What in your opinion are the best qualifications a person should have for holding the position of Secretary of the United States Department of Veteransu2019 Affairs?

It will take a thick skinned doctor able to deal with the president and Congress to run the VA.,A trained man/woman already running a large medical bureaucracy would help.,Shital Desai, MD Named Physician in Chief for DC & Suburban Maryland (mydoctor.kaiserpermaente.org),The new chief should be give the freedom and be judged by results every six mo

What are John Maynard Keynes economic theories?

Thanks for your question.,Demand creates supply: before Keynes, economists believed, from the classical economists (when it was called political economy), that supply creates demand. Keynes theorised that companies will not change prices according to demand (e.g. they will not raise prices when there is high demand and people compete to offer more

I dont understand Cambridge trust scholarships. Do I need to be accepted by Cambridge first to apply for them or am I applying to Cambridge through trust?

They are explained short form here What are Cambridge Trust scholarships?You apply in parallel. To get a (Post Graduate) place at the University, and for Cambridge Trust Scholarship.,Cambridge Trust scholarships are available to citizens of all countries for a postgraduate degree in any subject at Cambridge. Please see the Cambridge Trust website f

How can I edit a photo taken from a DSLR camera?

For Editing Your Photos on Phones/Mobile:-,Lightroom Mobile (Good for Colour grading and light fixing),Snapseed (Good for Light Fixing and adding filters),PicsArt (Advanced from both above. change background, Fix light, add filters /stocks),For editing on PC/Laptop,Lightroom (Same as Mobile Lightroom),Photoshop (one of the most advance photo editor

What should I do in Athens, Greece?

Things to Do in AthensWhat can you say about Athens that has not already been said? We have spent seven days in Athens with kids having enough time to go everywhere, from museums to squares, beautiful parks and botanical gardens, churches, and all the other historic buildings. The local police station as well. While I was wandering around with my h

What colors go best with dark green?

There are several possible answers to this question as different people will have different opinions.,However, some popular color combinations for dark green are black, navy blue, and shades of purple.,These colors can be used together in a variety of ways - from matching shades perfectly to creating complementary opposites - to create a look that

Would you buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max or wait for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the biggest, most expensive entry in the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, so of course itu2019s directly competing with the iPhone 12 Pro Max u2013 Appleu2019s biggest and most expensive phone.,These are both big, ultra-high-end handsets, and both come with much of what youu2019d expect, including top-tier power and near en

What are some myths about the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War Facts, Stats and MythsInformation presented by SFC (Ret) David Hack. Hack volunteered for service in Vietnam in 1968, joining the 1st Infantry Division. He served as a sergeant with the Big Red One in Lai Khe, Vietnam. Hack received the Purple Heart for major combat injuries, and spent the rest of his military career as a recruiter for

What are some advantages of qualitative research?

Because numbers can tell you only a part of the story. Humans don't go around in everyday life and express their emotions and perception through 1to5 or 1to7 scales. Also, quantitative research assumes that people have their opinions and perceptions clearly formulated and have no problem expressing them. My experience in qualitative shows that resp

How has the poverty rate in the US changed over time?

http://www.npc.umich.edu/poverty/ will answer the latter and http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/faq.shtml the former, I hope. There are, of course, many definitions of what constitutes "poverty" but using the poverty threshold & guidelines helps to keep a consistent measure across time (although one could argue it may not be the best measure).

Are pringles healthy?

Not exactly.,You wonu2019t die off a can of pringles, but potato chips have alarming levels of sodium, which isnu2019t good for your blood.,Eating potatoes/carbohydrates right before or during sedentary activities is also not healthy, it will turn into fat you donu2019t want. Make sure to move around if you do decide to eat pringles.,I would avoid

When did you first realize you were pro-choice or pro-life?

I think I was around five years old when I come home from school and found my mom and aunt caring for my teenage cousin as she rested on the sofa, just as they would me when I was sick. I asked if Carina (who is absolutely fine with this story being shared) was sick, and my mom explained that my cousin was okay, but that she had gotten pregnant and

What are the pros & cons of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+?

