How do you calculate interest on a car loan formula?

When you're calculating auto loan interest for your first payment, use this simple calculation:Divide your interest rate by the number of monthly payments you will be making in this year.,Multiply it by the balance of your loan u2013 for the first payment, this will be your total principal amount.

What are the some amazing facts about the most haunted places of the world?

Here are the some amazing facts about the most haunted places of the world ud83dudc80ud83dudc80u2620ud83dudc7d,The Kehoe House, USA,The Kehoe family had ten children and rumors say two of them tragically died in the house. Many believe the twins still haunt the house u2013 guests have reported hearing children laughing and feeling children stroke t

Is Mountain Dew an energy drink?

Any drink with a lot of sugar and caffeine can be considered an u201c energy drinku201d black coffee with three sugars also qualifies and at least it isnu2019t liver failure urine color

What features make East and South Asia a unique place of Earth?

The Spice Trade in Nusantara (Maritime Southeast Asia) that drove the discovery of the New World, a new phase of globalisation. Discovery of the US, the Potuguese, Spanish, Dutch, British and French Empires.,It all began with the galvanisation of the Spice Trade out of Malacca, by founder of then Malaysia, Parameswara in 1402.,An impetus to the Eur

Is Oppo X2 a flagship smartphone?

Ex cues me please because it is actually Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 pro.nThere is no doubt that Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 pro are the flagship phones by Oppo.nFind X2 pro comes up with so many flagship specs like ;n1. It is having latest snapdragon 865 processor which supports 5G.n2. It is having latest customized camera sensor by Sony.n3. It comes wi

Why are the palm trees in Los Angeles so much taller than the ones on the East Coast?

The answers to this question are a lesson in everything thatu2019s wrong with the internet. The only decent answer to this question has 3 upvotes (one of them mine) and the one with 530 upvotes and 27 comments is a total dumpster fire.,The assumption in the question isnu2019t true but we can certainly discuss why someone might think that.,When peop

What is the best furniture layout in small living room?

Small Living Room!Small living rooms always needs special attention while planning. Dediner simply cannot eliminate anything even if it is a small living room. Every furniture should be poaitioned well for better movement and usability.,What are basic furnitures kept in living room?A) Sofa (3 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, X seater depending upon requ

What was the world like on November 11th 1111? Did anyone care that it was 11111111?

It appears nothing much happened on that date. The only thing I have been able to find is that it was a Saturday. On 11/8/1111 Otto II, Count of Hapsburg died, but that is all I could find that happened in November 1111. Only two other events in 1111 were that Henry V of Germany was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, and he invaded Hungary. If you leave o

Whatu2019s the difference between Adobe Premiere Rush CC and Adobe Premiere CC?

Both software are used for video editing.,The key difference is that Adobe launched the Premiere Rush mainly for You Tubers, Social media creators, Video loggers i.e., for editing simple sequences.,Premiere Rush has very simple workflow, while Premiere Pro has a more advanced one.,,Differences:Itu2019s stupid to compare all the features between the

When is foreign tourism likely to restart from India?

travel restart?When will international flights start again? On what factors will the timing and the roadmap depend? What are the concepts of u2018bubblesu2019 and u2018air bridgesu2019 being considered by global aviation regulators?Written by Pranav Mukul , Anil Sasi , Edited by Explained Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 1, 2020 11:24:53 am,XA wo

What does it mean when you dream of helping someone whose pregnant and her belly is hard as a rock, you rub her tummy and few minutes later she gives birth to a baby girl but refuses to go to the doctor or hospital because it was a home birth?

Is this a person you know? What are the feelings you have?,I will give it a try but with minimal information this may not be accurate:,Giving birth is an indication of something you have waited for is about to materialise. But again it depends on the person giving birth. And in the whole dream it seems like you are incredulous about the ways things

Why do all other animals have similar faces while humans have distinct faces only?

This is a very intriguing question! And one I definitely plan to return to with more insightful in-depth information, once I have the chanceu2026 (look for and EDIT/UPDATE in the near future),Because I am not an evolutionary geneticist (or any kind of geneticist) so this question is out of my field of experience or depth of knowledge, and itu2019s

What does P.S. really mean?

P.S is an abbreviation of post script.P.S at the end of an article,letter or any script mean an extra information writer would like to add about the content.,More precisely,it is called u2018kosamerupuu2019 in telugu. :p

What is the best dessert youve ever had?

Melakau2019s version of Malaysiau2019s famous cendol (pronounced u201cchendolu201d) dessert is an exotic combination of syrupy gula melaka (made from coconut palm sugar, more smoky than saccharine sweet), jelly-like pandan-flavoured mung bean noodles, coconut milk, red beans and shaved ice.,Pics top and bottom: smoky caramel- and toffee-edged gula

Are there any good budget hotels in Chopta, Uttarakhand?

There are some of the best Hotels in Chopta. Hotels and resorts in Chopta can really give you world-class facilities and an unimagined experience. Staying in the best hotels/rooms can give you an unforgettable experience in Chopta. Here we have mentioned the top 5 best hotels in Chopta-Tungnath for your wonderful stay;,1. Hotel Chopta Heavens,2. Fo

In what ways is Linux superior to Windows and OS X?

Lets consider some use cases.,Desktop,Server,Embedded device/kiosk/other,Desktop generally depends, but often no.,As a desktop, it depends on your use. If you just surf the internet, you'll be fine with a chromebook which actually runs on the Linux kernel. Even if it's just Ubuntu or Mint, you'll at the very least be safer from most attacks. Now th

Is Western food in China "Sinicized"?

Absolutely yes. More specifically, western food is almost localized, varying in terms of different cuisines in China.,Let me make a list of some localized western food in China:,u2460black pepper beef(u9ed1u6912u725bu8089):,It's part of Cantonese cuisine, combined with Chinese cooking and western cooking. While cooking this dish, we'll add soy sauc

What was the Great Depression all about?

1: The existence of the Federal Reserve itself. A government agency, or government backed privately owned institution if you prefer, able to expand the monetary base at will and trying to regulate the market by interest rate manipulation will naturally cause the very kinds of distortions that it claims to prevent. In particular, the monetary expans

How does cryptocurrency work for beginners?

The algorithm dictates how transactions work and how new once are been created users create peer _to_ peer transaction using software called wallet for beginners, who have not really learn how to mine*EDIT* If you are a beginner and you are dabbling with crypto it is best adviced you entrust the risk into someone who has more wins than losses. if y

What is the best way to revive wooden outdoor furniture?

I've found teak oil is the best for reviving wood that's kept outdoors, it feeds the wood and gives a durable finish.,Its important to get rid of any old varnish, I recommend fine wire wool and a gentle rubbing first and then apply the teak oil.,With woodcarving for outside display, I've also found cheap car wax (in spray form) works well, other so

Countries with 10 largest oil reserves in the world in 2022?

u201cReservesu201d is a very broad term to use. Letu2019s look at proved oil reserves by country in barrels.,Clearly, Venezuela has the highest u201cProved Oil Reservesu201d as of 2016. It must be noted that u201cProven Reservesu201d change with time and depend upon various factors such as oil price, technological advancement etc.

How do you calculate standard deviation from sample size, mean, and confidence interval?

This type of problem tests your understanding of confidence intervals in statistics. The typical confidence interval for the mean is a 95% confidence interval.,95% CONFIDENCE INTERVALThis is defined as an interval of values,Mean + or - 1.96(SE),where we have the following definitions:,Mean = sample mean,SE = standard error of the mean = SD/sqrt(n),