Are many girls attracted to red head guys?

I'm gonna say that from all the hair colors, red (ginger) hair is probably the least popular. When women are asked to describe their ideal guy, it's rarely tall pale and ginger. Also, amongst women requesting sperm donations in order to have children, red hair is the least requested. However this could be because red haired men make up a very small

How do I transfer Fujifilm from a camera to my iPad?

Depend on camera you are talking aboutu2026,If you are talking about camera with built in WIFI, you need to download FUJIFILM Camera Remote app, and that should let you transfer photo (JPEG) to your iPad.,For other, you need to load it to your PC/Mac, or you can use USB dongle adapter to read your memory card to transfer data from your memory card.

What common Western foods are seen as weird and "scary" for non-Westerners?

Iu2019m Korean and lived the majority of my life in America. I hardly eat western food as Korean food is what my family eats on the daily. As Korean I know people find our food weird too sometimes but there are also foods I find weird such as;,Celery with peanut butter-,Do people eat this as a dietary meal or do people actually enjoy eating this. I

When was the Great Pyramid of Giza built?

All the evidence points to somewhere between 2400 and 3000 BCE,What the Great Pyramid would have looked like when it was new.Dating from HieroglyphicsnThere are hieroglyphics in the 'relieving chambers' above the Kingu2019s Chamber, which include the name of Pharaoh Khufu. A 'Khufu' cartouche is visible on the southern roof blocks of 'Campbell's ch

Does a good wireless acoustic guitar amplifier exist?

There are very few guitar amp manufacturers who build a wireless guitar link into their amps. They expect you to plug your guitar in with a cable. A variation you might try is not part of the amplifier, but a replacement for the cable - a wireless guitar transmitter. These are often seen as u201cbody packs,u201d a small black box worn by the musici

Where can I exchange my 1 coin valued 100 Bahraini Dinar into peso here in the Philippines? I went to Rural Bank and the teller said that they do not accept such coin.

Is your coin actually worth 100 Bahraini dinars or 100 Bahraini fils ( 1/10th of a Bahraini dinar)? To find that out, please read my answer below.,Arun Tharuvai's answer to How can I change a 100 Bahraini dinar coin to Indian currency in India?Basically a Bahraini coin with 100 ( or u0661u0660u0660) on it is either a 100 fils coin, worth about 14 P

Why did you use an alternative to a diamond wedding ring?

The top one is my 1.75 Ct Chrome diopside engagement ring. When I got married in 1983 this stone was unheard of. My father was a jeweler. He bought this for me at the Denver Gem Expo in March of 1983. I was married in November. We ordered the mounting from Roseco. Everyone was stunned about my engagement ring. I tried to show the colors but with it

What are some original Italian recipes?

I'm going to celebrate my Sicilian side of the family by mentioning my absolute favourite:,AranciniThey are balls of rice, with a filling of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, peas, mince meat. But there are many other varieties of filling as well.,Covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried.,They are a favourite beloved food in Sicily.,(Pictures from goog

What is the best all-in-one printer scanner for travelers?

These are the portable printer/scanner devices you should look for travelling,The Primera TrioWeight-2.6lbs,Resolution-4800*1200dpi,Li-ion Rechargable battery,The HP Envy 4520 Wireless Portable printerEasy photo printing any kind of device from mobile phone to laptops.,2 sided paper printing,Energy efficient,Resolution-4800*1200dpi,The Epson WorkFo

How do we write a grant for a concept paper?

The first sentences are important. Capture their interest; engage them to continue reading the rest of your concept paper. Purpose In simple terms, state the problem that your project will address or the need that your project will fulfill. Provide evidence as to why this problem is important.,WRITING A CONCEPT PAPER FOR A GRANTWRITING A CONCEPT PA

Are all of Gordon Ramsays shows scripted?

Of course! Even Gordon acknowledges this in his promo for his online u201cGreat Courses Programu201d. I did a couple of television appearances many decades ago and my experience was surreal. Thereu2019s a ton of staff on each shoot whose task is to make the chef look good as ratings are a very big deal in that industry.,You have stage managers, sou

Who are the most successful youngest entrepreneurs in India?

