How safe is it for a woman to travel alone in India?

India is as safe as any country to travel, with some small differences. Solo travel in any country means being prepared and organised.,As I always say, the media perpetuates a negative view. You will be safe to travel a a woman alone.,I would suggest the following for solo travel in India:,Dress appropriately for the place you are visiting. If I wa

What is the history of Cebu City?

The province of Cebu, where Cebu City is located, is dubbed as the Queen Island of the South. Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines. The word u201cCebuu201d came from the word u201cSebuu201d which means animal fat. It is famous for its delicious lechon (roasted pig) and sweet mangoes. It used to be a fishing village when the Spaniards cam

Why is ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Facebook Search", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 11828, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicFacebook-Search"}}}, {"text": " so bad?

I don't think it is bad, but I believe it is very hard search problem to solve as I have tried to show in the questions and comments below. ,1. What is the user searching for? ne.g. users, messages, applications, events, videos, images which ranking signals do each of them have?nb) how to merge results from searching for various types of da

What is the best way to market your product?

The bottled Music Player: Sony markets it's W series Walkman Mp3 player (headphones) inside a bottle of water.Credits: Auckland based advertising agency Draft FCB ,,,nLaunched in February 2014, the product was cleverly placed in the vending machines in the gyms and pools in New Zealand.. The niche market being swimmers. After a hard workout people

What is the secret of a pyramid?

These are some facts about the Great Pyramid:- ,,1.The pyramid is estimated to have around 2,300,000 stone blocks that weigh from 2 to 30 tons each and there are even some blocks that weigh over 50 tons.n2.The Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid of Khufu are precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion.n3.The base

Whats the best camera for filming high quality YouTube videos?

Hello,,To answer this question we need more information!,What kinda videos are you planning on doing? are you planning on vlogging? Shooting high quality travel videos? slow motion stuff?,So it all comes down to what youu2019re planning on doing.,If you want to just talk to the camera i recommend a Cannon GX7IIif you want to do anything else I woul

What is the MOXIE which is recently used by NASA on Mars?

On Mars, the Perseverance Rover extracted Oxygen from the Martian Atmosphere using a device known as MOXIE, or, Mars Oxygen In - Situ Resource Utilisation Experiment. The devices induces what is basically a Decomposition Reaction of Carbon Dioxide in the Martian Atmosphere to Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide, as shown below :,2CO_2u2192O_2+2CONow, obviou

What is it like flying by yourself for the first time?

With no prior flying experience I soloed on my 5th flight after only 6.5 hours in the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor Oddly enough, I donu2019t really remember anything about the flight while airborne, only just before I launched on my first solo.,I knew my first solo flight was coming about due, but I had no warning. I was caught by surprise. My instructor

Does Huobi charge a listing fee for new cryptocurrency listings?

I am unsure if they charge a price as they do not state it on their u2018apply to listu2019 web-page, but it does say the coin needs to have a trading volume of $100,000 for 30 consecutive days.,That doesnu2019t cost money, but does mean you likely need to be listed on another exchange before Huobi Exchange will accept you.,Hereu2019s a link to the

Why should you install a shower cabin inside your bathroom?

Adding shower cabin in the bathroom is copied from the western countries.,it is just to divide the bathroom into parts. From the last one decade in India bathroom are divided into wet area and dry area,Dry area - wash basin ,Water closet commode and dressing room.,Wet area - shower cabin.,just to avoid passage of water to dry area separation of sho

Whats your favorite US airline and why?

jetBlue is my favorite US carrier!,Here are undeniable reasons why:,1) jetBlue provides 34u2033 of legroom! While most other airlines try to pack more seats per flight, jetBlue offers the industry best legroom space - 34u2033!! Trust me guys thatu2019s a lot of legroom! I often have to reassure myself that I am flying in coach because there is an u

My river cruise has just been cancelled by the cruise company and they are asking me to rebook at a later date, however I would like a cash refund. What are my rights?

That depends on the cruise company, what is stated in your signed agreement, the companyu2019s COVID policy, and the country the cruise is running out of. We canu2019t do the work for you unfortunately if you donu2019t give any real details. I got my Royal Caribbean cruise completely refunded - it took 3 hours worth of calls (2 calls total) and sev

Is Filmora safe?

Is Wondershare Filmora Safe and Worth It? (Review + Ratings)If you are looking for a video editor, you have very likely heard about Wondershare Filmora.,It is a video editing software that has a lot of ads and attention online u2013 but is Wondershare Filmora safe and worth it?,This is something you need to know before investing in any software or

Is there a power bank for laptops?

Yes, there are plenty of power banks available for laptops as well in the market and online as well. Before you buy a power bank for not just your laptop, but for any other gadget such as a tablet or a smartphone, make sure you are aware of these few basic pointers:,1. Make a note of the battery size of your device. ,2. Moreover, also make a note o

I have an artificial Christmas tree with a little amount of silver glitter at the end of the branches. Im decorating it but out of two tinsel garlands that I have, silver and gold, which do you think would look better?

