What prayers do you make when you feel scared and need protection?

I have two that I say when I feel scared and need protection.,I consistently pray the Prayer of Protection by Jim Freeman, out-loud over myself every day! This prayer has even been to the moon.,In 1969, astronaut Edwin u201cBuzzu201d Aldrin carried the prayer with him on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The u201cPrayer for Protectionu201d has gon

Can my landlord evict me without a valid reason?

Can your landlord kick you out for no reason?No.,If you are a legitimate tenant - meaning you have resided in the property for at least 30 days with the owneru2019s knowledge AND consent - regardless of whether you have a written lease or pay rent, you cannot simply be u201ckicked out for no reasonu201d.,You CAN, however, be evicted in accordance w

What is the oldest restaurant in the world?

Credit is often given to an 18th century Parisian entrepreneur named Boulanger (whether this was his given name or his occupation, u201cbread makeru201d, is open to debate). Boulanger sold broths that he called restoreurs, as a sort of pick-me-up. In his time, this was a rather revolutionary concept as the preparation of foods had been the purview

What laptop under $1000 is the best for 4K video and photo editing? I need a great screen (15) and decent performance. Right now, Iu2019m thinking about Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro.

Thatu2019s probably your best choice as 4k screens are usually reserved for premium models and 4k with a great screen under $1000 is almost impossible. The tech costs money, mainly new one like this. Iu2019d recommend you either lower your expectations or wait until you save enough. Certainly wouldnu2019t buy without seeing it in person or being ab

What is a step-by-step guide to retouch your skin professionally in Photoshop?

What is a step-by-step guide to retouch your skin professionally in Photoshop?There are many books written on the subject. If you really want to know the answer you ought to look into buying one of them. There are also some podcasts of several episodes dedicated to the subject.,Thereu2019s no way one can get all the information necessary in a Quora

What did you learn that broke your heart?

So some of you may know that Sage M. Mitsunari (u5149u6210u7f8eu54b2) is pretty much my best friend on Quora, if not my best friend in the world right now.,Some of you may also know that Sage has been gone for a few weeks now. She hasnu2019t written anything on Quora, she hasnu2019t upvoted anything, she hasnu2019t commented anything and she hasnu2

Is the Great Wall of China visible from the moon?

nThe Great Wall of China cannot be viewed from the moon by the unaided eye. It might be viewed using a very good telescope.,This is a relatively simple question to resolve (pardon the pun) with trigonometry and a little information about the eye.,A person with 20/20 vision can resolve down to about 1 arc minute (there is some variance because of pu

How can I get my HP printer to print without black ink?

It depends on your HP printer model but there is a way to print without a black cartridge (but donu2019t carry on printing with empty cartridge for too long as this can cause some serious damage to your printer, explanation below). Hereu2019s HPu2019s video on how to do this:,BUT if your printer is any of the following models below, then Iu2019m af

What fast foods are the healthiest, but not salads?

A&W grilled chicken sandwich probably tops the list as far as lower calories, low fat and high protein. Boat load of sodium as most fast foods are.,Grilled chicken is always your safest bet for lean, low calorie proteins at fast food restaurants. Anytime you add breading to it you skyrocket the fat and carbohydrate values of the chicken. Avoid turk

What are the terms and conditions to write a franchise agreement for a bakery?

Iu2019m not sure what exactly you mean by this and to me it indicates that you are not very clear on what legal contracts are required for your business.,I strongly suggest that you hire a specialist lawyer to help you draft the right contracts for your business. Online templates will probably not be accurate or relevant.,,If you're unsure about wh

What are the most common examples of the system of checks and balances?

One of the best possible examples is Franklin Rooseveltu2019s u201cCourt Packing Planu201d.,FDRu2019s initiative to change the balance of political sentiment on the United States Supreme Court is an extraordinarily interesting example of checks and balances in action. It is a primary example that is certainly worth oneu2019s study if you are intere

What is the ideal amount of fruits and vegetables one should eat every day?

