What are the reasons for copyright laws?

The idea of copyright law is to balance the needs and interests of creators with other creators that are influenced by or build upon their work, and with the needs of the public.,We have to reward creators by granting them exclusive rights for a considerable time period, or else no one would be motivated to create. Creativity is hard work, and if e

How much is Gordon Ramsay worth?

He was born on 8 November 1996 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire Scotland.,Gordon Ramsay's age is 54 years.ud83dude42,When Gordon was 5 years old his family moved to England. ud83euddd0,He was a very good player in Soccer/Football. Due to his injury, his playing days were very short.ud83dude0b

How much is a Netflix year-long subscription?

Netflix standard package is u20ac6.99 yearly, you get a free month upon application and u20ac1.00 charged from debit card which is then deductible from your yearly charge once authentication is complete. However you don't get HD, that's extra. Another alternative and free is showbox or modro , search on Google, follow instructions and download to y

What is an easy chicken breast recipe that does not require much else?

Chicken,Salt, pepper,Oil,Butter,Garlic,Lemon juice,Pound your chicken breasts until they are an even 1/2" thick. Salt and pepper them. Saute' on medium high heat in a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of oil until golden brown on Both sides and cooked through. Remove to a plate. Reduce the heat in the pan to medium low. Throw in a knob of butte

How long would a 2-inch tattoo take?

I don't know,If your a female say No, just get some piercings , pretty one like a trench tiny stone above your lip and same on your nose. Nose piercing in India represents beauty. Piercing above the top lip represents the mole above Marilyn Monroe's upper lip. And believe me, Norma Jean was one talented Bomb Shell. I had a Marilyn. I had skin Cance

What are the best speakers in the world for use with an iPhone or laptop?

High end speakers will simply highlight how bad your signal source is.,I have a mid-range system that sounds like the artist is playing in front of me. I feed it with digital signal delivered by laser through Toslink and also through S/PDIF. nGarbage in, garbage out == iPhone's headphone jack audio output.nYour iPhone's headphone output is not idea

Is there is an organised movement going on in India to create communal hatred?

Reading that made me laugh.,One mentally challenged and retarded moron is commenting all over Times of India to gain Times points cannot be assumed to be an organized moment for creating hatred. Let him party hard with his stupidity because I am sure no one gives a f***.,I am a Hindu and I have very close Muslim friends, who treat me like their own

Is almond flour suitable for diabetes?

Almond flour is a wonderful alternative for diabetics as almond meal is very low carb, and useful in baking. It does not matter the consistency of regular flour, all grinds of grain have carbs that raise the blood sugar.,Almond flour is made from blanching almonds in boiling water to remove the skins, then grinding and sifting them into a fine flou

Did you ever cry when you opened a Christmas gift?

Christmas 2019.,My 17-year-old son had gotten his first job. He was working at Taco Bell.,We didnu2019t exactly force him to get a job. We just informed him that we were not increasing his token allowance nor paying for gas and entertainment.,So, he got the job. He basically hated it, but he went three days a week and earned a paycheck.,I bake. I b

What are some decor ideas for a small home office?

Small Home Office Decor Ideas:A home office is a workplace inside the house where you can work comfortably for long hours. People who work from home may get tedious and annoying to work on laptops or computers for a protactic period.,The place should be comfortable, and it should inspire you to work more. It could be a small area in your living roo

How do you keep cheesecake cupcakes from sinking in the middle?

It sounds like you arenu2019t baking them for long enough. They should bake u2019til they are set and if you shake the pan gently, should have a bit of jiggle in the middle but be either level or slightly domed.,Cool very slowly at room temperature before you attempt to chill them. They canu2019t go in the fridge until they are room temperature all

How does Google interview candidates for Engineering Director-level positions?

I was interviewed and hired as a Director at Google in 2012. I don't know how typical my experience was. But here's what happened:,First interview was on the phone with a recruiter. The questions were typical recruiter screening. Nothing hard or detailed. Questions about background and feeling out my interest.,First round of on-campus interviews wa

Are there different types of love?

A couple scene -,Gf : I am feeling naughty today.,Bf : Really?,Gf : yes.,Bf : What do you have in mind?,Gf : I want you to tie me up and do whatever you want.,u2026u2026u2026,Love type 1 :Love type 2 :One tie up for twenty minute.,Second tie up lifelong.,Images source : My phone gallery.,Guru:)

What should a father do to correct a son who curses at his mother (including the C word)? The son is almost 18 years old and corporal punishment is not an option.

How awful for your wife and you.,You donu2019t actually need to have him in your home until he is 18, especially since he is a threat to his mother. But you should support him until his birthday. You can do that without having him at home.,He clearly is unhappy with your household. He needs to live elsewhere.,I would get $1,000 out of the bank in c

What does having the coronavirus feel like?

I was diagnosed with COVID19 today after feeling respiratory symptoms for a day or so. I would have just chalked it up to my anxiety if it wasnu2019t for the fevers that started. Highest Iu2019ve gotten to so far is 100.4, but it is being managed with extra strength Tylenol (2 - 500mg pills) every 6 hours. That seems to keep it at 98 or so. At firs

Is Holland the most dangerous country in Europe?

Oh that is easy, it is an awful, socialist state! If you get unemployed they help you, if you get sick, you are covered, if you cannot work anymore due to an accident they help you, school until 16 is free, universities are about 4.000 per year in college fees. It is really very awful!,The police is also very socialist so they first listen to you b

How do I speed up my computer?

Use light weight antivirus (meaning the antivirus which does not consume much memory.) If you are not using your computer for business purpose then use antivirus like Bit-defender, 360 security etc.,Antivirus like Kaspersky, Mcafee consumes high memory which makes computer slow. And when they expires then they become Trojan virus which makes comput

Do long-distance relationships work?

Very rarely. I've been in a long distance relationship. This is how it started and ended for me. Same thing happened to two other couples I know:,1. Two people like each other a lot. Decide to give long distance relationship a try.n2. Everyone is happy, you feel like it was a good decision.n3. The first excitement ends after a while in every relati

How long do you cook chicken leg quarters?

Most recipes have you bake quarters at 375F or even lower for over an hour, but for crispy chicken leg quarters, cook them at a higher temperature and shorter time! 425F for about 45 minutes will give you crispy skin and tender meat.

What is balance brought forward and balance carried forward?

Back before the days of computers, manual bookkeeping and accounting systems were on columnar sheets. At the bottom of each sheet, a line of totals would be tallied. On the following sheet, a u201cbalance brought forwardu201d line would capture these totals so that they would be included in the tally at the bottom of that page.,Nowadays, if I see t

Is there any PC better than iMac?

This is my setup - iMac 5 27u2033 and side by side with a Windows laptop (Dell XPS 13 9360) with a 27u2033 display.,I use both. So I feel I can comment without bias.,I use the iMac for my Photo and Video work (creative work). I use the Windows laptop for my office/WFH work (bread and butter work). Both have advantages and disadvantages.,But one thi

Is it a good idea to immigrate to Ukraine from the U.S.?

In a response to your question. Ukraine ,through the eyes of foreigners,Letu2019s review an article related to folks who used to visit Ukraine some time ago. Having read the reviews of the former travelers who traveled around the world, we were convinced that Ukraine leaves no one indifferent. The foreigners who have visited us are always in awe of

Is there a power bank for laptops?

Yes, there are plenty of power banks available for laptops as well in the market and online as well. Before you buy a power bank for not just your laptop, but for any other gadget such as a tablet or a smartphone, make sure you are aware of these few basic pointers:,1. Make a note of the battery size of your device. ,2. Moreover, also make a note o