How can I create an Instagram story using multiple photos?

Here is how to do it on iPhone/IPad,,You first add a photo to your story,And then you go to your photos, pick another picture, and press share,You then are given options, press Copy PhotoGo back to instagram and then you are given this option,If you donu2019t get this option press the text icon and press paste,Then youu2019ll get this,You can add a

Where is the best place to sit at a Madison Square Garden Concert?

The two distinct upper sections behind the stage (the 300 level West Balcony and the 400 level Blue Seats) are surprisingly great seats for a concert. They have a lot more dancing space than the majority of the arena, and the only real drawback is that they are behind the stage.,A lot of legroom was removed in the renovations, to make room for more

Why cant I import my .mp4 file to CyberLink PowerDirector? What should I do?

2 possible reasons for windows:-,you may have installed N series of windows e.g. u201cpro Nu201d or u201cStudent N" which excludes windows media player and its codec. so install for example u201cwindows 10 prou201d not u201cwindows 10 pro Nu201d.,2. you might be installing 32 bit version of powerdirector in windows 64 bit or vice-versa.

How do I upload presets to Lightroom mobile?

Unfortunately Lightroom mobile doesnu2019t make it easy to add new presets. Firstly they require that you download the preset in DNG format, then add it to a gallery and finally create a preset from the imported DNG file. Whew.,Hereu2019s an article that helps describe that in more detail,Finally hereu2019s a few free Lightroom presets that you can

What is the second largest country?

By total area (including its waters), Canada is the second-largest country in the world, after Russia. By land area alone, however, Canada ranks fourth, the difference being due to it having the world's largest proportion of fresh water lakes.

What is difference between duplex, villa, bungalow and apartment?

A residential space in a multi-unit building is called a flat. If you are wondering what is apartment, then it is nothing but the American synonym of flat. Apartment term is also used for flats that serve certain purpose, such as, a flat given to an employee for stay during the work period is called apartment. There are some other types of apartmen

What makes a strong income statement and balance sheet?

Some of these may be slightly subjective and are my opinion and what I look for. Remember, these financial statements do have limitations as they can be a snapshot in time, there can be timing differences, and accounting rules not reflecting economic reality and value. These are indications that a company will thrive and stay in business, though th

What are some must have Android apps?

Poweramp Music Player.Trust me, for all Android users, you cannot get a music player much better than Poweramp. Poweramp has the best UI and audio quality. I'm using Poweramp for the past 1 year and I've never thought to be a waste. But the only thing I think they lack here was the choice to download thr lyrics. Poweramp has the best design and eve

What is a good countryside near Barcelona?

Barcelona is not far from the Pyrenees - so, you have mountains available. It is on the Mediterranean, so there are miles of coastline available, and there is also some charming villages in the countryside. It all depends on what you enjoy.,Along the coast are the fishing - now tourist - villages of Sitges travel guide u2013 Catalonia u2013 facts,

The Portuguese and Dutch discovered the world, why did England and Spain conquer it?

That is entirely wrong, the Portuguese were the first to end the war at home and explored Africa, everything on the western hemisphere was discovered by Spain mostly, France and Portugal too and England to a lesser extent, Spain arguably discovered more than Portugal but mostly on pair just in different areas, Pizarro, Cortu00e9s, Nu00fau00f1ez de

Is Powerade good for meth dehydration?

Yes better than Gatorade because it contains the electrolyte potassium. Your body needs electrolytes.,Last time I had a 2 week binge on meth I drank a lot of water but did not intake any electrolytes. I had to go to the ER due to being depleted of potassium. The doctor said I would have gotten an infection in my heart from lack of potassium if I ha

Are people overreacting to Mark Knights cartoon representation of Serena Williams?

It depends on how you define overreacting. From where Iu2019m sitting controversy like this is to be expected.,Comedy almost always offends someone. Indeed many believe a joke isnu2019t really a joke unless itu2019s at someone elseu2019s expense, but of course there are some people who donu2019t seem to understand this. Then there are those who are

How can someone survive in the wild?

