What are the objectives of supply chain management?

Hybrid vehicle technology.,Electrical vehicle.,Recent trends in automotive/mechanical.,Automation.,Material technology.,Supply chain management.,Energy management.,CFD(computational fluid dynamics),CAD/CAM/CAE.,Tooling engineering.

Why cant you crop images in Adobe Illustrator?

Actually, you can. Its got a bit more steps to the process as compared to Photoshop. Make a box around your image keeping inside only what you want after the crop. Make sure this box is above the image. Then select both the image and box, right click. And hit make clipping mask( shortcut is Ctrl+7 )

What are some tips for making a better sandwich?

This was a Shabbat (hence, done by memory) interview with my awesome grandfather in his kitchen. Saba is a master baker (retired) who will show you all the ropes. Also, my mental commentary.u201cThe key to a good sandwich is choosing the right bread for the right sandwich. People focus on the fillings, but like a good house needs a strong foundatio

What does your culture usually have for Christmas dinner?

An English answer:,Roast turkey,Roast potatoes,Roast parsnips,Boiled peas,Boiled broad beans,Yorkshire pudding,followed by,Christmas pudding (plum pudding),Brandy butter,White sauce (custard without the yellow but with the brandy),followed by,Cheese,Port

What is your Architecture of the Day 236?

u2018Archeologyu2019! Architect Design a Conceptual Zero Energy, Zero Waste Eco Resort in the Philippines ud83dudc9a,u2018Have you ever heard of the term arcology? Developed by Italian architect Paolo Soleri, it defines an increasingly popular design idea: architecture and ecology are combined into one integrated design. Vincent Callebaut Architect

How do I get myself to become motivated and just study all the time?

Is it hard for you to get motivated to study?Letu2019s face itu2026,Itu2019s so easy to watch just one more YouTube video, or to scroll through your social media feed just one more time. But your exams are also approaching. Theyu2019re getting nearer by the day.nYou have a rising sense of panic, but you donu2019t know where to begin. The more you p

How much did Islam influence modern Hinduism?

There is no discernible influence on religion or philosophy but there are some vestiges of social influence - one such outstanding example is in the matter of purdah (veiling of women).,Covering the head or veiling the face is not a traditional Hindu practice and was unknown in ancient India but became popular in areas with a large Muslim populatio

What is the generation after Z?

Funny question. You'll see why in a moment. ,At present, the members of the post-Millennial generation -- one that I like to call "The Post Generation," but that many people call "Generation Z" -- are still being born. ,Generational theory is soft science. It's not math or physics, so exact answers about when generations stop and start are not only

Who was the first Vice President of the USA?

The first Vice-President was the man who would later become the second President: none other than John Adams.,Under the terms of the Constitution as originally written, every member of the Electoral College had two votes, without distinction between President and Vice-President. An intentional result of this system was that there were twice as many

Game Developers, what is getting into the gaming industry really like?

The video game industry is currently growing at a healthy rate that is four times faster than the growth of the overall U.S. economy. However, there is a lot of chaos associated with this growth as publishers try to figure out appropriate business models that work with free-to-play and games becoming more of a service that you regularly purchase on

How do you find the percentage in Excel?

Hi,,Not sure what data set you have to calculate percentage. I am assuming that you need to know what a particular expense item is a percentage of total expense as a whole.,For the above assume you have a table as below:,To calculate what each expense item is a percentage of Total amount youu2019ll simply use the formula as below:,Similarly, assume

Whatu2019s the fastest you have ever been in a car on a public road?

Back in the day (early 1970s), I picked up a brand-new Fiat at the factory in Torino, Italy, we had ordered in the States. My goal was to use it as transportation to spend several months in Europe, meeting up with my Navy aviator husband at various Navy ports, and doing sightseeing with our toddler sons in between; he was stationed on an aircraft c

What is a simple interior design for a hall?

Hall is an integral part of your home. It creates the first impression of your home interiors and sets the tone of your entire home. So here we bring you some simple yet unique ways of decking up your hall to match your home interiors.,A Comfortable Sofa UnitA sofa unit lends a luxurious vibe to your room and provides a comfortable seating option f

What terrifies you and fascinates you?

My fiance passed away suddenly due to a blood leak in his brain that doctors failed to diagnose, and shortly after I watched his heart beat for the very last time, several strange things happened.,The first event happened the day I took him off life support and kissed him goodbye for the last time. I went home in shock, didnu2019t know what to do w

What causes environmental pollution?

NOTE: Iu2019m NOT u201cformer R&Du201d, at age 85 Iu2019m still u201cR&Du201d with 4,950 Inventions & Discoveries to my name, & counting. Dr.Pat E: dhowden78@hotmail.comWe believe that itu2019s more vital knowing how to cope with an environmental crisis such as climate change, plastic pollution etc, rather than the exceeding difficult Physics of an

Which is better - Vivo V9 or Redmi Note 5 Pro?

If, for you, looks and a good selfie camera matters, then go for Vivo V9 or else go for REDMI NOTE 5 PROu2026,Vivo V9 is a bit heftier in pricing as far as its price segment is concernedu2026 It looks good but lacks hardwareu2026 It has SD 625 which is an obsolete processor in 2018 at this price rangeu2026,I'll suggest you better go for REDMI NOTE

If an asteroid actually killed the dinosaurs as science claims, then what became of this huge rock? Why cant we see it now? And what is the evidence that such an asteroid did indeed hit the Earth?

Evidence indicates that the asteroid fell in the Yucatu00e1n Peninsula, at Chicxulub, Mexico. In March 2010, an international panel of scientists endorsed the asteroid hypothesis, specifically the Chicxulub impact, as being the cause of the extinction. A team of 41 scientists reviewed 20 years of scientific literature and in so doing also ruled out

What online businesses are projected to be a boom in 2022?

If you really start an online business, then you should start a business business is not a problem. You don't need to complicate things. Just choose a method that makes sense to you and start taking action.,1. Choose a profitable online business modelu25cfE-commerce,Itu2019s also easy to sell physical products online, which is exactly what e-commer

Do Koreans find foreigners attractive?

Do Koreans find foreigners attractive?Yes, but up to a certain point only. So an accurate short answer would be Yes but No.,In Korea, there are 2 ways to be attractive. You can be attractive as a person, so what you are overall. Koreans mainly care for this kind of attractiveness when they look for a long-term partner or a spouse. And you can be at

Hi. Is 10 days spotting considered a period? I always spot 3 days before my period starts and my period usually lasts 5-7 days. Last month, I was just spotting for 10 days, no period till now (a month later).

Like to understand more speak about it with your doctor referral to a gynaecologist has all the ans.trained not just for babies women's issues.everyone is different and some in shocking pain each month causing difficulties endometoritist think its called later conceiving harder so talk ask your curiosity with right doctor. Dont be embarrassed but w

Which place is good for a honeymoon in June?

India is home to some amazingly romantic destinations that offer jaw-dropping views and pleasant weather; even in the month of June, when most parts of the country are bearing scorching heat. Explore these summer heavens before you plan your romantic escape for a June honeymoon in India.10 Best Honeymoon Places In India In June1. Anamalai Hills u20