What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in another country?

This happened when I was travelling to US from India for my Masters. Coming from a middle class Indian family my parents have always taught me to have a tight grip on money and not spend lavishly on any thing. A major chunk of my life (from Higher secondary education till I graduated my Bachelors) I was in a hostel . I hardly used to get Rs. 1000/-

Why arenu2019t fast food chains sued for false advertising?

Actually people sue fast food restaurants pretty regularly for false advertising.,Here are just a few examples.,Woman sues KFC for $20 million over false advertising. A woman sued KFC saying: u201cThey say it feeds the whole family u2026 Theyu2019re showing a bucket thatu2019s overflowing with chicken,u201d the 64-year-old widow griped. u201cYou ge

What is a formative assessment? What are some examples?

Here are some favorite formative assessment examples,Thumbs up Thumbs down. Just as it says when teacher just asks the kids to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to measure understanding.,Plickers.com. Really crazy cool - a bit like thumbs up /thumbs down, but using pieces of paper. Results are shown on a board by the teacher taking a picture on her s

How do I decide if I should become a Psychiatrist, Psychiatric nurse Practitioner, clinical or Counseling psychologist, or therapist? I know the general difference between the careers, but not in much detail.

A psychiatrist went to medical school and specialized in psychiatry. If you have the opportunity, ability, and money to do this, this is the one you want. You would make much more money.,Nurse practitioners are like underpaid doctors, they are able to prescribe medication and have extensive schooling. Typically they start as a registered nurse, get

What should I feed a stray dog?

Flat Indian bread also known as Roti,Rice,Dal,Any kind of (healthy) egg preparation,Homemade chicken curry,Chicken soup,Wholewheat pancakes,Milk,Non-sweetened biscuits,Dog food, if you can afford it,Sweet biscuits/cookies occasionally/only as treats,My Vet suggests that one should avoiding offering homeless dogs with chocolates, macadamia and grape

Which waves are use in mobile phone communication?

Any kind of wireless communication is possible due to propagation of Electromagnetic Waves through air or vacuum. Whether it is mobile communication, satellite communication, FM radio, TV broadcast etc.

What does your hometown look like?

Iu2019m from Kolkata , the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.,Lets explore how the u201ccity of joyu201d looks likeu2026,Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport - 5th busiest airport in India.,The identity of the city- Howrah bridgeEden Gardens- 3rd largest cricket stadium in terms of seating arrangement.,Salt Lake Stadium - 2nd l

Which Chinese zodiac signs are lucky during the year of the ox or Chinese New Year 2021?

Rat, Rooster and Snake enjoy the best of luck in the year of the Ox.,The next tier is Rabbit, Monkey, Tiger and Pig. Everything goes smoothly without worry.,Ox and Dragon are not so lucky and may experience some troubles or setbacks.,The worst of luck goes to Horse, Dog and Ram. Toublesome or even dangerous year for these, must stay calm and cautio

What is a good Italian spaghetti recipe?

Boil a large pot of salted water to a boil (or boil and then add salt, it doesnu2019t matter, although there are people who will say it does. Adam Ragusea recently did a test and found it makes no difference),Add the spaghetti.,Cook until al dente (see the package, time will vary) or, if you are going to finish cooking it in the sauce, a little les

Are there property-value maps for all of Canadas provinces?

Canada: Quebec, British Columbia (have been less than 90 minutes from Ontario for years but havenu2019t gone).,U.S.A. states-Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhide Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, (West Virginia and South Carolina have driven throug

What is SWOT analysis?

u201cAnalysisu201d is a misnomer. SWOT is a structured way to gather information, asking people it think about their organizationu2019s internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats.,Almost any structured method for initially thinking about a problem is helpful. Most people are helpless staring at a blank page, or tasked

What is the u201cdeveloping countryu201d status?

