Which European country do you think is most desirable to live in and why?

Denmarkud83cudde9ud83cuddf0ud83cudde9ud83cuddf0ud83cudde9ud83cuddf0,And let me tell you why:,I might be biased, as I am half Danish myself, but I have seen many parts of the world and Denmark has many perks in my opinion.,Free healthcare. Yes we pay high taxes, but we donu2019t have to worry about money if something suddenly happens to our health.

If you are to write an article, whom will you write about, and why?

Friends I have two choices to write an article about great personalities - one is Mahatma Gandhi; and the other is Bharat Rathna M.G.R. The former lived among us and died 72 years back. So there wonu2019t be anyone alive now who can vouch-safe about the correctness of the points mentioned in the article or not. So I am left with the choice of writi

Why is Australia time zone 12 hours ahead of most of the world?

Itu2019s not. Itu2019s actually less than six hours ahead of most of the world.,Australia spans three hourly time zones (GMC+8, +9, and +10), although the actual times in Australia are in five different partial time zones, due to the middle part of the country being offset by a half hour from +9, and due to inconsistent adoption of daylight savings

What is the acceptable value for standard deviation?

The question is unanswerable, as it depends on the scale of the measure, the field of study, what other scales exist, and so on.,For the simplest problem, changing the scale of measurement changes the SD without changing the u201cacceptabilityu201d at all.

Which K-pop idol do you feel bad for?

u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u3164u2014u2014 weu2019ll take the highway to heavenud835udc0aud835udc08ud835udc0c ud835udc09ud835udc14ud835udc0dud835udc06ud835udc16ud835udc0eud835udc0e,For being hated for u2018replacingu2019 Winwin.nFor being accused of sexual assault.nFor people being disgusted of him because heu2019s a smoker.

What are the ingredients of McDonalds Sausage McMuffin?

English McMuffin:CONTAINS WHEATEnriched Flour ( Wheat Flour , Malted Barley Flour , Niacin , Iron , Thiamine , Riboflavin , Folic Acid ) , Water , Yeast , Yellow Corn Meal ( Degermed Yellow Corn Meal and Corn Flour ) , Contains 2 % or Less : Sugar , Soybean Oil , Salt , Dough Conditioners ( Mono- , Di- and Tricalcium Phosphate , DATEM , Ascorbic Ac

Which are the most expensive bikes in the world?

Bicycles are trendy among young adults as it is an affordable option and supports the millennial eco-friendly lifestyle. Although bicycles can be quite an investment, offering some top-notch features and advanced designs.,24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike comprises 24k pure gold and black diamonds. It also has a gold-plated water bottle. The creator o

What are some photos that at first looked innocent but are actually very disturbing?

As a young girl, I used to cherish a Victorian doll with my life, until a religious teacher broke her in two, and claimed that a soul was trapped insideu2026,His words may have had some truth, for the story Iu2019m about to tell you is messed up!,,There was once a man named Anatoly Moskvin, who seemed pretty normal in the exterior. He spoke 13 lang

What would be some good online courses to understand the workflow of using 3DS Max and VrayCorona Renderer to create photorealistic interior rendering as an interior designer? Is SkillShareUdemy good for it? (Have basic 3DS MaxVray knowledge)

If you are willing to pay for courses, you named some decent places. You could also get ripped off too, so be careful. Not all teachers are good teachers. I prefer to learn for free first and then decide if i would like to expand on what i learned by buying a course. 9 times out of 10 you will find what you are looking for for free.,Here is a decen

Whats the best city in Thailand that most foreign tourist dont consider visiting? Why?

I donu2019t know about the best city in Thailand but I think Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) is often overlooked by tourists. This is quite surprising since Korat is one of the largest cities in Thailand and the gateway to the northeast Isaan region.Korat is probably overlooked for many reasons. For one, it is relative isolated from Bangkok. It takes abo

Why are buffalo wings called buffalo wings even though buffaloes dont have wings?

Why are chicken wings called buffalo wings?Buffalo wings are typically*u00b9 made from chicken wings, but not all chicken wings get turned into buffalo wings.,Buffalo wings are breaded wings that have a hot sauce applied to them*u00b2. The original recipe originates in Buffalo, hence the name (kind of like champagne originating in Champagne and cog

When should Christmas lights and other decorations come down?

We take ours down on Epiphany (6 January), regarded as the end of the Christmas season. Strictly speaking, the end could also be u201cBaptism Sundayu201d (the first Sunday after 6 January) or even u201cCandlemasu201d (2 February) which celebrates the 40 days after Christ was born when Mary would have gone to the temple for her u201cpurificationu201

How do I calculate percentage of marks from final CGPA?