The Galaxy Note 10 is a great device. It has had the s-pen with it since the original Note. It has made a niche for itself in the market of other android devises and has done very well for itself. It is the top of the line smartphone from Samsung. It runs a custom version of android with their UI on top that is much better than from previous years.

What is the best iPhone to buy in July 2022?

iPhone 13. Best iPhone for most people. $829 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro. Best iPhone overall. $1,099 at Amazon.,iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Best iPhone value. $819 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Mini. Best small iPhone. $729 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro Max. Best battery life.

Is Tesla (TSLA) now the 10th largest company in the world by market cap?

Here is a chart that shows the top 100 companies in the world by market cap. This is a good to chart to have around. The name of the article is Companies ranked by Market Cap - CompaniesMarketCap.com! You can see by the chart that Tesla comes right after Berkshire Hathaway that is owned by Warren Buffet and there is an article about Tesla passing t

What was your favorite food in each state you visited?

Well, Iu2019ve been to all 50 states at least 30 times each (except Alaska and Hawaii less than 15 times), so Iu2019ve eaten MANY meals in each state. So I guess weu2019re doing this.,Iu2019ve been to every region, and even every county, in every state, so I think Iu2019ve had a wide variety of food experiences. Iu2019ll even go beyond food for you

What is Britains worst contribution to the world?

This man:,,nWinston ChurchillEveryone has heard about Apartheid, Indo-Pak partition, Israel-Palestine conflict. But here is a man whose crimes against humanity have mostly gone unnoticed and he remains celebrated among Britons.,"I do not admitu2026 that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America, or the black people of Australiau2026

Is an air fryer healthier than a normal deep fryer?

It works by using very hot air instead of oil.,The upside of this is fewer calories, and no unhealthy stuff forming in your oil.,The downside,in my experience, is that oiling the snacks (like french fries) by hand is a pretty big hassle, the result is ok but not quite as tasty as normal (much drier so you're inclined to use more mayonaise/ketchup/w

Why are American hotels so bad in general (outdated and dirty even the 4 star hotels)?

Wow. Thereu2019s a lot to this question. Iu2019ll try to be concise.,Letu2019s start with your premise. Why are American hotel so bad in general? First, this pre-supposes that American hotels in general are all bad, and I donu2019t agree with that. Does that mean there arenu2019t some damn poorly run hotels in the US? Nope. There are plenty. It dep

What was the Great Depression all about?

1: The existence of the Federal Reserve itself. A government agency, or government backed privately owned institution if you prefer, able to expand the monetary base at will and trying to regulate the market by interest rate manipulation will naturally cause the very kinds of distortions that it claims to prevent. In particular, the monetary expans

What is the Adobe video editor software?

Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV and the web. Creative tools, integration with other apps and services and the power of Adobe Sensei help you craft footage into polished films and videos. With Premiere Rush you can create and edit new projects from any device.

How long does it take to boil a potato?

This is the most common problem which is faced by a lot of people here in this answer I will try to provide you with the best possible answer to the question.,Boiling of Potato depends upon the type of potato you are using.,Say, If you are using new potatoes as given in the image then it will take approx time is - 15 to 16 Minutes. As the new potat

How do you motivate yourself to eat when you suffer from major depression? Iu2019ve lost 20 lbs in the last two months because Iu2019ve been too sad to have much of an appetite, even though Iu2019m critically underweight. What should I do?

Routine helps a lot, and so does proper nutrition. When I don't eat, or don't eat properly, I feel awful, and that adds to the depression. So, I try to schedule time to eat, and I force myself to eat at least a little bit at those times, even if I don't want to eat because I know that skipping meals will make me feel worse.,Also, I have had issues

What are smart ways to grow food inside an apartment in the city?

You could make something similar to that. Only if you have places to hang / place them.,Use 2L plastic bottles (either milk or soft drink, bigger is better). You can make these hanging planter version and standing/self-watering version.,,Source: DIY:Home-made Plant Pot :: FOOYOH ENTERTAINMENT,,Source: How to Make a Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP) from