1.Developing country status ensures special and differential treatment (S&DT) or provisions which allow them more time to implement agreements and commitments.,2.It includes measures to increase trading opportunities, safeguard their trade interests, and support to build capacity to handle disputes and implement technical standards.,3.These provisi

What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

I would like to tweak the question a bit, because my travels were only within India and not the world.,So, I shall talk about my 10,000 km journey across India, which I have already written partially in the 'Insights On India' blog, here is the link - What Kind of an IAS Officer Should One Aspire to be? - Akand SitraI had quit my job in October 201

Suppose we lend money to our close friends, as taught it is better to make a written agreement between both. I would like to know what type of agreement to return and lending should be written, and how, for future uncertainties?

You can get a loan agreement signed by your friend.nA loan agreement is contract between two parties, which includes all the terms and conditions like term of loan, rate of interest, mode of repayment, etc. It is to be signed by both the parties.,Attaching a sample loan agreeement.

What are some nice upscale, modern, boutique hotels in Hong Kong?

The Mira Hotel http://www.themirahotel.com/en/default.aspx,Hotel ICON http://www.hotel-icon.com/,Butterfly on Prat http://www.butterflyhk.com/butterfly-on-prat/en/index.html,Cosmo Hotel http://www.cosmohotel.com.hk/,The Luxe Manor http://www.theluxemanor.com/,Hotel LKF http://www.hotel-lkf.com.hk/

How do I install the Google pixel camera APK on my Android phone?

First, you must find an APK file you want. Search online for an APK file and download it to an easy-to-find location on your computer (like your desktop).,Before you can install it on your phone you will need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.,Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow

What countries would you like to visit?

As you can see from the map Iu2019ve made below, there are actually quite a few countries that Iu2019d like to visit (in short, blue = already been, green = want to visit, yellow = really want to visit, purple = maybe, but , and red = no way in actual Hell would visit):,,However, if I could only pick a handful of countries to visit, then my top 10

Are there any good budget hotels in Chopta, Uttarakhand?

There are some of the best Hotels in Chopta. Hotels and resorts in Chopta can really give you world-class facilities and an unimagined experience. Staying in the best hotels/rooms can give you an unforgettable experience in Chopta. Here we have mentioned the top 5 best hotels in Chopta-Tungnath for your wonderful stay;,1. Hotel Chopta Heavens,2. Fo

What is the most memorable or chilling historical fact for you?

It is widely believed that fast food bars are a modern invention. However, ancient Rome does not quite agree with this statement.,The first recipe for an ancient burger can be found in the cookbook Apicius, written in the first century CE. More often, however, the name u201cOn the Subject of Cookingu201d is used. The precursor of the modern burger

What are some Indian food names starting with the letter N?

Naan roti, Naan Kheema, Naan Peshawari, Naarthangaai uruga, Nachni Bhakri, Nachni burfi,Nachni dosa, Nachni Ghavan, Nachni ladoo, Nachni poori, Nachni Roti, Nachni Thallipeeth, Nachni Methi Muthiya,Nachni til kakra, Nachni vada,Nadan mern curry, Nagori puri, Nandu curry (Crab curry), Nagapazham juice, Nahari Ghosht, Nankhatai, Narangi cake, Narangi

How long does it take to cook pre-cooked shrimp?

Precooked shrimp is a boon as it can be thrown into dishes with hardly any prep u2014 think quick pastas, a simple sautu00e9 of precooked shrimp or easy-peasy frozen cooked shrimp appetizer recipes. Just follow a few rules to make sure your shrimp doesn't become dried out or rubbery and you're good to go.,VIDEO OF THE DAY8 Energizing Yoga Moves You

Is it possible and feasible to build an aircraft carrier with two hangar bays? Each hangar is on a different level, therefore holding more aircraft.

Several Japanese aircraft carriers in WWII had stacked hangar decks. It was a bad idea.,This dual hangar design had several very serious flaws:,The aircraft elevators had to traverse three decks instead of two. This was far slower. This complicated striking down aircraft for rearming and refueling. A problem on one deck affected both.,Japanese hang