Which show is better, The Office or Parks and Recreation?

First of all, I love both of these shows and donu2019t mean offense to either of them. But for me, I feel that The Office is the overall a better show. Warning: Spoilers ahead.,First, many characters and aspects of Parks and Rec are developed from the office. Have you ever noticed Ron Swanson and Dwight Shrute are basically the same person? Their v

What are some of the benefits of homeschooling?

I started being home-schooled two years ago and I don't think I'd go back to public school.,My daily routine is pretty much as follows:,10.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, do some light exercise, feed cats, etc.,11.45 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Follow my parents to wherever they have to go that day. They have a business and are always ha

Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?

Note: someone merged this question now including Linux as well; my answer relates to Windows and macOS only, pertaining to the original question.,(Last updated in March 2017, using macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta and Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update. Though in mid 2018 this answer needs revising on a few notes, most of it still applies.),n,tl;dr,If youu

What is the best vlogging camera that isnt too expensive?

Do not underestimate the mobile smartphone in your hand. Any (half) decent smartphone with (half) decent video can make the cut.,The problem with video is different. People (watchers) will not mind a slightly less quality video. Most people watch on mobiles. HD quality is fine. Things like 4K, HDR, 60 fps, etc. are overhyped. But what is very impor

How do I turn the volume up on AirPods Pro?

Three possibilities:,Change the volume via the buttons on the left-hand side of your iPhone.,If you want to leave the phone in your pocket, simply say u201cHey, Siriu201d and ask her to modify the volume.,Turn the crown on your Apple Watch. You will see a speaker symbol together with a vertical green bar moving up or down indicating whether the vol

Quora keeps forcing me to download its app. How do I stop this?

I tried adding quora to home screen, but it asks to download app with annoying dialog box. I would be reading an interesting answer and it pops up. I can't close it, so I refresh page. But that makes the answer I was reading will go out and feed is filled with new answers. This is very annoying and I don't want to use quora anymore. If I'm using th

What side dishes go well with fried chicken and mashed potatoes?

Many side dishes will. Hereu2019s some of my favorites:,green beans,corn, a favorite of my hubby,biscuits,gravy for the mashed potatoes,a squash casserole would be good too,coleslaw is always a good side,or a salad,Hereu2019s a make ahead salad recipe for you that I just love, that goes with most any meal. The best part of this salad is that you ca

Why is Taiwans calling code 886 so close to Chinas 86?

(Disclaimer: No political message intended on my part)nFrom an article less than a month ago ( http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2010/10/05/2003484569/1 ):,,Taiwan in the 1960s had a calling code of 866. Read that number again: 866. Not 886, but 866. The ROC, then a member of the UN, chose that number for itself and the ITU allowe

What foods are good for producing blood?

Red blood cells, or RBCs, transfer oxygen obtained in once you inhale to your organs and tissues. In addition, they keep the metabolic by-product carbon dioxide to the lungs, where the gas will be expelled once you exhale.,Load Up On Vitamin C Rich FoodsIron cannot be fully consumed by the human body, which explains the reason why it needs a modera

Why is Save Lakshadweep trending on Indian social media?

Lakhshadweep is a beautiful Island in India. It's a union territory with total population of 64000 (as per 2011 census) people only. It is a Muslim Dominant area with at least 97% of the population being Muslims.,It's trending because a few new amendments have been done by new administrator Mr Praful Patel from BJP. He had previously served as Guja

Which are the best, similar, and cheapest Nokia G50 5G 2022 in the US?

ud83cudf1fu27a1ufe0f 9 BEST Similar Nokia 5G 2022,u27a1ufe0f 1. Nokia XR20 5G | Android 11 | Unlocked Smartphone | Dual SIM | US Version | 6/128GB | 6.67-Inch Screen | 48MP Dual Camera | Charcoal"[EXTRACTO]"Android OS upgrades until 2024 and a 2-year warranty 6GB RAM / 128GB internal memory and MicroSD card support up to 512 GB,Designed with durabi

Can astrology predict baby gender?

Back when my children were born, a lot of my friends were using a Chinese calendar to figure out when to conceive to have a child of the sex they wanted. It actually had a very high success rate. Other than that, I have no idea what would guarantee a female child. Do some internet research on the subject. There is a way, scientific and very expensi

Can I use my smart business TV as a computer?

Well, this depends on your use case. If you want to use the SMART TV as a display then you can connect your Laptop/System to your smart TV via HDMI cable.,Another thing is, Smart TV can be called as a Computer as it has preloaded Android OS in it and you can use these as computer for several tasks like screen casting, Connectivity, Android apps etc

Is there a simple template of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) template?

10+ Memorandum of Agreements - PDF, WordAlso, Nolo Press [Lawyers, Legal Forms, Law Books & Software, Free Legal Information] is my go-to site for anything legal. They've been providing free DIY info for years and still have a free section on their site. Right now they have a 50% off holiday sale.,In your case, you'll likely find what you need in t

Where is a good place to put a grandfather clock in a house?

You asked an interior design/decor question about grandfather clocks, but it landed in my inbox as a Feng Shui consultant giving advice over Quora.,Iu2019ve decided to answer this question as if it were a Feng Shui question because grandfather clocks can make great u201cmoving metalu201d remedies.Not everyone likes grandfather clocks and some just

Should I learn to sew my own clothes or is sewing too expensive?

Thatu2019s really two different questions. Should you learn to sew? If you have the desire, of course you should. You can use sewing skills to make much more than clothes - quilts, bags, curtains/drapes, table and bed linens u2026 anything made from fabric can be sewn. Knowing how to sew can bring you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It also en

Is Windows Sonic for headphones good for music?

Windows Sonic is a binauralizer that processes sound encoded in Window's spatial format. That includes things like surround sound movies and games. While there is some music encoded in spatial formats, the vast majority is in stereo, and so having Sonic enabled will do nothing to the sound. Currently the vast majority of surround sound music can on

Why is environmental sustainability so important to teach to our children?

Todayu2019s children are tomorrowu2019s adults.,The ideas that we inculcate in our children will guide their entire lives.,The environment, society and economy are interconnected . Environmental sustainability will assist in improving the other two and leading to a better tomorrow than today.,Personally, I want my children to live in a better world

How do I cook mushrooms without frying them?

Theyu2019re delicious braised in red wine. Hereu2019s how. Wash and trim 1 pound of whole mushrooms. Button mushrooms work well as do baby bellas. Finely chop 1 shallot and 1 clove of garlic. In a large sautu00e9e pan, melt two tablespoons of butter. Add the shallot and garlic and stir around in the pan for a minute or two. Add the mushrooms and ro

Have you ever denied an Airbnb guest? If so, why?

Yes I have declined a few. I have too much to protect here to have years of good work undone by some entitled individual who will not read or comprehend what I offer and wants to question whatever I do offer. I dread that poor review having never had one so, I simply tell them my property may not be a good fit for them and suggest they have a look

If a restaurantu2019s menu says u201cno sharingu201d, do you have to oblige?

That phrase might be misunderstood. It means that they donu2019t want two or more people to order one meal and share that one meal among them. They canu2019t order one drink with free refills, and everyone passes it around. Or it means that if thereu2019s a buffet, one person canu2019t order the buffet while three people order u201cjust water, plea