What are some fun facts about German colonialism in Africa?

Colonialism /imperialism werenu00b4t fun. The natives, aboriginals were confronted with Europeans who were more than convinced that they were Godu00b4s gift to the world. They were also convinced that they could teach their hosts how to till the land, run their affairs while they actually ignorant, bumbling fools in a world they did not understand.

Who is the hottest celebrity in India?

Jason Momoa- no doubt. He oozes an incredibly strong sex appeal that you can feel intimidated by his presence.,He's got all the package- rocking body, a set of smoldering eyes, loves sports; mountain climbing,he can ride a motorcycle, he can play a guitar, heu2019s also a writer, producer,director,model and he's got a senses of humor.,No wonder wom

Why dont we have mandatory military service in the United States?

Let's be blunt. The majority of males can't serve. The Pentagon says 71 percent of Americau2019s 34 million 17-24 year old population would fail to qualify for enlistment. The military doesn't accept you if you don't meet the height and weight requirements. It's a no go if you are a felon. ADHD medications during the last year? You are a no go. Can

Whats the most beautiful province in the Philippines?

I cannot really say which one because we have lots of beautiful provinces.Way up North, there is Batanes which people say is the Scotland of the country. Then Sagada, Mt. Province is called by some as the Swiss. There is Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. Coron and El Nido in Palawan are stunning with their beaches. So is Boracay Island in Aklan, Panglao

How large was the Titanic ship compared to modern day ships?

This is a comparison on the Titanic versus a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. As you can see, the carrieru2019s island is still taller than Titanicu2019s funnels, despite the Titanic being on top of itu2019s flight deck:,In more comparisons:,Compared to the largest ships of today, Titanic was pretty small. She was almost 270 meters long and 28 meters

What does it mean if you canu2019t move photos to SD card (because of u201cinsufficient storageu201d) or make camera automatically store them there (settings, internal storage, SD card, camera, storage, Android)?

I know itu2019s unlikely, but letu2019s assume for a second that youu2019re serious. Insufficient storage is u2026 less than enough. You canu2019t just u2018wedgeu2019 files in, where there is no space available in which to store them.,What you need is the InfinitySD which literally has no storage limitations. None. You can just keep sending files

What is the most radioactive thing on Earth?

I guess Iu2019m one. Iu2019m 79, Iu2019ve been smoking a pack a day for 63 years, I donu2019t intend to quit, and I donu2019t have any lung-related issues. But I did spend 15 years of my life living in less developed countries with very little air pollution, so that might have helped. That was more than forty years ago. More recently I spent 28 yea

What are you struggling with in your life? What would you like to have instead?

I'm 28 years old and belongs to a middle-class family.,My father is a Shopkeeper ( Paan Shop) But right now it's closed due to Covid-19,I'm not sure that I'm successful or Not please let me know in comments what do you think about me after reading my story.,About the job.,I started my first Job in 2010 in a call center and my first salary was 3200/

Which vegetables have vitamin C?

Image source: Vitamin C: More Than Just OrangesThe key is to get rid of refined sugar and junk foods. Have a balanced diet and take supplements. This way there are no gaps and your immune system will be strong.,Start eating a balanced diet like the Mediterranean diet. If you eat lots of vegetables, lettuce and spinach and add berries and fruit to t

Can you suggest a baby girl name starting with C in it?

There are many, but here are a few traditional ones that come to mind:,Cara, Cora, Clara/Cla(i)re, Calliope, Calista, Chloe, Christine/Christina, Celine, Catherine, Cathleen, Caitlin, Colleen, Candace/Candice, Camille/Camilla, Camellia, Charlotte, Cleo, Caroline, Cassandra, Cecilia

What are some weird things that happened in your city?

It has become cliche to make fun of Scientology, mostly because they make it so easy.,The Onion skewered them repeatedly, with headlines like, u201cScientology Losing Ground To Fictionologyu201d.,Sadly, Iu2019m surrounded by Scientology.,Their global headquarters are just 25 minutes from my house here in Tampa. I recently visited their HQ on accide

What is Dolly in camera movement?

