Where should I travel in Australia if I have two weeks?

You probably already know that Australia is a massive country - about the size of the continental U.S. That said, 2 weeks is about the minimum required to get a good feel for the country.,Without knowing your budget, I would recommend the following:,Fly into Sydney, spending 3 days exploring both the city (museums, beaches, opera house, etc) and th

What Bible verse is u201cgive thanks with a grateful heartu201d?

It is from a modern hymn. Here is the information from Wikipedia,Henry Smith,"Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart" or mostly Give Thanks is an American Christian worship song written by Henry Smith in 1978. It is sung in F major with an irregular meter.,- Wikipedia u203a wiki u203a Give_T...,Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart - WikipediaGod bless you

Are they going to switch the summer time in Poland?

Short answer is - yes, like the whole EU and most western European but non-EU countries Poland observes DST with a transition to the summer time on the last weekend of March (two weeks after e.g. USA).,As Aleksander Korecki wrote in his answer, most people think it is redundant. And actually these days it is - the alleged savings are far less than

Why does Wooden Street ask for 4 weeks delivery time for a custom furniture?

I am writing this with my own experience. I was in search of an 8-seated dining table. A good and sturdy one. After checking through different several sites and recommendation of my cousin I came to wooden street. She has ordered a bed before, customising the dimensions.,When I enquired about the 8-seater dining table, the sales representative told

How is nightlife at Kuala Lumpur?

Brilliant! Internationally, Kuala Lumpur is an underrated city for nightlife in Southeast Asia. However, it is relatively expensive for Southeast Asian standards (short of Singapore).,[Note: It is a huge misconception that KL does not have nightlife/has inferior nightlife compared to other Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok and Singapore simply be

How do you take star trail photos with an iPhone?

First, spend less than $5 and buy an app like ProCamera, which will allow control over shutter speed and aperture and ISO and provide many more features similar to a dSLR.,Then find a way to stabilize your phone (buy a window clamp for your car, a tripod adapter, or some other stabilization tool).,Then find the closest, best and clearest location t

Which is best power bank under rs.1000?

Today in this list, you will find all the best companies like Ambrane, Mi, Realme, Syska, Philips, etc. All the power banks are under 1000 and a minimum 10000mAh. There are mostly up to 12W quick charging power banks. When you will see the list of the top power banks under 1000 then you will definitely buy your favorite one.,As you know, from these

Why doesnu2019t Scotland show up on the British Passport even though it is a country in the kingdom, it just says u201cThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irelandu201d? Why do they leave out Scotland?

No need. Do keep up, itu2019s simple:,In 927, on the 12th July to be exact, the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms (the heptarchy of East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex and Wessex) were united by AEthelstan to form the Kingdom of England.,In 1283, Edward I conquered the remainder of Wales, which was then administered as the Principality of Wale

What is the average gross margin of retailers of Apple products?

On average, when selling Apple products as a reseller, the margins are 8%. Some products had margins as high as 40% (AppleCare Protection Plan) and some were much lower to the point where a sale was losing money. Resellers that match Apple's education discount lose money on every sale. They typically attempt to make it up by selling third party acc

How much does YouTube pay per view in 2022?

Making Youtube videos; Earnings potential: Rs 200-300 per 1,000 views Ads are paid based on engagement and clicks. YouTube is a popular and easy-to-use video platform.,However, do you need 1000 YouTube subscribers to get paid?,Creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the previous year to begin earning money directly fro

What coding languages do you master and are you comfortable using more than one language? What "dead" coding language are you still using sporadically?

I am comfortable u2014 i.e., have u201cmasteredu201d u2014 using these, though some I havenu2019t touched in decades:,BASICn6502 Assembly Languagen80x86 Assembly LanguagenVAX Assembly LanguagenPL/InTSO CLISTnJCLnForthnPascalnxBase (dBase II, dbase III, Clipper, Foxbase, etc.)nBorland Delphi (Object Pascal)nVisual BasicnCnC++nPHPnbash/csh/ksh/etc.nS

What are some careers in biomedical science?

