How many YouTube subscribers do you need before you start earning money?

First of all YouTube do not pay money on the basis of Subscribers or like & Dislike.Money depends upon How many views you got on your video as well as How many times Ads displayed on your video.,Interesting Facts : More subscribers you will have the more views your videos will get and chance are more ads will display on your video which leads to mo

How long did the Pisa Cathedral take to build?

The campanile (bell tower), commonly known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is located behind the cathedral. The last of the three major buildings on the piazza to be built, construction of the bell tower began in 1173 and took place in three stages over the course of 177 years, with the bell-chamber only added in 1372.

What is the best phone to buy below 15k?

There are a lot of good choices available in the market under the given price tag.,One can go for Moto,Lenovo,Huwaei or Hyve devices and many other too.,Few of my favorites are:,Yu Yunicorn:5.5 inch FHD IPS Display with 1920 x 1080 pixels Resolution with 2.5D Curved Screen.,4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM with Expandable Memory upto 128 GB,13 MP Primary Cam

How can I boost the cell phone signal in my mobile home?

What kind of signal? If itu2019s a mobile phone, try another network. If itu2019s UHF try changing your coax, or having your aerial looked at. If itu2019s wifi, try a better router or some extenders, and if youu2019ve got stone walls then itu2019s going to kill it dead from room to room. That goes for mobile signals too.,Until we know what the sign

What are the YouTube monetization requirements in 2022?

You must get 1k subs and 400 video hours . But if you want to make money ud83eudd11ud83eudd11 with every video you upload without even 1k sub &400hrs, use this ud83dudc47site. Its personal recommendation. register nowud83dudc47ud83dudc47ud83eudd11ud83eudd11,

Where is the Google headquarters located?

Google are very much based internationally.,They have their huge Googleplex at Mountain View in Silicon Valley, but they also have huge premises in London, Dublin & Barcelona in the EU.,I donu2019t know about the rest of the world, but they surely have a presence in many other cities.

Which is the worlds richest country and poorest country?

It depends on how you define rich.,If you define being rich as Gross Domestic Product (at purchasing power parity) per capita:nPurchasing power parity is a technique used to determine the relative value of different currencies.,Basically: the gross domestic product (GDP) is how much a place produces in some amount of time. For nations, the GDP can

In what fortress can tourists view the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom?

The Crown Jewels are on display at the Tower of London and can be viewed by visitors during normal opening hours.,Access is included in the price of entry to the Tower although at busy times there may be a bit of a queue but people move through fairly quickly. Photography is not allowed in the Jewel House itself, security is discrete although I sus

Which wallpaper is the best for bedroom?

Wallpaper should match the style of room,If it's romantic, try delicate damasks and florals with fine lines in muted, pastel colors.,If it's casual, faux finishes such as beadboard and stucco are simple, casual options.,If it's contemporary/fashion forward, consider bold geometrics with high gloss and metallic accents.,If it's traditional, check ou

2017 is the Chinese year of what?

The Rooster is tenth in the Chinese zodiac. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

How can I make a wrapping paper to sell using my own designs?

u201cDesigning gift wrap can be done at home. Selling gift wrap can be more difficult. To become a full time designer of gift wrap takes a business plan and the confidence to create your own business. With the right designs and determination, you may get your wrap into stores.u201d,u201cFind a niche. Study gift wrap sold in grocery stores, retailer

What is the national animal of Russia?

The brown bear, as the main totem of the Russian ethnos, became the main totem of Russia. But each territory and each ethnic group has its own additional totems. For example, for the Turkic peoples - a gray wolf. For my city - a chipmunk. For my region - sable.

How is artificial intelligence able to write entire articles or generate new pictures?

Process usually differs for text and images sine text can be of any length but images usually have predefined size. However, general principles are the same: train an AI model on a bunch of texts/images so that it can learn what parts they consist of and how they are related to each other, then feed random values or condition on particular informat

How do movie studios send their films to theaters?

DCP (Digital Cinema Protocol) hard drives, satellite and Blu-Ray discs. DCP is the most used method, satellite is gaining in use and Blu-Ray is mostly for specialty use. 35mm and 70mm film are still used occasionally in art or upscale major market houses. IMAX presentations are gaining in popularity. 3D is best appreciated in animated features. All

What side dishes go well with fried chicken and mashed potatoes?

Many side dishes will. Hereu2019s some of my favorites:,green beans,corn, a favorite of my hubby,biscuits,gravy for the mashed potatoes,a squash casserole would be good too,coleslaw is always a good side,or a salad,Hereu2019s a make ahead salad recipe for you that I just love, that goes with most any meal. The best part of this salad is that you ca

What or can anyone help me with link to pick tickets to Burj Khalifa top floor?

Burj Khalifa at top @ AED 65Are you excited to see Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa but have budget problem? If so you must be amazed to know that Emaar and RTA joined hand on 13 th July 2017 and announced that all UAE resident are eligible to visit the iconic Burj Khalifa at top for just AED65 per person by getting the discounted voucher.,How to

What is your most recent sketch?

You need to define which country you come from. Each country has their own rules abut who they let into the country and even if you have money it can be very difficult. You are competing against locals for jobs, if you have health issues or bringing family members it can be difficult. Do you speak the language of the host country? If you cant speak

What is the greatest American dessert?

What a great question! American cuisine has often been derided by those who come from more advanced culinary traditions, but dessertsu2014like breakfastsu2014are areas where really good food shines. Bear in mind, quality can vary considerably, but here are some ideas:,Ice cream. Especially from specialty creameries, outstanding ice cream may be fou

How many McDonalds locations are there worldwide?

As of their latest quarter ending September 30, 2018, McDonalds had 37,557 locations worldwide. Source: McDonalds Form 10-Q, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the quarterly period ending September 30, 2018.

What are some unusual ice cream flavors? Where arewere they sold?

Let's just say that I have a bit of a thing for ice cream [1]. Here are some of the more unusual flavors I've tried:,San Francisco Bay AreaBi Rite (Bi-Rite Creamery):n,balsamic strawberryn,basil,cheesecake with blueberry swirl,coffee toffee,earl grey,egg nog,ginger,hazelnut cocoa nib (made with Dandelion cocoa nibs),honey grahamn,honey lavender,oli

A normal 100g piece of chicken breast has 31g protein. So why does skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillets have around 20g? Whatu2019s even the difference?

The difference between a chicken breast and a skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillet is the amount of fat. A chicken breast has a higher fat content than a skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillet. The skinless chicken breast or chicken breast fillet has had the skin removed, which is where most of the fat is found. The skinless c

What are some of the best restaurants in Tokyo?

Sukiyabashi Jiro, Ginza - Arguably the best sushi (certainly most famous) in Tokyo.,Sushiko Ginza,Sushi Mizutani,Sushi Kanesaka,Ryugin - Japanese-influenced French,Tapas Molecular Bar - Molecular Japanese,Esaki - New-Japanese,Le Chu00e2teau de Jou00ebl Robuchon,L'Osier,Quintessence,Bear Pond Espresso - For coffee