You should consume between 5 and 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. This is equivalent to about 2 1/2 to 6 1/2 cups daily, depending on the amount of calories you need to consume for your weight and level of activity.,There's not a lot that nutrition scientists agree on, but almost everyone seems to think we should eat more vegetables,

How is the hierarchy level designed from entry level to MD level in any organization?

Thank you for A2A!,The hierarchy levels of the employeesu2019 designation vary from industry to industry, below I have described in brief u201cThe hierarchy of an Investment Bank.u201dThe specific order or titles might vary a little from firm to firm, but the standard investment banking career order includes:,u00b7 Investment Banking Analyst,u00b7

What are the differences between a DSLR and a SLR digital camera?

Major Differences :,DSLR : Digital single-lens reflex. Reflex mirror that allows live and digital optical viewing through the lens taking the image. It required Memory cards to storage images and store many images which can be erased without any issue.,SLR : Single-lens reflex. Reflex mirror that allows live optical viewing through the lens taking

How do I make ice cream at home?

Few issues which we face while making ice cream at home:,Too hard,Presence of ice crystals,Not creamy enough,All the above issues can be resolved by following the recipe below.,Ice cream can be made in a regular refrigerator with a freezer. A dedicated ice cream maker is not needed with my recipe.,Letu2019s prepare the following ice cream flavors:,

Why did British Airways choose to revive flights to Kuala Lumpur but not to Manila?

No European airline operates direct flights from any European city to the Philippines, and the last time I checked KLM was the only European airline going to Manila at all - and that's always via Hong Kong or Taipei.,The only airline offering direct flights from London to Manila is Philippine airlines, which in the last few years improved it's safe

What is the best route for driving from New York to California?

That depends on where in CA you want to go. ,If you want to head to the northern part of CA (e.g., San Francisco and points north) then you want to head through Salt Lake City.,If you want to head to the southern part of CA (e.g., Los Angeles & San Diego) then you want to head through Iowa, on through OK, TX, NM, and AZ.,Google Maps can easily show

What were you doing before writing this answer?

Predictably, before writing this answer I was cooking.,In particular, I first started two jalapenos broiling in the oven with a splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.,Then I made the marinade for the shrimp & sausage kebabs - garlic, shallots, cilantro, honey, soy sauce, olive oil, cayenne, lemon zest & juice, paprika, salt & pepper.,Next I ma

What do you know about vanilla cupcake recipes?

Iu2019ve gotten raves with the well known method of using cake mix, but substitute milk for water, melted butter for oil, an an extra egg and throw in a splash of vanilla (or almond, cinnamon, etc). Makes 24 cupcakes. Frost them with the standard powdered sugar/butter/milk icing and youu2019re set.,Not super original, but itu2019s a crowd pleaser.

Where are the Gossip Girl cast now?

Gossip Girl ran from 2007 to 2012. It's 2020 now and we still love the whole entire cast!,The cast of Gossip Girl is all grown up now! The final episode of the show aired on December 17, 2012. The show ran for six seasons but the whole world kind of wished that more seasons were tacked on at the end so that we could continue seeing our favorite cha

When invited to someones home to dinner, is it rude to ask to take food home?

My dad was very careful about his weight and he ate sparingly. He was totally of the eat to live school.,One night, he and my mother came over for dinner and my husband made lasagna. This was not just your garden variety lasagna. It featured chicken, ground beef, peas, a bu00e9chamel sauce and cheddar. Itu2019s a time consuming preparation but tota

How do I become a better customer service agent?

The core of customer service is helping people so reps need to be helpful. But itu2019s not enough that theyu2019re helpful if you really want your customer service to stand out. They would also need to be empathetic. It is one of the core traits customer service employees should have. In fact, itu2019s not just for customer service but for custome

If I cook a ribeye steak in the oven at 130 degrees (medium rare) and wait till the internal temp of the steak is the same, does it come out tasting good or would it be dry?

Well, first off, I donu2019t know of a single oven anywhere made by anyone that would even hit so low a temperature.,(from Mashed),But to answer your question, when the transfer is by air, the efficiency is going to be way down. At 225F (my preferred temp), a 1u2033 ribeye would take about 35u201340 minutes to get the steak to medium rare internall