Biomedical Science is one of the rare degrees that literally allows you to go into anything that you could think of. Obviously, there are some limitations to this depending on the time or money side of things but if you take funding and personal time restrictions out of the equation, it is really one of the most flexible degrees into terms of caree

How much would a trip to India cost?

I am a certified backpacker. I travelled to Singapore, Malaysia and India for 3 weeks just carrying this kind of bag:,I planned my India trip a year before it happened. I live in the Philippines and we have a lot of airline seat sales here. My flight from Manila to Malaysia costs me less than 20 USD. And my flight from Malaysia to Manila costs me 3

What does Many Waters symbolize in the Bible?

Within the context of prophecy, u201cmany watersu201d represents a location where large numbers of people live. Similarly, in prophetic, the earth, like in the text that says, u201cthe earth helped the woman,u201d represents a sparsely populated area.

How do I colorize the old black and white image in Photoshop?

Ever wanted to add color to your old, vintage, or historical photographs? Load up some old pictures and see how color can be added quickly to any black and white photograph in this simple Photoshop how to.,While many purists simply donu2019t like the look of colorized black and white photographs, the ability to add color to black and white images i

What does the UN do for the Israel-Palestine problem?

First of all there is no Israel-Palestine problemu201d, there is only the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which has been going on for more than 70 years.,The so-called u201cIsrael-Palestine Conflictu201d (NOT u201cproblemu201d) was a propaganda invention to reverse the u201cDavid and Goliathu201d perception of the free world, with Israel as David and the Ar

How can I be more organised in the kitchen?

Home is where the heart is. A thing of beauty is an eternal source of joy. Everybody in this world wants to beautify their living place as well as their homes. But we donu2019t know how to decorate our kitchen. Now, we would like to share some small kitchen ideas to furnish our kitchen. For those who are creative with their kitchen, we have given t

How do you mix oil paint colors to make orange?

Mixing orange is a base of red with yellow copiously added.,it is good to understand the u201cColor Wheelu201d when you need a specific color. Here is an article on it:,All about Paint Color Mixing: Chart the Wheel & Mixing Guide [ https://www.artistsnetwork.com/art-techniques/color-mixing/color-guide/ ] - Ar...

What do you know that most people donu2019t?

Imagine a scenario where a government is planning to construct a dam, either to meet the electricity needs, for irrigation purposes or to check floods. But going ahead with the project may pose a threat to the existence of an archaeological site.,Will the government go ahead with constructing the dam? Chances are, it wonu2019t.,But what if I tell y

Are waffles an unhealthy breakfast?

It depends on how itu2019s made. Such as the type of flour, the amount of fat used, the toppings and what you eat it with. Waffles are a high carb breakfast that needs a few basic ingredients like Flour, Milk, Eggs, Sugar, etc. Using Refined flour which is a highly processed flour that is devoid of any nutrients is a simple carb that gets digested

Should we rewrite the Chinese Zodiac as (pig 1983, 1987, 1991, rat 1984, 1988, 1992, Ox 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, tiger 1986, 1990, 1994), does it makes sense when it comes to symbolism?

The last 60 Years or Sexagenary Cycle has started in 1984 with the Wood Rat (a Yang symbol), the Wood Ox (an Yin symbol), the Fire Tiger, the Fire Rabbit, the Earth Dragon, the Earth Snake, the Metal Horse, the Metal Goat, the Water Monkey, the Water Rooster, the Wood Dog, the Wood Rat (1995), and so on. The last of the constellations of the 12 ani

Will there be a Mavic Mini 2?

No. The next version of the Mavic Mini is already here and itu2019s called the Dji Mini 2 (no Mavic in the name). Why they went this naming route, who knows. Maybe itu2019s because they decided it doesnu2019t really fit into the Mavic line. Or maybe Mini sales were taking away too many Mavic Pro sales.,The next version of the Mini will likely be ca