Whats the difference between focaccia and bread?

Focaccia is a type of yeast bread with a flat and somewhat thick profile.,It can be topped with herbs or cheese and toppings similar to those on pizza. or sliced horizontally (if made slightly thicker) to make sandwiches. In most of Italy, a traditional focaccia is 2 centimeters thick (3/4 of an inch) and in Pugliese, they are thicker and often mad

What is social psychology PDF?

Social psychology is very much important subject in this current scenario. How a human is behaving and why a particular behavior is enacted in the society. Social psychology is studying an individual in a society where sociology is about studying a social group or a group in society . These both subjects are covering same topic as Cohesiveness, gro

What are the 3 mountain ranges in the Philippines?

Caraballo Mountains. The Caraballo Mountains is a mountain range in the central part of Luzon island in the Philippines, situated between Cordillera Central and Sierra Madre mountain ranges. The mountains serve as the location of the headwaters of the Cagayan River, the longest in the country.,Borders on: Cordillera Central; Sierra Madre; ...,Range

Why my DSLR pictures are not as perfect as others? Should I buy better lens (Canon 70D)?

Thanks for the A2A and the sample photo.,Honest, the reason u201cDSLR pictures are not as perfect as othersu201d is because you are not as skilled a photographer as other peopleu2026 yet. So letu2019s work on help you develop and hone your photography skills to help you get better photos. As such, you shouldnu2019t buy a lens, because that is not t

How do I make chicken lo mein sauce?

Typically Chicken lo mein sauce is (Hoisin sauce). Here's the ingredients you'll need to make a quick homemade hoisin sauce in 10 minutes.,4,tablespoons soy sauce,2,tablespoons peanut butter,1,tablespoon molasses or 1 tablespoon honey,2,teaspoons seasoned rice vinegar,1,garlic clove, finely minced,2,teaspoons sesame seed oil,1,teaspoon chinese hot

What is the best online loan lenders for bad credit?

You may be having a hard time finding a loan with bad credit, or you may find yourself in a situation where you need a loan, but you do not have a decent credit score. For some people, finding a reliable loan with bad credit is nearly impossible. And if the situation is bad enough, then your only option would be to pay back your loan with a high in

Which Six Flags park is the best one?

Ive been to every single theme park in the nation. That being said I have not been to the canadian or mexican parks. Out of the entire US of A. There are 3 parks that are leagues above the others. n1. Six flags magic mountain ca. 2. Cedar point oh. 3. Six flags Great adventure NJ. nThese 3 parks have the most thrill rides, the most roller coasters,

What foods have antioxidant?

I like this question! Eating antioxidants rich foods is always a great idea.,Antioxidants fight free radicals that attack and alter DNA leading to diseases (including cancer) and aging.Here is a list of foods that contain antioxidantsu2026if you want to dig deeper into the topic of the relation between skin and foods, I wrote an entire article on i

Can you sue an employer to get back the costs you had to pay a lawyer to write a letter demanding your correct wages be paid? Were being charged 5k to get a lawyer to write a letter in regards to sham contracting, 25k+ in stolen wages.

In the United States, the answer would almost certainly be u201cno.u201d There could be different answers in other countries. The United States follows what is called the u201cAmerican Rule,u201d which is a reference to the fact that each person pays their own attorneys fees in the United States. Other countries have a u201closer paysu201d rule, wh

How does offering free tertiary education affect a countrys economy?

I am going to assume that tertiary education means colleges and that we are supposed to compare a system of free colleges to a more conventional combination of paid colleges and on the job training. Otherwise, the question is too unspecific for me to answer in an interesting way. Under my assumptions, the effect is most likely to be negative.,The d

What are some very frugal ways to decorate your home?

since you are asking for Inexpensive home decor ideas here i am going to talk only about Wall painting, you only Require 2 to 3 different types of (colors)wall paints and a Brush(it costs around 500Rs Only..)..here i am posting some of the very simple painting which i have done in last couple of months..,1.Branch of a tree with few leaves and flowe

What country has the most untapped oil?