I will embellish this answer with an example. A percentage increase is given by: y = A u00d7 (100 + x) u00f7 100,Where A is the start value and x is the percentage. That can also be written as: y = A u00d7 (1 + (x/100)). So letu2019s transfer the concept to a spreadsheet formulau2026,Letu2019s say the start value is in cell B2 (value = 35) and the

Can I raise my child without him knowing what sugar is?

My daughter had almost no added sugar for the first few years of her life.,For her first and second birthdays I made her homemade carrot cake with applesauce to sweeten the cake.,Her favorite food was spinach.,But then, around age 3 or so, she started making friends. She started getting invited to other kidsu2019 birthday parties. She started wanti

What is contractionary monetary policy?

The central bank controls the supply of (fiat) money. The demand for money ("velocity") is variable. The intersection of supply and demand for money (just like it is in any market) determines the value of money.,Money tends to have relatively stable value. With most fiat money, there is generally a long-term trend of a slight decline in value over

Why do traffic lights have red, yellow and green color? Why dont they use other colors?

This is a warning to drivers that the light is about to turn green. This is very beneficial in countries where drivers use a stickshift and/or stop their engines at red lights.,For stickshift drivers, it means that they can sit in neutral and when they get red & yellow, they can then shift into first. This minimizes the time that they have to be on

How dangerous is sugar to our health?

Hello Friend,,All we know that eating too much sugar is not a good sign for our fitness. As I explain you more clearly by showing you its worst side effects.,1. Added Sugar Contains No Essential Nutrients and is Bad For Your Teeth2. Added Sugar is High in Fructose, Which Can Overload Your Liver3. Overloading The Liver With Fructose Can Cause Non-Al

How do you feel when you first get a feng shui black obsidian bracelet and open its package for the first time? Also, what does it feel like to wear it and can other people feel the vital energy?

Natural crystals are very interesting and have purported healing powers. But the practice of Feng Shui does not have any type of ownership over the crystal kingdom. There isnu2019t really a u201cfeng shui black obsidian braceletu201d any more than there is a u201cfeng shui malachite.u201d Black obsidian, black tourmaline, and (black) onyx are all k

Is a graduate degree in psychology worth it? Why?

It depends, how do you want to use it? I work in a psychiatric hospital with my undergrad in Psych butu2026big BUTu2026..I canu2019t advance. I am stuck. I need a masteru2019s degree to go anywhere else in this hospital, I am currently the patient advocate for the entire hospital, not too bad, but I am burnt out and I cannot move to any other posit

How do I avail a personal loan for non listed company?

There wont be any personal loans for non listed companies. If you mean the promoters then they may take personal loan in their capacity. ,Banks do give unsecured loans to non listed companies if the balance sheet supports that kind of financing.

Where is the best place to visit when traveling to Dubai?

Personally, itu2019s Barasti Beach.,Now before you scoff, hear me out.,In 2009, my first time to Dubai, the first of many Hangover-type weekends away from Saudi Arabia, we stayed at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. And didnu2019t move outside from the hotel, once we found the amazing beach bar that is Barasti.,Needless to say, we started staying there more

What is the best ring light to buy?

Hi, There,Buy Ring Lights at a reasonable price from VolgoPoint now,Top 10 Best Selfie Ring Lights in 2020 u2013 LED Selfie Light For SmartphonesAre you looking for the best Ring Lights for photography and macrography? First of all, it is the right idea to get a ring light so that you can capture some exciting and stunning photos. It is more than j

What are some different ways to get the percentage of two numbers?

If you mean the percentage change between the two numbers,First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing.nttt n Increase = New Number - Original Numbernttt n Then: divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100.nttt n % increase = Increase u00f7 Original Number u00d7 100.

What are the best retirement speeches by a sportsperson?

Rahul Dravid's retirement from test cricket on March 9, 2012,nTranscript :n'I have never stopped trying'Signing off in the same way he has played the game - with dignity and disciplinen"I would like to announce my retirement from international and domestic first-class cricket. It is 16 years since I played my first Test match for India and today I

What are the best places to visit in Ubud?

1. Tegalalang Rice Terrace UbudRice terraces in Tegalalang Ubud, highly favored by Singaporean and Hongkong tourists. Also, the location of Tegalalang rice terraces Ubud in the same direction as Kintamani Bali. Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud has unique scenery with terraced shape rice field with a slope of about 40 degrees angle.,Also, there are