Donu2019t panic. Sit quietly for awhile and just take in the woods. Get a feel for your environment.,Donu2019t decide on a course of action until youu2019re completely calm. To help you get calm, remind yourself of this:,Pretty much anywhere in the US, if you walk in one direction long enough, you will eventually come to a road or other signs of ci

How beautiful is Europe?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in EuropeEuropeu2026thereu2019s no other place like it in the world! Its fabulous monuments reveal one layer of history after another, and its breathtaking natural scenery couldnu2019t be more diverse. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and its landscapes are as intriguing

Can you uproot and replant a grown palm tree?

Yes, it is done all the time. That is how newly built resorts in Las Vegas, Florida, California and other subtropical to tropical locations have big palm trees right from the get go. Palms are much more resilient to being dug up when mature than other types of trees. This has to do with their fibrous root system and lack of a tap root. Their roots

Who are the best DJs in New York City?

You may have heard that the nightlife in New York City is dead, but don't be fooled. Indeed, according to the New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment's first-ever financial effect study of local nightlife published previously this year, nightlife in the town is increasing quicker than the remainder of the general economy, with employment

What movie sound effects are wildly inaccurate, and what does it actually sound like?

Over 10 years ago, I helped out with a Kindergarten.,And for you non-believers:,There it is.,I went by u201cMr. Seanu201d. And was an assistant to the teacher for a few months.,Iu2019ll preface by saying, I like kids. I get along well with them. I can make them laugh. Iu2019m a big kid at heart.,But in movies:,When a detective is at a school, say,

What are a few unknown facts about Chennai that are hard to believe?

Chennai is one of the oldest cities of India with a rich cultural heritage along with highly urbanized population. It has been one of the most important places in Indian history which was part of many landmarks. The following 35 amazing facts are only some of the great things about the city which make it one of the greatest cities in the world!,1.

Did you ever cry when you opened a Christmas gift?

Christmas 2019.,My 17-year-old son had gotten his first job. He was working at Taco Bell.,We didnu2019t exactly force him to get a job. We just informed him that we were not increasing his token allowance nor paying for gas and entertainment.,So, he got the job. He basically hated it, but he went three days a week and earned a paycheck.,I bake. I b

How will "Medicare-for All" be funded? The average U.S household already pays 24% in collective income taxes, increasing the tax rate wouldnt be very popular.

Yes, people are taxed a lot, but the cost of healthcare is pretty staggering too. The median family income in 2017 rose to a bit over $61,000 per year. The expected average out of pocket cost between premiums, copays and deductibles for a family of four for 2018 is about $12,300. Assuming wages went up the past two yearsu2014which they didu2014this

Can you show me the son emotion on a mother?

Saturday Eveningu2026,My 5 years old son asks me for his favourite snacks.,I place a small plate with some biscuits and other things on the centre table. I then quickly go to the kitchen to prepare dinner.,u201cMummaaau2026please come here.u201d He yells.,u201cYes Sweetie, tell me, what else do you want?u201d I ask from the kitchen.,u201cCome first

Does Samsung Galaxy note 3 support 4G?

Samsung note 3 doesnt support 4G. I personally had one and note 3 was an awesome phone with many sensors but nowadays 4G is on sky so the only feature note 3 lacked was 4G. Otherwise in this current trend of 4G it could have been a good phone.,Note: The above answer is based on the Indian variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

What is the Philippines like?

Iu2019ll instead show you what my country is like:,Blessed with more than 7000 islands, we do have some nice beaches making it a popular tourist destination.,Cebu:,Surigao:,We eat often, typically 5 times a day (snacks in between lunch and dinner), with rice as our staple food. Palette is more on the sweet side (who would put sugar in spaghetti, ri

What is a line of credit loans?

A credit line, also known as a line of credit (LOC), is a type of standing loan that allows individuals, businesses, or other organizations to borrow cash when they need it, repay what they have borrowed, and continue borrowing without applying for a new loan. A line of credit is also sometimes referred to as an evergreen loan.,A credit line can co