Is it prohibited for a Muslim woman to shake hands with a man who is not a Muslim?

Shaking Hands with Women: An Islamic PerspectiveIn the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.Dear brother/sister in Islam, first of all, weu2019d like to voice our appreciation for the great confidence you have in us. We hope that our efforts meet your expec

How do I take pictures of the Milky Way?

The Milky Way cannot usually be seen through our naked eyes, but can be captured with long exposures in cameras.,This kind of photography is called u2018star photographyu2019 or u2018astrophotography',It has to be done in a place far away from the town/city to avoid 'light pollutionu2019. Hills and mountains are the best places for star photography

Which are the countries with the fastest fixed internet in the world in 2022?

That is actually an unimportant metric.,What's more important is the number of premises or actually the percentage of all premises that already have or can get gigabit speed with only a phonecall within a countryu2026,10Gbit/s are possible in numerous countries but it does not make any point for most users. And if you can afford it 400Gbit/s or ter

How do you make Beef Wellington?

The best Wellington I ever had was last Christmas over friendu2019s house.,It was a recipe Barbara found on the internet. Parallel slices of thin prosciutto were formed into a sheet then topped with flavorful sauteed mushrooms. Tenderloin was wrapped in the mushroom prosciutto and refrigerated. It was easily wrapped (prosciutto held it together) in

Which is better to study, a BSc or a BTech?

we canu2019t compare the courses, which one better. Both B. Tech and B. Sc. have their own merits and de- merits. It depends entirely on the studentu2019s areas of interest and skills before choosing either of the courses. B. Tech is engineering and B. Sc. is bachelor degree in science. Thus, it is advisable to first chalk out your skills, aptitude

Whats the right diet if you want to build muscle?

For muscle building, not best food but a proper diet strategy is needed. Protein helps in muscle building but do you know that protein alone cannot do anything for your muscles?,A good amount of carbohydrate rich food is needed with post workout protein for muscle building because there is a synergistic effect of insulin and leucine on protein synt

Where can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets?

Iu2019d suggest buying them online - in advance. You can also buy them onsite, but when my family went there, they were sold out for the next three days and we could only see the outside.

What are the best BL dramas to watch?

So some of the best bl dramas that i have watched are -,ADDICTED- Chinese( This is a perfect Bl i literally loved it in spite of the fact that it was later censored and therefore was left incomplete),HISTORY-Taiwanese (all the series of history are really a masterpiece they are all a great fun to watch itu2019s a must try u2026.they all have quite

How do I change an Adobe Photoshop RGB color mode document to a CMYK print-ready document, without losing any color and keeping it looking exactly same as the RGB version?

Iu2019m sorry to say that what you are hoping for is simply not possible. The RGB color mode contains millions of colors, versus CMYK which has only thousands. Donu2019t lose all hope, however. Chances are that converting the image will not result in any glaring color changes. If you do notice changes, it will most likely be in the area of color sa

What is the best veggie to eat daily?

There isnu2019t a best type of food anywhere. Each food brings different nutrients and vitamins which is essential for us.,There isnu2019t a singular best vegetable to eat daily but there is a mix that we should eat. If we focus too much on a certain food, we might neglect the others and not get the adequate amount of a certain mineral or vitamin.

Any anime recommendations? Magic and op mc that shocks everyone (I prefer magic school but anything magic will do). I also like when the mc is transported into a magical world like kenja no mago, in another world with my smartphone, slime, etcu2026

Oh boy, lets get into the list:,Hametsu no Mars,Honestly even giving the series a proper 1, is a compliment. Its how to do everything wrong. Bad animation, voice acting that makes me want to kill myself, one dimensional characters who are never put in danger despite the fact that the series is supposed to be a horror, cheap horror elements, writing

What is flight number 1 for all the major airlines?

In past years, Flight 1 (and usually the opposite direction return Flight 2) were flights that had a special prestige value for the airline, especially flag carriers with global routes. On British Airways and Air France, Flights 1/2 were Concorde supersonic transatlantic flights. (Concorde flights had other numbers as well, of course.) On Pan Ameri

What is the best smart plug for Google Home?

