Is a graphics card really important in laptops or computers? How?

Let me explain what is a graphic card first!!,Imagine you are writing some essay, article or something. You like to draw some pictures in between them. So you use some colour pencils or some sketches right?,The role of Graphics card is same as colour pencils. To process colours (graphics), you need a graphics card. They are the Graphic Processing U

How do people relax in Manila, Philippines?

As someone who worked in Manila for almost 3 years, I could say life there isnu2019t easy. Itu2019s sad and poor. The noise, traffic jam, pollution, poverty is saddening and stressing.,But situation now in Manila under Pres. Duterte is getting better especially under Mayor Isko governance. You can visit a lot of good places in Manila to unwind.,Lun

What are some good examples of "How is this legal?" Not just things that you do not like, but things that really should be against the law but that are not, at least in certain places.

Patent TrollingI knew shell companies existed, but I didnu2019t know often times they serve multiple purposes than just holding assets. Some keep cash to avoid paying taxes, and some, well some outright sue people over a u201cpatentu201d they have the rights to.,u201cIn pejorative usage, a patent troll is a person or company that attempts to enforc

Where can I find cheap gaming monitors?

Any monitor with a low "input lag" will be perfect for games. ,If your willing to spend a bit more I would suggest a 144hz monitor for gaming. You can really feel the difference!

Which Indian industries have been hit by globalisation?

The Most Important of them are:-,Electronics - Before Globalisation, Videocon had a 56.1% market share in Consumer Electronics (Washing Machines etc) and a 38% Market in Televisions. Today the share is non existent. Same with Onida and other Electronics Companies which are Struggling to compete quality wise or price wise against Japanese Brands lik

What is your best microwave recipe?

The best, easy and quick recipe I have tried in my microwave is the Brownie in a mug recipe. It a no fuss recipe perfect to indulge in when your craving for some thing sweet. nJust put 2 egg yolks, 2 tbsp castor sugar, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp all purpose flour, 1 tbsp melted butter and 1/4 tsp baking powder in a mug and mix it well. Pop inside

Astrology: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the meaning of the rabbit year?

We will not be able to commit to one person right away??!! Really? What a surprise for the Year of the Rabbit!nIf any of this stuff I googled is true, I hope the Year of the Rabbit will stay for couple of years. With revolutions and earthquakes it looks more like the Year of the Tasmanian Devil to me for now.nSo this is what I found about the Hare:

What drink will help to lose belly fat?

It's not about eating or drinking one food for Losing fat or gaining weight.,Your overall Calorie intake matter.,So, for losing fat you need to eat less than your maintaince Calories which is Calorie Deficit.,And, always remember it's a Lifestyle .,So, make small changes in your r...

What are some recipes for cooking corn on the cob?

i peel the outer layers of the husk to access the silk ( the hairy stuff), then soak in a light brine (water with a little salt) for about 20u201330 minutes. be sure to keep fully submerged. Remove from brine and roast on grill turning a couple times to keep from catching fire. should take about 10u201350 minutes depending on how hot your grill is.

Should you use an HTML template for your website?

Yes, you can definitely go ahead and build your website using HTML template.,I'm assuming you have a basic knowledge of HTML/JavaScript coding when you say "using my time in a more productive way on parts of the site which can't simply be a template".,There are many websites from where you can download HTML templates such as Free Vector graphic art

What is the oldest skyscraper in New York City?

It depends on your definition (u201cskyscraperu201d isnu2019t a legally defined term), but contenders for the honor would include:,The Flatiron Building (1902),Or the Woolworth Building (1913)

Where is the highest underwater mountain?

Many of us have learnt that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. Well, that is partially true.,Everest rises 8,848 m above sea level. But what is sea level? Well, sea level refers to an "average" of mountains and valleys altitude. But the Earth is not completely round, it is an oblate spheroid. So we forgot to take this into consideratio

Have you ever walked out of an interview?

