Why do tourists visit the Philippines?

A year ago, the opportunity presented itself to me to travel to the Philippines for business. Coming from NYC, I was hesitant as it's a country that's not often on the radar for many media outlets or general discussion and I had no connection to the country whatsoever. I've come to realize that it's one of the most undermarket Asian countries in te

What is so special about Blackpink Jennies fashion?

Itu2019s simple. Her outfits are well-coordinated, and therefore, pleasing to look at. Now, Iu2019m no fashion expert, but I know a thing or two. Her outfits are good because:,they fit her. and i mean, theyu2019re not oversized or too tight. if ever they look that way, itu2019s intentional.,she never goes over the top with the colors. from her bags

Which country is cheap for Indians to visit as a tourist?

a. Thailand u2013 1 THB = 2.14 INR (as of November '18),A budget traveler's haven, is exactly what Thailand is. Bangkok maybe a bit more expensive than other places compared to in SE Asia, but the country's accommodating locals, wide range of stay options, cheap delicious food and an effective transport system, puts it high in the list of a budget

Would it be wise to open a local coffee shop with a Starbucks about one block away?

Markets for some products are quantified by districts, some by cities, some by suburbs some by blocks and some (like coffee) by sides of the street. ,So if Starbucks are one block away they are most probably serving a different coffee market to the one that you will serve. To prove this theory, one just needs to look at how Starbucks locate their s

If a Sherman 75mm gun fires a high explosive round, how close would it have to land to you for it to be lethal? Also, are there any photos of an HE shell impact?

The 75mm round was based on a artillery gun. Its shell was very thin walled so it put out a large number of shell fragments. It had a kill radius of 20 to 30 meters with a chance for wounds much further out.,https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/75mm-M3-spec-booklet-MK-VI.pdf&ved=2ahUK

How hard is it to cook Chinese food at home?

Itu2019s not overly difficult, but can be complicated and expensive. Chinese food uses a lot of ingredients that most American homes donu2019t typically have on hand such as oyster sauce, rice wine, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, anise, ginger, and so on.,To simplify it, you can start with base sauces, much like in tradition French cooking. Search

What do people eat for dessert outside of the US?

Oh, my God, Where do I start? Iu00b4m from Rio, Brazil, and our main crop has been sugarcane for years! We have lots of delicious desserts.,BrigadeiroItu00b4s made of chocolate and condensed milk. Itu00b4s a must have in every birthday party, but we also have the habit of eating one after lunch.,Beijinho de cu00f4coSimilar to the Brigadeiro, but in

What is the value of a Mexican 500 peso coin?

Hi,,500 Mexican pesos coin is no longer in circulation (since 1992). In that year the Mexican Pesos suffered a devaluation and the nuevos pesos mexicanos were introduced.,This new pesos had 3 zeros removed. In other words 1000 old pesos converted into 1 new peso. So this coin was converted into a 50 cents of current money. 50 cents of current Mexic

What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Davao City, Philippines?

Interesting! I have to share some of my exciting experiences in Davao City. Alright! If you love beaches, I would recommend to visit Samal Island the Paradise beach resort. . Thatu2019s one of the safest beach to visit for if you really in to outdoors, everything is there.,However, if you like quite and peaceful environment, try to check Alorro bea

What can I do with bachelor of arts degree?

I got a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) in Illustration.,I also got a BA in Multimedia- 3D Animation.,I have other degrees but those are not relevant to this answer, so letu2019s just talk about my BA and BFA.,Was the degree (and the student loan) worth it?,Well, I didnu2019t find a job with it, if thatu2019s what youu2019re asking. To be honest, none o

Whats the history behind Asian people eating using chopsticks?

I think there are probably a few answers about related questions floating around, but here's my take on it:n- knives and forks were originally weapons scaled down for the dinner table. In fact, forks didn't even exist until well into the 1600s- in the Middle Ages, people would just take their hunting knife and cut up meat with it, then stab the mea

In Tamil Nadu, which colour saree is used for bridal?

Thanks for the A2A.,I am singularly unqualified to write about sarees, especially bridal ones. My mum generally ignores my usually unsolicited opinion regarding sarees for these reasons:,I tend to think 40u201350 sarees in a wardrobe are bit superfluous, personal opinion of course.,I refuse to believe that maroon can have a shade called u201carakuu

Whats the difference between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC?

As far as Iu2019m concerned, the most important difference is that if you buy PS CS6, you own your work tool, whereas if you buy PS CC, youu2019re only renting it.,Imagine if a surgeon had to rent her scalpels and clamps. Or a chef had to rent his knives. Or a musician had to rent her instrument. Or a plumber had to rent his wrenches. Or an editor

Considering the ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "list of environmental issues", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "url", "url": "http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiList_of_environmental_issues"}}}, {"text": ", is science more dangerous to humanity than religion?

The fossil fuel industryu2019s agents in government AKA the Republican Party. They vote the interests of their patrons over those of the American people always, and do everything they can to block any form of legislation / government oversight that tries to protect the planet our children will inherit.,Voting out the GOP at every level should be th

Are chocolate cookies safe for pregnancy?

Yes, chocolate cookies are safe for pregnancy!,The amazing thing about pregnancy is that you usually develop cravings for things you need and aversions for things you donu2019t need. Itu2019s not an exact science so an iron deficiency might encourage you to eat more meatu2026but you might crave something unhealthy like Mcdonaldu2019su2026or asphalt

What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to interior decoration?

What are my biggest pet peeves when it comes to interior design?,This:,Too much space allocated to decor. This is just wasted space. Do they use the canning jars or the plates? Do they use the counter space? Doubt it. I love decor; thatu2019s not the problem. What I hate is when itu2019s all decor.,This:,Donu2019t need to explain. Wait, I do. I got

Why does my mouse not work properly on smooth surfaces?

You don't say what kind of mouse you are using. The choices today are ball mice (not very common in stores today), "optical" mice (those that use a laser), trackball mice (these work essentially the same as the "optical" mice, I'll explain below), button mouse (which is essentially a tiny joystick), touchscreen or tablet with a finger or pen, and a

What are the best mobile app development companies? Why?

The 10 best mobile app development companies to work with right now:Here is a quick snippet of the top 10 mobile app development companies in 2021!,1. HEDGEHOG LAB :hedgehog lab kicks off the list of top mobile app development companies in 2021,This team based in Newcastle, London, and Boston has worked with big names like Deliveroo, Microsoft, and

What are the four principles or elements of good customer service?

Simply put, customer support stands for serving the clients' needs. However, it's more than just providing answers. Today's customer service plays an important, if not critical, role in the promise that your product makes to its customers. According to Qualtrics XM Institute's report, only one in five consumers will forgive a bad experience if they

How can I prepare for the UPSC Mains examinations?

Just being done with the Prelims feels like a big relief. You feel that a lot of burden has been lifted off your shoulders. And the joy of performing well and knowing that you get to go the next stage ( Mains) is beautiful. You plan to chill for a few days, but there is still that anxiety somewhere regarding mains.,I had felt the very same anxiety.

What are some facts about the Titanic?

Some interesting facts about the movie Titanic(1997):,1. Titanic was the the highest grossing film until Avatar, and was the first film to reach the billion dollar mark.The film's budget was 200 million dollars and it was the most expensive film made at the time. Many people including the director himself thought the film was going to be a disaster