Which show is better, The Office or Parks and Recreation?

First of all, I love both of these shows and donu2019t mean offense to either of them. But for me, I feel that The Office is the overall a better show. Warning: Spoilers ahead.,First, many characters and aspects of Parks and Rec are developed from the office. Have you ever noticed Ron Swanson and Dwight Shrute are basically the same person? Their v

What are some nice Southeast Asian cities with hot climate during European winter?

All of southeast Asian cities have hot, humid climate all year long, with occasional torrential downpours caused by monsoon and typhoons, this being Southeast Asia closer to the Equator, thus, a tropical to subtropical climate. ,Bangkok has two seasons - hot and hotter. Thailand is perfect for a noob. It's relatively safe (despite the bombings and

Why are South Korea and North Korea enemies?

The difference in ideologySouth Korea wants to reunite with democratic, capitalistic ways, but North Korea wants to reunite under Juche ideaology.,South Korea wants democratically elected president as the leader, while North wants Kim Jong Un and his descendants to rule over the country.,South Korea wants Capitalism to fuel its economy. North wants

How can you inspire a mass amount of people and gain followers and supporters?

Narrow Your Focus And Intentions - Based on Your Market ResearchnThis is a golden question you've asked but it's vague. Have you researched your customer base? Who is your intended audience and what are you offering them? Do people know that they want what you're promoting or do you have to reeducate or educate them? These things matter!,Taking a S

What is the purpose of flight layovers?

Long answer short, the Hub & Spoke model is the reason for layovers.Lets take an example of a major airline operator based out of Dubai. From this route map, you could see multiple flights originating from East and landing at Dubai. Likewise you could see flights originating from Dubai and flying to multiple Destinations in the West.,This is a very

Which are some good sunrise spots in Chicago?

I would add that there are many nice areas in black neighborhoods on the Southside and Westside . Bronzeville is a very historic landmark neighborhood that has seen a lot of revival in business and gentrification. Lots of Brownstones and Greystones, landmarks. Southshore is huge and has good sections and bad sections. It also houses the great South

What are some mind-blowing facts about the Ottoman Empire?

1-How large was empire ?192 war 155 won 26 lost 11 no resultu2026,- 45+- countries soils ruled by ottoman empire. and they speak their own language and culture because of the ottoman systems.,Europe and Asian-Turkey -Azerbaijani - Albania -Bulgaria -northern Macedonia -Greece -Serbia -Montenegro -Bosnia And Herzegovina -Croatia -Kosovo (de facto) -

Do cell phone companies target a specific gender when designing a device?

Sometimes they do. Blackberry had a brief resurgence with teenagers when they put out this phone. For a few months it was the top selling phone to teenage girls.,, ,With regard to the iPhone, there are some design elements that skew female (rounded corners on device and icons) but the default black wallpaper and the amount of black pre-iOS 4 skewed

Why is my 3-month-old puppy biting us so much? He plays with his toys but he latches onto our hands and wonu2019t let go. Could it be teething? If so, what can you give him? He has not been vaccinated yet. Vet will see him on Saturday for his shots.

Three months! He is a tiny baby! Thereu2019s a chance heu2019s teething painfully. If you are talking about his Parvovirus vaccines, I donu2019t believe that will have anything to do with it.,My pup is 9 months old and she STILL bites everyone. She has a huge mouth and very sharp teeth, so this is important to nip in the bud while your baby is youn

What are the best recipes to make chicken wings?

INGREDIENTS,1 1/2 lb. chicken wings,2 tbsp. vegetable oil,kosher salt,Freshly ground black pepper,1/4 c. low-sodium soy sauce,1/4 c. honey,2 tbsp. rice wine vinegar,1 tbsp. sriracha,3 cloves garlic, minced,1 tbsp. grated fresh ginger,Green onions, for garnish,Sesame seeds, for garnish,DIRECTIONS,Preheat oven to 425u00b0 and place a metal rack on to

If the Indian government wants to change their currency from the Indian rupee to its own Indian dollar, is it possible? What would be the effect on the Indian economy?