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of Oravel)n,nIf you are in the business of buying, selling or creating businesses, then it is quite likely that you would have heard of Ritesh Agarwal.,Ritesh, the wunderkind.,Born in Bissamcuttack, a village in Rayagada district of Odisha, Ritesh started coding software when he was eight years old.,At 16, Ritesh was among 2

What is the best data recovery software to recover deleted data from a PC?

Thank you for asking. Losing your data can be a horrendous experience, and it's so easy for it to happen. It could simply be a case of deleting the wrong file or accidentally overwriting a folder. Or, in the most extreme instances, a full-scale hard drive failure.,Whats is the best data recovery software for PC? the answer really depends on the pur

What can I do to fight social engineering?

This question was asked elsewhere, but here you go:,According to Silent Breach, the top 5 ways to stay protected from social engineering attacks in 2020 is,,Training & Shared Responsibility,Invest in a Continuous Monitoring product (like Quantum Armor),USB Locks,Multi-Factor Authentication,Implement DMARC,Hope that helps!

How do car title transfers work for a private seller?

Just like some people said, itu2019s different depending on the state you live in.,In PA, if you buy a car from a private seller, both parties (the seller and the buyer) have to both be present at a notary with the seller having car title in hand. They will ask questions about what type of car, mileage, how much was it purchased for (which dependin

Which is the best way to get more counter space in my small bathroom?

Ive had this problem many times .one off my solutions was to put a cabinet over the toilet cistern where you could have a couple of small shelfs and a medicine cabinet .there are differnt hights .if you have spare corners in your bathroom another place for things hope this helps .

What bread with what topping makes the best toast?

Here, I am sharing with you some ideas for topping on bread, you can make it with different ingredients and different kinds of breads (wheat bread ,brown bread etc.) as per your choices.,11 best toast recipes. Brace yourself -,1.chilly cheese toastThe ultimate comfort food - crispy bread topped with fresh green chillies and oodles of cheese. What's

What are the pros and cons of attaching a Canon body to a Nikon lens?

Pro: If you already own a certain lens for one system, you may save some money by purchasing an adapter instead of a lens for the other system.,Cons: Even if an adapter works, in terms of letting you attach the lens to the camera body, on newer DSLR camera/lens systems in particular, the camera will most likely not be able to communicate electronic

What is the role of IMF and how does it function?

After World War Two, the winners created the International Monetary Fund to uphold stability for developed countries, along with the World Bank for developing countries. ,The names are arbitrary: Keynes saidn,The Bank is a fund, and the Fund is a bank!n,nThe IMF is supposed to help developed countries that have financial difficulties. Many have arg

Is Microsoft Photo Editor free?

Free photo editor GIMP is a powerful photo retoucher, complete with sophisticated features like layers, filters, and effects. Use it for batch-processing and conversion, or to paint and draw. GIMP is open source and is supported by an ever-expanding collection of third-party plug-ins and tools.

Why did you give up on Facebook?

I didn't get a Facebook as soon as friends and family did. I wasn't so sure about social media and I had only recently discovered video games! I was a new mom though and I worked full time while my (now ex) husband took a break from the Army and tried to heal. I was busy! I also sew and knit a LOT and was a horrible cook trying to learn to make thi

Where can I find a free omnigraffle template for an organizational chart?

I find some alternatives else with more free download organizational chart templates. You can find out resources like org chart with employee photos, names, titles, departments, FLSA counts, salaries etc. And all sizes of business included from small to large scale enterprises in different industries: service, technology, government, and so on.

How do you use DaVinci Resolve 18 for free?

How do you use DaVinci Resolve 18 for free?Download the free version. It works with resolutions up to UHD. All thatu2019s missing from the paid version are noise reduction, higher resolutions, and certain higher-end effects. Otherwise, itu2019s fully functional. Itu2019s the best free (and in many cases paid) editing, DAW, and world-class grading a

What colors go with dark orange and grey? I have a tweed orangeblack chair and a tweed gray sectional. Both midcentury modern. Im looking for other colors to pull my area together.

Without a photo I canu2019t say. Theoretically, the grey and the black are related. I worked a few ideas out for you- keeping i mind the funky palettes of the 1950u2019s. modern interiors (1950u2019s | Mid century modern colors, Mid century modern decor, Mid century modern interiors),My colors are a bit different but still in keeping with the playf