What is it like to live with a severe peanut allergy?

I am allergic to peanuts - but I made it past my 35th birthday before that happened. Adult-onset peanut allergy is rare, but typically severe, and unlike with children, rarely something that gets better.,Socially and nutritionally, my life can be quite neatly divided into u201cbeforeu201d and u201cafteru201d categories. Before the allergy, I was an

Which country is cheaper to study abroad? USA or UK?

It really depends on a lot of things.,UK UniversityIf you are a Brit, then it depends if you are Scottish or not. If you are Scottish, firstly, congratulations, you are one of Godu2019s chosen people. But secondly, you can attend university in Scotland for free - good news! You win Quora today! But if you are from England, Wales or Northern Ireland

What travel websites offer the cheapest flights?

Depending on how dedicated you are on saving, look at all options.,Hereu2019s an example.,I live ice in the Philippines and next month have to fly to Amman for a meeting. I booked my flight a couple of weeks ago, business class.,Flying from Manila is very expensive whoever you fly with.,I therefore ended up booking with Cebu Pacific Air from Manila

Is 8GB RAM enough for Photoshop 2022?

If you copied or duplicated anything it may still be taking up memory in your ram. So closing out and restarting should clear the memory. SAVE YOUR WORK and try closing out and restarting Photoshop. Have no other programs running or the least amount you need. Try erasing as soon as Photoshop opens.,Also see if you can increase the amount of ram for

What are the most sparsely populated countries in Africa?

The top 10 most sparsely populated countries in Africa are (people per square kilometer):,Namibia (2.9),Mauritania (3.4),Botswana (3.5),Libya (4.0),Gabon (8.0),Central African Republic (8.0),Chad (12.0),Mali (15.0),Republic of Congo (16.0),Algeria (18.0),Shout out to the disputed territory of Western Sahara (2.3) which is even more sparsely populat

How can I improve myself in 6 months?

Disappear for 6 monthsDon't go to parties,Study high profitable skills all day long (copywriting, web design, social media marketing, etc),Record your progress,Sell your skills online.,Those 6 months can change your life forever.,As I've read somewhere u201cthe best skincare routine is having money. That shit will make you literally glow 24u00d77u2

What was your favorite food in each state you visited?

Well, Iu2019ve been to all 50 states at least 30 times each (except Alaska and Hawaii less than 15 times), so Iu2019ve eaten MANY meals in each state. So I guess weu2019re doing this.,Iu2019ve been to every region, and even every county, in every state, so I think Iu2019ve had a wide variety of food experiences. Iu2019ll even go beyond food for you

Do Japanese people judge others harshly due to their extremely proper culture?

Let me share some of my mistakes made in Japan and please judge if people are u201charsheru201d.,Once I went to a public hot spring bath (It's called "onsen" in Japanese language) in Hakone, Japan. It was the first time I went to such a typical Japanese style onsen- A huge bath hall, lots of showers with small stools. You are supposed to sit on the

How do I speed up my computer?

Use light weight antivirus (meaning the antivirus which does not consume much memory.) If you are not using your computer for business purpose then use antivirus like Bit-defender, 360 security etc.,Antivirus like Kaspersky, Mcafee consumes high memory which makes computer slow. And when they expires then they become Trojan virus which makes comput

What is the best projector for a bedroom under Euro 200?

The Emotn C1 might be a good option for you. It is a handy projector to get all of your expected wishlist that will meet up within your budget. The cost is about $169, equivalent to u00a3155. And of course, this projector will give you a more brilliant experience in every sense!,In the case of the operating systems, picture quality, connectivity, p

How do I mirror a layer in Photoshop?

Are you trying to do a mirror reflection of the image? If so, make a duplicate copy of the image layer. Then select image/image rotation/flip canvas horizontal/ or flip canvas vertical, or use 180 degrees. These will all create reflected images. You may need to increase you canvas size if you intend to include them side by side like in a lake refle

Is peanut butter good for the prostate?

