Whats the best way to find a list of manufacturing companies in any given US city?

Thatu2019s actually a useless selection for marketing purposes but most list brokers have them (never complete because many businesses that do manufacture are listed as a retailer, wholesaler, job shop, etc. as their primary business.) The Thomas Register of Manufacturers was the gold standard for this and theyu2019re still available online and as

What can we do today that wouldnt be possible without mobile devices?

u201cWow, Nanda, this is really good!u201d,Nanda had invited a few friends over for dinner at his apartment, and he had made chicken curry, coconut chutney, and dosas.,Nanda was a bachelor and was not skilled at cooking, by his own admission. We were expecting something really simple for dinner.,I loved Indian food and was pleasantly surprised.,u20

What are your sources for financial information?

Several years ago I made a deal with myself to stop watching the news. I still needed to know what was going on, of course, so that sent me on a quest to find sources of information that were reliable and as data-based as possible. Also, once I developed my own money management strategy, I found that my interest in commentators and prognosticators

What are some of your created food recipes which tastes good but is not known by many?

Hello & Namaste !,It has to be Black Forest Rasgulla Cake which I baked for my sonu2019s birthday!,The cake tasted as impressive as the name does .,All I did was , layered the slices of Rasgulla in my Black Forest cake and baked it. We loved the taste of it. It was a complete dessert ! Yammyy ! Having said that, I do fancy baking mini Gulab Jamun /

What is the best way to request a letter for a school admission?

I think you mean an application letter. In the United States you must put together an application packet which consists of,A transcript of your grades,Your relevant test scores (usually GRE, TOEFL),Your statement of purpose,A writing sample or an example of a publication you have authored,Letters of recommendation from people who know your academic

What are some secrets about amusement park workers?

I worked at Six Flagsu2019 Magic Mountain for over a year. I thought about working at Disneyland a couple of times, but it was too far from my home. However when I was picking up an application in the 1980u2019s, the pamphlets noted that something like 35% of employees marry other employees. This is because the company sets your schedule. They do n

What are your thoughts on the New Clark City of the Philippines?

My concern is that this is a big project and a project that may get delayed due changes economic issues that will arise before the building is complete. Basically a downturn in the global economy could cause the development project to be frozen. If that does happen, it may be years later that the project could start.,Personally, I love the concept

Are there any good budget hotels in Chopta, Uttarakhand?

There are some of the best Hotels in Chopta. Hotels and resorts in Chopta can really give you world-class facilities and an unimagined experience. Staying in the best hotels/rooms can give you an unforgettable experience in Chopta. Here we have mentioned the top 5 best hotels in Chopta-Tungnath for your wonderful stay;,1. Hotel Chopta Heavens,2. Fo

What is the best weight loss patch, and how long should you wear weight loss patches?

WHAT ARE THE BEST PATCHES FOR WEIGHT LOSS?Weight loss patches are new innovations in the weight loss industry. The manufacturers claim that the ingredients in these patches help people lose weight. People apply the patches to their skin over the areas where they want to lose weight.,Researchers have not studied the efficacy and safety of weight los

Can I freeze marinadedbreaded chicken thighs for fried chicken?

No. Don't freeze the chicken after marination.Because, the marination is done on chicken to get the flavours. And if you freeze it, the chicken becomes harder and the marination won't enter the chicken skin. Think about the stone, which cannot suck the water as it's too hard, but the sponge can suck the water. Simple as that. If you freeze them, yo

Whats the smallest country?

The smallest country in the world is likely one youu2019ve heard of before. Itu2019s quite famous in the religious world.,Vatican City.With not even covering a single square kilometer, The Vatican City is only 0.44 km squared. Located in Rome, Italy, Vatican City is home to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church.,Vatican City has many great th

What are some good projects for students to improve programming skills?

I recommend you going through the following list of projects that surely will help you improve your programming skills.,Numbers:Find PI to the Nth Digit - Enter a number and have the program generate PI up to that many decimal places. Keep a limit to how far the program will go.,Find e to the Nth Digit - Just like the previous problem, but with e i

Which is more popular, the Amazon Fire Stick or the Roku and why?

Popularity is subjective and may differ from country to country. If you ask me which of the two services is better, Iu2019d prefer using Amazon Fire Stick. I have been using a few years now. Hence I have gotten fairly accustomed to it. However, there is no clear winner as to which platform you should invest in. If you look at both the services from

What was the worst weather youve encountered while driving?

