled Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)Grilled vegetable skewers,Balsamic Vegetable Skewers RecipeWatermelon salad (trust me itu2019s actually good)

What causes tsunamis to change direction?

Same as what causes any wave to change direction u2026 across bodies of water, thatu2019s usually ties to the depth of the water.,Shallower water has a slower wave-speedu2026 so you get refraction. Itu2019s how waves turn to line up along a beach.,You can also get reflection from and diffraction around objects that stick out of the water u2026 like

What do you know that most people donu2019t?

Imagine a scenario where a government is planning to construct a dam, either to meet the electricity needs, for irrigation purposes or to check floods. But going ahead with the project may pose a threat to the existence of an archaeological site.,Will the government go ahead with constructing the dam? Chances are, it wonu2019t.,But what if I tell y