What's in a name? That which we call a rosenBy any other name would smell as sweet.,nThe above saying (from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) holds true for currencies as well. There is absolutely nothing that stops the Government of India from rechristening the Rupee as Indian Dollar. ,The word dollar is itself derived from the German word "thaler"

What is the reference letter sample for New Zealand skilled immigration?

Really? Youu2019ve never written a cover letter to apply for a job?,Just use a basic business template for a cover letter but apply for a skilled immigration work visau2026,If you canu2019t manage that, you maybe should not be applying for a visa eitheru2026,Edit : see comment below from KK - it is possible that I misunderstood the exact document t

What kind of skills and character traits make a good trader?

What makes a great trader? ,In general:,1- Effort n2- Emotions n3- System n4- Risk n5- Independence1- Effort. There is no holy grail in the market, but if I were to select the pair of success-contributing factors that comes closest to representing it I'd pick hard-work and discipline. Hard work and discipline lead to the development of self-confide

Which iPhone 11 Pro color do you think looks best?

Both colours look great. But you can choose as per your lifestyle. White tends to get a bit yellow after 1u20132 years and is a bit hard to maintain whereas gold is an easy deal. So yes if you can maintain your phone properly then you can go for any of them. But if youu2019re careless just like me, then go for gold.,Ps: White would look classier is

Whats the most overpowered item in your favorite video game?

Well, my favorite video game is Skyrim. Funny enough, the most overpowered item in the game is a pretty normal-looking plant.,More specifically, the Jarrin Root:,This root is a very, very rare alchemical ingredient - thereu2019s only one sample of it in the entire game. Astrid gives it to you as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline to assassinate

How long is it until Christmas?

I have terminal cancer and here are a few random thoughts from today, Nov 15 2019.,***,I donu2019t want to get up.,I forgot to take toilet paper upstairs again.,What should I make for breakfast?,Hardly any leaves left on our backyard trees. I wonder if Iu2019ll still be here next fall.,We need milk.,Why is the home phone ringing, who could be calli

What is the 2022 horoscope for Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

Born:tWednesday, January 25, 1978, 2:00 PMnIn:tKryvyi Rih (Ukraine)nSun:t5u00b007' AquariustAS:t21u00b048' GemininMoon:t17u00b043' LeotMC:t20u00b021' AquariusnDominants:tLeo, Aquarius, GemininMoon, Uranus, NeptunenHouses 3, 6, 9 / Air, Fire / FixednChinese Astrology:tFire SnakenNumerology:tBirth Path 6nHeight:tVolodymyr Zelenskyy is 5' 5" (1m65) ta

I have an artificial Christmas tree with a little amount of silver glitter at the end of the branches. Im decorating it but out of two tinsel garlands that I have, silver and gold, which do you think would look better?

Personally, I prefer not mixing silver and gold in my decorating.,But Christmas trees are a bit different. Sparkle and shine are often more important than adhering to decorating rules.,So, choose the one you like best, or why not add both? Especially this year, when only your immediate family should be seeing your tree.

What is the best phone to buy below 15k?

There are a lot of good choices available in the market under the given price tag.,One can go for Moto,Lenovo,Huwaei or Hyve devices and many other too.,Few of my favorites are:,Yu Yunicorn:5.5 inch FHD IPS Display with 1920 x 1080 pixels Resolution with 2.5D Curved Screen.,4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM with Expandable Memory upto 128 GB,13 MP Primary Cam

What is eating?

We cant live without eating.Make your Passover meal light and healthful with some of our healthy Passover recipes for entrees, side dishes and desserts.

What precisely is a differential equation?

An equation is a mathematical "sentence," of sorts, that describes the relationship between two or more things. If you say a = b, then you've just described the (trivially simple) relationship between a and b.A differential equation is a particular type of equation that includes not just things, but the rates of change of things.,For example, consi