Is peanut butter good for the prostate?The consumption of nuts has been associated with a reduction of cancer risk, but only a few studies have examined the effects of nuts on prostate cancer risk. The current study prospectively investigated the association between the consumption of total nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, and peanut butter and the risk o

Why was the Indian Ocean named after India?

Question:nWhy was the Indian Ocean named after India?When the Silk Route (shown in Red in below figure) was blocked by the Ottoman Empire, the Europeans were in search of a sea-route to India and China. By that time, the maritime trade in south Asia had been very well established over the course of a few millennia. The route shown in blue was the s

What are some essential small kitchen appliances?

The recurrent lockdown has pushed Urban millennials to seek out efficient and convenient ways to prepare their meals. Small kitchen appliances are truly shinning to cater to this growing need. They are filling this new gap in the market and making daily cooking and cleaning manageable. Few such appliances that are gaining popularity:,1. The Sandwic

What are the best airlines in the world?

Youu2019re asking the wrong person. I am extremely unfussy about airlines. As long as it has a plane that will take me where I want to go, Iu2019m good.,I once, somewhere in Africa, boarded a 727 that had clearly been in service pretty much every day since I had been in high school. The poor thing looked exhausted both outside and inside. But as it

What is the code of conduct and ethics of lawyers, mental health professionals and medical professionals in New Zealand? What is a personu2019s rights?

What is the code of conduct and ethics of lawyers, mental health professionals and medical professionals in New Zealand? What is a personu2019s rights?Below are links to these professional areas. Under mental Health Professionals I have listed most but not all.,If you have some specific queries about one or all of these professional areas then I su

What is Nokku Kooli in Kerala?

TL; DR: Nokku Kooli is a practice that started with the intention of compensating the workers for the job loss caused due to mechanization of the low skilled labour jobs , now degenrated to the level of lazy bums extorting employers.,To understand why this is a huge issue today, we need to dive into some bits and pieces of related history.,,Nokku i

What are the benefits of a wooden house over a house built with bricks?

Wooden houses are cheaper and they are faster to build in the USA. They require cheaper materials and less skilled labor. In this way, people in the US are able to get larger homes than they might get had they been constructed entirely of masonry., In general, I believe brick homes are seen as a superior in the US, but for many, they are not worth

For a single traveler, what is the best way to spend 3 or 4 days in the Philippines?

If you want to be in the country, then get out of the city ! Leave Manila as quickly as possible and head to Cebu, where you are close to Diving and related activities and also close to Cebu City. I suggest that Mactan would be a good place to be and good clean, cheap hotels can be found for $ 20.00 per night ! Some might even provide Breakfast !

What are some examples of communication breakdowns?

Breakdowns in communication occur when the people involved stop listening. The message wasn't valuable. The messenger was disregarded. Other breakdowns occur when one person starts making noise without a clear idea of communicating respectfully or responsibly. Too much chatter or complaining can cause an inability for others to listen.

How did you decide how to set up furniture and decorate your apartment or house? Did you look in magazines or go by the set up of friends and family?

When I designed my house, I had a clear idea of what I wanted in the first place. Iu2019ve made so many bad decisions in the past with home design that I knew what I wanted for the house that I would live in for the next 10 years.,Firstly, I wanted an open-to-below living room. I wanted a floor to ceiling windows and the same went for the fireplace

Which country is best to study abroad? New Zealand, Iceland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, or Belgium. Iu2019m an English speaker, learning French (soon to be fluent), and fluent in Yiddish (similar to Deutsch).

Assuming the list of languages to be accurate, that would seem to rule Iceland out of the running. Icelanders always seem to speak about 46 languages, but the official language there isnu2019t English, French, or Yiddish (or even German, which is what weu2019d normally call Deutsch in English). Icelandicu2019s not exactly an easy language to learn,

How do you remember the balance sheet format?

Sir your question is very vague. The Balance sheet is prepared under various laws, Accounting standards, and Indian Accounting standards.,I am assuming you want we used to make in case of proprietorship concerns or a partnership firm. The basic principle is to start with capital & liabilities. Usually, capital balances have some adjustments which a