Yes I have. It was some years ago for a prominent tech company back in Atlanta, who I wonu2019t name. They had actually contacted me as they needed someone with Six Sigma Process Improvement experience and my background was completely on point. The initial phone interview went great and they scheduled me to come in and meet with the COO and someone

What are the four Ps of marketing?

Know WHO your customer is,Find out WHAT their #1 most painful problem is. WHAT keeps them up at night?,WHAT do they fear and worry about?,What do they desire above everything else?,What is massively important to them? Itu2019s important to note: Whatu2019s really important to people is always expressed in their behavior and NOT in what they say! So

What are some examples of projects an IT governance manager do?

The projects would be done by another level of PMu2019s. Governance is between the PM group and senior management. You miss a milestone and u201cthe governoru201d explains it. They (the demons Iu2019ll call senior management) tell the governor if they have any brilliant ides of how to get the project on track. Or from the PMu2019s perspective, they

Is an air fryer healthier than a normal deep fryer?

It works by using very hot air instead of oil.,The upside of this is fewer calories, and no unhealthy stuff forming in your oil.,The downside,in my experience, is that oiling the snacks (like french fries) by hand is a pretty big hassle, the result is ok but not quite as tasty as normal (much drier so you're inclined to use more mayonaise/ketchup/w

Why is IRCTC website so slow?

Indian Railways values feedback given by its passengers and has overhauled the IRCTC booking website into a modern and slick interface. This is done In line with the Digital India initiative, and creating a more friendly and enjoyable experience for all its passengers.,Through automating journey planning and purchase of tickets a Next Generation e-

What is the best way to invest in US stocks from India? Are there any Indian brokerage firms that offer such services? I am also interested in how RBI (Reserve Bank of India) policies regulate such foreign currency transactions.

I just submitted the form to open an ICICI Direct account. They have a partnership with Saxo bank on which you can trade.,Opening charges are Rs 1500.nBrokerage for NASDAQ/NYSE - $.02/per share or $15 whichever is minimum. The minimum transaction value has to be $50.nThey provide a comprehensive list of all exchanges one can trade on and their corr

What are the best schools for computer engineering in NCR, Philippines and why?

Answer:,Mapu00faa University is also the first Philippine and Southeast Asian educational institution to have Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technological (ABET) certification in 13 Engineering programs including Computer Engineering. What this means is if youu2019re graduate of Mapuau2019s Computer Engineering youu2019re diploma will most

How many 14 cups does it take to make 2 cups?

4 of them would make one cup. Look at it like this 1/4 cup is actually a cup divided into 4 equal partsu2026. So 1/4 cup is 1 out of the 4 it takes to make a whole cup.,So if you need 2 cups you would need 8 of the 1/4 cups.,If 4 of them equals one full cup, then you need to do it twice. Altogether 8 of the 1/4 cups makes 2 full cups

How important are cover letters for faculty job applications in academia?

In the US, an application for an faculty job usually has several parts: statement of interest in the position, research statement, teaching philosophy, CV, letters of recommendation, and sometimes a diversity statement. In the humanities and social sciences, one usually also provides a writing sample (a single-authored published article or thesis c

How long does it take to cook chicken thighs in a slow cooker?

Iu2019d probably shoot for more than 3 hrs if it has the bone in. If itu2019s deboned it cooks much faster of course.,When I cook them, thereu2019s usually blood oozing from the bone top and bottom around the 2 hr mark. I want that blood to brown before I consider it done.,Actually I want the connective tissue to have melted which may take as much

What are some mind-blowing facts about the worlds most famous brands?

Starbucks did not want to sell any beverage in their stores, ever.Now, there is a very interesting story about how this changed.,First, a little background -,The company was started by Gerald Baldwin (Jerry), Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegel in 1971 as a coffee bean store in Seattle. They were highly inspired by Peetu2019s Coffee and Tea, a store in Be

What are some of the dishes an Indian vegetarian should try in America?

Here are some to try. Though I've listed foods from different origins (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc), these are all very typical American foods that are widely available.,Most food in the US is probably a lot less spicy than you are used to. If you are missing spicy, Mexican food is always a good choice. Also, sushi is always served with wasabi,