America now has more untapped oil than any other country on the planet. That's according to a new report from Rystad Energy that estimates the U.S. is sitting on an incredible 264 billion barrels of oil reserves.,U.S. has more untapped oil than Saudi Arabia or Russia.

Which is the most beautiful country in South Asia?

It is very difficult question to answer, every country in the world is beautiful because the mother earth is amazing and universe is mysterious. Well, there are 49 countries in Asia and South Asia has seven countries which are, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Maldives.,Well,Maldives is famous for islands but it is ver

What is your favorite song from J-Hopes album, "Jack in the Box"?

All of them at a conceptual level but if I base on my musical taste/style, the only one I'm not a big fan is 'More', just because Iu2019m not fond of Rock or Grunge, however, I do like the old school rap part as well as the MV.,This album is a concept album with a perfectly planned storyline from start to finish that not only tells the origin of J-

Can I grow vegetables in my house in the winter time?

Gardening is fun, but if you donu2019t have a garden or if you live in a cold climate, growing your own vegetables might seem impossible.Nevertheless, there are alternative solutions if you want to eat your organic veggies no matter where you live. If you donu2019t have a garden where to build a greenhouse, you can create your own indoor vegetable

What is more fattening, a glass of Tang (with added sugar) or coconut water?

See, Tang contains like 2u20133 times the amount of sugar than the same amount of Coconut Water ( I have assumed you have put 100 gm of tang in 1 L water).,So if you donu2019t work out then Tang obviously is more fattening. The benefits of coconut water is that it contains electrolytes and can maintain the osmotic balance of your body and ensure be

What are the differences between biomedical science and Medicine?

Not a lot in terms of scientific content. Biomedical science focuses on diagnostics and is really the hard science behind medicine. 70% of a doctors diagnoses are depended on the results a biomedical scientist provides from performing assays on patient samples. Biomedical scientists dot deal with patients directly, although clinical scientists may

What type of electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelengths?

My short answer to the question is that currently, we, the physicist community, do not know or agree on the shortest wavelengths of photons (electromagnetic waves), as of Y2021. Please, let me elaborate on my sort of tongue-in-cheek answer and show that I am serious, not least frivolous.,The most of the answers so far on the question say that it is

Why is the Philippines considered the poorest country in Asia?

-Because Philippines is more popular than other Asian countries so Philippines gets the more spotlight.,-Because a lot of the foreigners are not well versed with geography so they donu2019t know anything about other Asian countries which have a much worse poverty rate than PH.,-Because they only see the negative side of the Philippines, or they onl

What kind of a meal could I create around gnocchi?

First you have to clarify what type of gnocchi you are cooking. Gnocco in Italian means dumpling (actually, it is specifically any dumpling not encased in pasta, in which case the dumpling becomes a raviolo), any type of dumpling can be a gnocco.,Gnocchi di patate alla sorrentina,Gnocchi di patate al ragu00f9,Gnocchi alla romana (made of semolina a

How will "Medicare-for All" be funded? The average U.S household already pays 24% in collective income taxes, increasing the tax rate wouldnt be very popular.

Yes, people are taxed a lot, but the cost of healthcare is pretty staggering too. The median family income in 2017 rose to a bit over $61,000 per year. The expected average out of pocket cost between premiums, copays and deductibles for a family of four for 2018 is about $12,300. Assuming wages went up the past two yearsu2014which they didu2014this

How can I find the acceleration from a velocity time graph?

Yeah.,A velocity vs time graph shows the velocity change with respect to time.,Acceleration is defined exactly as the rate of change of velocity with respect to time.,a=frac {dv}{dt}Basically what Iu2019m trying to say here is: divide the change in velocity by the change of time and youu2019ll get the slope of something (a something that is a line

How do I find my IP address on Windows 10?

Ipconfig,This command will tell you the IP assigned to your PC (usually your local LAN IP unless you are not behind a NAT), the subnet mask and the default gateway (the IP of your router),If you are behind a NAT (behind a router), this command will only tell you your LAN IP, not your WAN (Internet) IP, in order to see your WAN IP, you wonu2019t be