What is the best Photoshop plugin for black and white images?

There are two great plugins for converting colour photos to black and white; Silver Efex Pro and Virtual Photographer. Both are easy to download and install and are fully supported by their makers. The Pexels free plugin for Photoshop will save you tons of time of browsing photos on the web, downloading and importing them in Photoshop. With Pexels

What is the best standard deviation value?

You'll need to expand on that. ,If you are using the standard deviation as a QA measure of some production process, you obviously want it as low as possible. The exact numbers will vary with what you are doing - two kg might be great if you're pouring concrete, and a millimeter might be horrible if you're making phone parts. ,If you're surveying so

Which Indian bank has the best online corporate banking site for current accounts?

To answer my own question, ICICI Bank gets a thumbs down. I signed up with them for my startup and regret it. I've visited the branch a dozen times in the past month to get things going, but the latest road blocker is just ridiculous:,To transfer money to an account in any bank across India, I can add a payee online, confirm via the SMS code, and p

Astrology: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the meaning of the rabbit year?

We will not be able to commit to one person right away??!! Really? What a surprise for the Year of the Rabbit!nIf any of this stuff I googled is true, I hope the Year of the Rabbit will stay for couple of years. With revolutions and earthquakes it looks more like the Year of the Tasmanian Devil to me for now.nSo this is what I found about the Hare:

Why do men have affairs when their wives are pregnant?

Husbands who cheat on their own pregnant wife care more about their own sexual gratification than they care about anything else inside that marriage. Well that is how it is seen in the eyes of one who knows what u201dloveu201d should look like. If the relationship is not built on a foundation of real love, then I suspect anything goes.,On that note

How much do flight attendants make?

I work for United.,The pay varies depending on how much you work. Each flight attendant is given a schedule of 80-95 hours a month which can be traded and built upon depending how much you'd like to work. Some people give away their hours (trips) and have the ability to drop down to 0 hours a month and others like to pick up more and can work as mu

What is Amazons unique value proposition?

Amazonu2019s unique value proposition is incidentally that they add more value than anyone else. Period.,They do this many ways:,Price,Selection,Shipping speed,Reliability / customer service,Other prime membership perks: content, cash back, deals kindle, audible, prime now, etc.,New products & services like amazon echo, checkout free retail, drone

What is the purpose of a mission statement?

There are many interesting and enlightening answers to this question. Unfortunately, they fall prey to a common problem with mission and vision statements. In the literature, the experts use the terms in 3 different ways.,In one (the one I prefer) the mission is simply a statement of what the company does and who it does it for. The vision is the h

How do I convert WebP to GIF on WinDows or Mac?

If youu2019re an Adobe Photoshop user, you canu2019t edit a WebP file directly without first adding WebP support using a third-party plugin called WebPShop. This will allow you to open the file, modify the image directly, and convert it to a more widely-supported format like GIF.,If you want to convert WebP to GIF using Photoshop, hereu2019s what y

What kind of things do you get for your Asian mother for Mothers Day?

One of the best ideas I've seen is a handmade scrapbook filled with all the photos you have from growing up. Put some funny captions for each photo you want to put into the scrapbook. On the last page, write a letter to her, saying how much you appreciate her giving up part of her life caring for you. Add some personal touches and wrap it up and gi

Is there a way to create and prepare a healthy corn dog?

Is there a way to create and prepare a healthy corn dog?A corn dog is the epitome of carnival food. Itu2019s a cheap hot dog, straightjacketed in breading for its own protection, and then deep-fried into submission. Gobs of mustard are the only way to render these things edible. Please be advised that, in polite society, the words u201chealthyu201d

How far would you have to go from your home to reach a sizable area of wilderness?

Las Vegas proper sits in the bottom of a bowl. Whichever direction you go from there, youu2019re heading up. At the end of each u2018upu2019 you will find wilderness. It is shrinking to some extent, due to the efforts of the voracious Land Developers, a destructive species introduced by the Brits to America two hundred years ago with inevitable and

What are some table manners and dining etiquette that everyone should know about?