You might want to give zunpulse's smart plugs a try. They have been a lifesaver for me for the past four months! Since you asked for it, it is also compatible with Google voice assistant. With this plug, I can simply schedule my electric appliances so that I don't have to get up early in the morning to start my geyser or coffee maker. You can manag

What are your favorite limericks?

All of these are original to me, except the second one. They alternate between weird and obscene, so you have been warned:,,An Englishman on a fox hunt;,Lost a very small fox, just a runt.,u2018Cos a hooker with fame,,Also hunting for game,,Stuffed the poor beast in her cunt.,,A diner in Kalamazoo,Found quite a large rat in his stew.,Said the waite

Can I use any USB-C charger for an iPad Pro?

No. It needs to output 15 volts at 2 amps. If it doesnu2019t it will charge very slowly, and if youu2019re using the iPad Pro at the same time it may not charge. Apple MacBook chargers output 20 volts at 4 amps which doesnu2019t match the iPad, so it will fall to lower volts/amps resulting in slow charging. The linked article in your question is in

What does Taylor Swift do when shes not singing?

She loves baking and cooking. She also likes to visit antique stores and collect antiques. And she likes watching TV (frequently with her cats), journal, write songs, knitting, fishing, making snow globes. She once said that she likes drinking Starbucksu2019 Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Thatu2019s all I know.

How much would a Polaroid 600 camera cost today?

Here's a link to their site! The conpany recently underwent a turn around and are selling more and making new cameras.,Do some research and find one you like, you can get a nice one for as low as $25 on eBay (got mine for about this price).,Brand new, you're looking at $99.99-$500. That's the range I've seen from basic to expert Polaroid 600 camera

What do you eat for breakfast on Christmas Day?

I usually serve blinis with sour cream and caviar or smoked salmon alongside glasses of crisp, cold bubbles. These can be nibbled on whilst presents are exchanged and donu2019t fill people up ahead of lunch.

What can we learn in Tally?

You will learn posting of basic accounting in tally. You can do bank entries , cash entries ,purchase sales journal entries in tally. Above this you can convert all this data into excel, PDF for further working .

What should one consider while writing a mission statement?

Here's a post I wrote on the subject (How Good Is Your Teamu2019s Vision/Mission Statement?) and you can also check out 20+ of My Favorite Vision & Mission StatementsNote: I use "Vision" and "Mission" statements interchangeably for the purpose of this post. ,What is a Vision/Mission Statement?,A vision/mission statement is a single sentence that ex

Why do I feel so full after drinking alcohol?

Probably because there are many calories/joule in alcohol.nEthanol is a high energy molecule, and there is often sugars and proteins in alcoholic breverages too.,Here is a chart so you can see the aproximation of energy in alcohol:n,u200b

What is your photography of the day 240?

Astrophotographers Around the World Share Their Best Photos of the Milky Way ud83dudc99u201cIce Ageu201d by Alvin Wu. Location: Tibetnu201cThis is a blue ice lake, Pumoungcuo, at an altitude of 5.070 meters (16,600 feet).nu2018This lake, located in Tibet, freezes every winter. At night, under the low temperatures of minus 20 u00b0C (-4 u00b0F), you

What Ketogenic food can I have in India?

Hi,,Some vegetables, fruits and other products you can use on Keto which are available in India:,Cauliflower.,Amul Cheese,Amul Butter,Broccoli,Spinach,Cucumber(in moderation),Watermelon(in moderation),Panner(Cottage Cheese),Chicken,Mutton,Fish,Prawns(in moderation),Strawberries(difficult to find though),Mushrooms,Lemon,Onion(in moderation),Tomatoes

Do you know any cooking mistakes which went on to become iconic dishes?

Some of the most common ingredients and snacks we have have been invented due to an error. You can read about them in details. Here are some examples:,Worcester Sauce: Lord Sandys, the governor of Bengal in 19th century asked a chemist to recreate an Easy Indian recipe however he did not like what the English Chemist made. The Chemist left the jar