The dolly is a device with wheels that the camera is mounted to. In the movie industry, the dolly is a specialized and often used piece of gear. It is very heavy and rides on meticulously laid track. On command, a person known as the dolly grip pushes it along as the camera is rolling. Itu2019s a lot harder than it sounds as the camera has to hit c

In living standards, was the Soviet Union better than the USA in anything?

In the USSRu2014like nowu2014we were spared the epic costs of health insurance, higher education, and exorbitant housing expenses. Otherwise, looking back, it was middling, at best.,A couple of pictures of me at home as a humble propaganda student in the early 1980s, with comments. For context, both my parents were pensioners at the time, which alo

If an object leaves existence, can the same exact object be brought back into existence?

u201cYou cannot step into the same river twiceu201d - Heraclitus .,u201cNothing comes from Nothingu201d. Existence always is - Parmenides While Heraclitus says that things are ever-changing and not the same at any moment, Parmenides holds that all things are same and eternal in essence.,Many people consider these two philosophers to be polar opposi

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Mango juice!,,Well, you can get it all around the year, whereas you can only get mangoes for a couple months in India.,As if I needed to tell you, it tastes damn delicious, and it isn't too sweet or too tart, it's just perfect.,Also, it's damn near per...

What was a gift that made you speechless?

My wife was always telling me that I am not romantic. This year I wanted to surprise her by giving a special present on ours 40th anniversary. It wasnu2019t easy to do after 40 years.,I made a large framed photo collage from up to 100 pictures. I collect all the old photographs when we were children their teenage years and adulthood the marriage ph

How do I make Pizza Hut garlic sauce?

Donu2019t make crappy Pizza Hut garlic sauce.,Lebanese Garlic Sauce (Toum)Yumna JawadnApril 27, 2020 Updated June 8, 2021,This Garlic Sauce (Toum) is a popular condiment in Lebanese restaurants served often with chicken; made with only 4 ingredients: garlic, oil, lemon and salt,This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure polic

What are some interesting facts about WWII?

My dad was shipped over to France in January 1945 as part of the 76th Division (304th regiment). As many WWII vets, I was rarely able to pry stories out of him. One story does stick out in my brain. Between February and April 1945 his company fought through the Siegfried Line into Germany cutting the Bitburg-Trier highway.,My dad said at one locati

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is just the right thing to do. Yes, there are positive affects on a company's growth (from a monetary and workforce standpoint). But I believe the conversation needs to shift from "What can CSR do for our company?" to "How can we make a difference in the community?"

What is the outlined understandingoverview of the economy of the Philippines?

In the rut as it ever is, pre and post covid. The philippins has been a third world country for the better part of the past 50 years, and will continue to be a third world country for the next 50, unless the demented rc church is excised, and apocalyptic levels of fecundity and libidinousness among filipinos is greatly tempered. For all of the comm

What is the best title for research for BBA students?

List of Interesting Business Topics for Research PaperList of Interesting Business Topics for Research Paper...,Topics for Business Ethics Research Paper. This field allow students to choose a myriad of topics for their business ethics research paper. You can select something around morality, duties, integrity, business behavior, as well as any oth

How long does the coronavirus live?

The last pandemic, swine flu, was officially declared as one in January 2009, and officially declared over in August 2010. So thatu2019s 20 months in total, give or take.,Before you start thinking that there are only so many things to watch on Netflix, itu2019s worthwhile remembering that there was a considerable drop-off in the number of new cases

Have you ever lived in a very tiny apartment, and how many years did you live there?

I lived in a tiny house for 4 years (2015u20132019) in Paukukalo, Maui, Hawaii. The dimensions were 9u2019x15u2019 = 135ft2.,When I see tiny houses portrayed on TV, I have to laugh, because whoever designed them always makes them look like u201cglampersu201d (u2018glampingu2019 campers).,First of all, if I may digress, about how long do you think w