Here are few dining table manners in my knowledge:,Place your napkin in your lap (while eating),Fold your used napkin and place it to the left of your place setting, donu2019t leave it scrunched and messy. (post eating),Avoid speaking with mouth full of food (or say, while chewing or eating),Try keeping your elbows off the table.,While having soup

What happens if you always skip breakfast and only eat lunch and dinner everyday?

Nothing happens I have been doing it 42 yrs.,I was the type of kid that never was hungry in the morning. By the time lunch rolled around I was starving. I would wind up eating a huge lunch and a light dinner. I just followed that pattern well into my adult years. I occasionally will eat a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee or maybe a pastry but ver

What are some good DIY Christmas decorations?

Ho Ho Ho! The Christmas season is almost here! You might not believe it, but Christmas truly is a magical time of unlimited joy and happiness. It is the best day for those who love to decorate the front porch of their homes. Without a doubt, everyone tries to outdo themselves each year on the 25th of December. Whether putting up the Christmas tree

Which are the 10 poorest countries in the world?

Central African Republic,u2022 GNI per capita: $663,u2022 2017 GDP: $3.1 billion,u2022 Population: 4.7 million,u2022 Life expectancy at birth: 52.9 years,The GNI per capita of $663 in the Central African Republic is the lowest of any country in the world. Despite a wealth of resources like gold, diamonds, and oil, violence has hindered economic dev

Is lava the hottest thing on Earth?

I think your question needs to be more specific. u201cIs lava the hottest naturally occurring heat source on Earthu201d? Lava and u201con the Earthu201d pretty much fixes the question to heat sources above the ground, as opposed to magma which is the proper description for molten rock below the surface of the Earth.,Temperatures of most magmas are

Which is the best 4K resolution monitor for photo editing?

Editing photos is ok to do on basic monitors, but if you plan to make a career of it, or what to level up on your photo editing skills, then youu2019ll need a monitor with color clarity up to industry standards.,There are a few different things you need for a photo-editing monitor. Weu2019ve compiled a list of the best monitors for your editing and

How do I turn on a Canon camera?

most Canon DSLRS have a thumb level type switch. - The newer cameras will auto shut off and be activated again with just lightly pressing the shutter release - if not you have a dead battery

What are the flooring trends for 2021?

Floors are an important part of any home, and some people even considered them as the foundation of their house. Every year the floor trends change and bring some new choices and styles So whether youu2019re planning to remodel your home or just want to renovate your floors, this flooring guide will help you to get stylish and trendy floors. Also,

Whats the best motorcycle helmet camera?

The GoPro Hero 3 and above. Protune on, FPS to 24, sharpness to medium, white balance to native, spot metering off, angle to medium, max iso to 1600. Attach it to your helmet using a chin mount.,Oh, and a copy of Premier Pro with After Effects, and while youu2019re at it buy some good cinematic LUTs.,That should do it, now youu2019ll have Casey Nei

What are the best smaller towns to visit in Texas?

Fredericksburg, Texas has a really awesome small town American vibe.,Itu2019s very walkable, maintain your traditional Main Street Design aesthetics, and have very tourist friendly amenities. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, itu2019s about 1.5 to 2 hour drive away from Austin, Texas.

What are the most beautiful forests in the world?

The Cloud Forest in Santa Elena, Costa Rica., ,These "cloud forests" are all over the world, but this one in particular is my favorite. The air is so thick with moisture that there is near permanent fog. ,Here is another near the Atacama desert.,, ,There is just something serene about fog.,Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_forest

What vegan chocolate cookie recipes make moist, chewy cookies?

This is good one that I have tried!,Soft-Baked Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookiesn6 tablespoons MELT Organic Rich and Creamy Spreadn1 1/4 cups plus 1 tablespoon all purpose flourn1/2 teaspoon baking sodan2 teaspoons corn starchn1/4 teaspoon fine saltn1/2 cup dark brown sugarn1/4 cup granulated sugarn1 1/2 tablespoons almond milk or other non-dairy milkn1