The worst weather I've encountered driving was at Mt. Baker ski resort. Actually quite pleasant, but not to drive in. It was snowing, and the road was covered in fresh snow. Road - pure white. Verges and banks either side - white. Sky - white. No markings, no shadows. I got out and walked to find where the road was, then followed my footprints.

Is the iPad useful for the NEET preparation?

(This answer was edited after I wrote NEET 22),YES, but under some conditions.I am an 11th class student and have started preparation for NEET 2 months ago.,Why I bought an iPad:I always liked the idea for having just one place/thing that will contain all study material.,With so many online classes in this pandemic, it was necessary to have a good

What is it like for a U.S. citizen to live in the Philippines?

I have never moved completely to PI but I have spent extended periods of time there over the years. My shortest stent was three weeks and the longest was five months. If I had to pick one word on what it was like, that word would be cheap. Don't get me wrong, if you stick to the tourist spots, it can get expensive but it still wouldn't cost you any

How do I download LIC premium payment receipt?

Two ways-,1- Ask your Insurance Advisor to send pdf receipt or screenshot of premium received from his Customer Relationship Manager to your email id.,2- Register yourself at LIC India website, pay/view/download premium and generate receipts or old payments.,Thanks !

What is Amazons pricing strategy?

Strange. If I sell something from Createspace author page, I get more than if someone buys the same product at the same price from Amazon. So, I think they are a secondary industry, in other words, they get the cream from the top of the milk. Yum. I want to be Amazon.

What is the best iPhone app for video editing?

Write-on Video is the best video editor and movie Maker for iPad and iPhone currently. Itu2019s a new app developed by Kdan Mobile which is quickly conquering the attention of amateur and professional mobile movie makers.,Write-on video allows you to add captions, stickers, music clips to your mobile videos - making the creative process easy and fu

What are some little known but fun Christmas traditions?

75 Christmas Traditions Around The WorldThe holiday season is an exciting time all around the world and every culture celebrates a little bit differently. You might be surprised to learn what some children fear each year around the holidays or what takes the place of Santa Claus in another country's folklore.,What may seem totally normal to those l

How do people view Asian countries?

A Pakistani here. This is how I look at Asian countries (in alphabetical order).,Afghanistan: A country severely affected due to Afghan wars and terrorism. Afghanistan is known for Mazar Sharif and Buddha statue in Bamiyan.,Armenia: Genocide of Amenians by Ottomans still one of the most discussed topic of modern time. Armenia has disputes with Azer

What are Japans main islands?

Japan consists of Five Major Islands in which four are main islands and one located in South of 400miles From mainland. From North to South (HOKKAIDO, HONSHU, SHIKOKU, KYUSHU and OKINAWA) let's look at the Map edited by me.,In details,1.HOKKAIDO - 2nd Largest Island Of Japan, agricultural rich islands among all.Rice, Wheat, beetroot and vegetables

Can you go inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Yes you can. But only climb the stairs upwards. You cannot enter the hollow core. That area is restricted to maintenance.,It is a weird experience. As you climb up you are, at times, moving down as well. Quite disorienting but fun.,Enjoy

Why is the Tiffany key pendant so popular?

They are nice looking, delicate pendants. And since the silver ones are just a couple of hundred dollars, they are a lower cost item at Tiffany. For years the entry-level Tiffany item was a key chain, now this is a wearable, affordable piece at a similar price.n nIf you cannot afford their high-end pieces for tens of thousands of dollars, you can s

What is your review of Skyscanner?

I'm a Spaniard living in New Zealand. This trip is one or the longest you can do by plane, often requiring 3 or more flights and more that 24 hours total length. I've made this return trip once per year since 6 years ago, I believe this gives me some credit to talk about travel agencies.,In my life I have bought flights using different agencies and

What are some examples of ridiculous levels of modern censorship?

Watching movies in cinema is part of our life now. We expect to feel connected with the films shown on the screen, to be inspired by the touching lines and scenes, to be amused by the intriguing plot and funny dressings, to explore a life thatu2019s totally different from our own.,Weu2019re told that film is the eighth art. And like other forms of

How should renewable energy be defined?

Renewable energy has the following characteristics:,It harvests energy from an existing major, ongoing process in the earth's climate or geology,It does not deplete that process in any significant way and/or the energy must be renewed by external inputs in human timeframes,It does not cause extraordinary harm to biological or climate systems as a r

What is the most valuable company in the world?

Good question, and Im answering based on potential, not necessarily revenue or current profitability. nMaybe facebook if it can manage to start proving its latest valuations, but Apple has to be in the mix. I'd like to think that the most valuable company in the world is existent but not yet noticed.