Personally, I prefer not mixing silver and gold in my decorating.,But Christmas trees are a bit different. Sparkle and shine are often more important than adhering to decorating rules.,So, choose the one you like best, or why not add both? Especially this year, when only your immediate family should be seeing your tree.

What does u2018auspicious dayu2019 mean?

Sunrise is often a symbol of an auspicious day, a day full of hope.,An auspicious day is a good day, particularly a day in which good things are likely to happen. It usually is said about a day that opens up a new future, or might open up a new future. So, a hopeful person will call the day you arrive in a new city, or the day you have a big job in

Cooking: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the recipe for garlic bread?

My favourite garlic bread is made from high quality flattish cibatta bread with that lovely open structure. Slice in half horizontally and place cut sides up on a baking tray. The garlic butter mix is by eye as the strength of garlic varies widely and so do preferences... start with half a cup of unsalted butter and mix in very finely chopped garli

Between UCD and Trinity College Dublin, which university should I choose? How do they compare by subject, student life and international opportunities?

Similar to my previous comparison I will try to make a conclusion on which university is better. Aman Ray's answer to Which is a better option, NUIG or UCC for a masteru2019s in data science, and why?Before starting I would like to add that both universities are very reputed in Ireland. In case you have admitted to either of the university you can

What is the best online loan lenders for bad credit?

You may be having a hard time finding a loan with bad credit, or you may find yourself in a situation where you need a loan, but you do not have a decent credit score. For some people, finding a reliable loan with bad credit is nearly impossible. And if the situation is bad enough, then your only option would be to pay back your loan with a high in

How do you upgrade a MacBook Pros graphics card?

Like any other laptop, MacBook Pro also doesnu2019t support upgrade of graphics card. The graphics card is embedded to the motherboard and upgrade means replacing the motherboard. Apple would hardly support this, as they request the users that while configuring, ensure the best configuration is selected as once finalized modifications are not suppo

How do I connect a camera in a MacBook Air?

Numerous Mac PCs and presentations have worked in iSight, FaceTime or FaceTime HD cameras situated close to the top edge of the screen. The camera naturally turns on when you open an application that can take pictures, record recordings or make video calls. You can choose which applications are permitted to utilize the camera on your Mac.Turn the c

What are some health benefits and impacts related to eating peanuts?

Peanut Benefits: Benefits and Disadvantages - Peanuts (Mungfali) Benefits and Side EffectsPeanuts, called peanuts in English, are similar to nutritious and nutritious foods such as walnuts and almonds.,It is extracted from the ground and hence it is also called groundnuts. Groundnut is very useful due to its properties.,It contains many nutrients,

Can I use JR pass in Kanazawa?

The JR pass only covers railroad lines owned by any one of the six JR companies.,Coverage map from Japan Rail Pass official site From the map above, the solid lines are the lines covered by JR Pass. The thick brown line is the Hokuriku shinkansen/bullet train line, while the blue lines are the regular non-shinkansen lines. This means if you take a

How can I find a 24-hour fast food chain?

There is something called u201cGoogle Mapu201d.,Instead of me telling you which restaurant chain, why donu2019t you just check on Google Map (just search u201cFast Foodu201d), and find one near you, and the opening hours.

Are there any Green Day songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

Are there any Green Day songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?Yes indeed, there are! The entirety of the Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown albums - along with a handful of other tracks off of Nimrod and modern singles like u201cStill Breathingu201d - should all be purchasable tracks for Rock Band, certainly playable in Rock Band 4 on t

What colour goes with a yellow dress with a bit of grey in it?

This is all my opinion.,It depends heavily on two factors, what shades are the yellow and grey. But generally, silver accents would look nice with pretty much any shade of yellow or grey. Or blue denim, normal jean denim, since denim goes with nearly everything. Also, purple doesnu2019t really go with yellow, so avoid that. Red and orange donu2019t

How hard is it to cook Chinese food at home?

Itu2019s not overly difficult, but can be complicated and expensive. Chinese food uses a lot of ingredients that most American homes donu2019t typically have on hand such as oyster sauce, rice wine, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, anise, ginger, and so on.,To simplify it, you can start with base sauces, much like in tradition French cooking. Search

I just ordered a springform pan to make a chocolate chip cookie cake, and I also know these pans are used for cheesecake. What are some other recipes, both sweet and savory, where using this type of pan is the best cookware choice?

Monkey bread is usually baked in a springform pan with the tube insert, and you can make sweet or savory versions. It's a great pull apart sharing bread. Pound cake also works well in springform pans, and you can flavor pound cake in dozens of ways usingng everything from citrus to chocolate to tahini and honey.

Is it worth it to get the M1 MacBook Air over the M1 MacBook Pro?

After viewing several reviews the M1 MacBook Air isnu2019t much different than M1 MacBook Pro. You have to decide if the $200 difference between having better battery life and cooling, slight difference in GPU and screen brightness, touch bar vs function keys. Most reviewers felt that Mac Prou2019s touch bar isnu2019t that important and having a fa