How do you make an organizational chart in PowerPoint?

If the organizational chart is not too complex, one of the built in Smart-Art templates will do a quick, easy, and sometimes attractive job.,1) Choose Smart-Artn2) Choose Hierarchyn3) Select the style that best fits your datan4) Type the names of each person or department, using tabs to indicate parent/child.n5) Voila. Graphic created.n6) Tweak col

In a company logo design, what specific colors combine well with Greenery (Pantone) or similar green to evoke healing, bliss, tranquility and health?

Edit: Adar Butel was kind enough to post this neat online color palette/guide/mixer. I think you can use it to brainstorm and also export your palette out for future reference. It seems pretty robust, so it might help with your project. Best!The Color Scheme Designeru2014u2014,Well, I donu2019t really have the specific colors if you wanted the Pant

What are some mind blowing facts about the zodiac sign Cancer?

Facts about CancerCancer is considered one of the two money signs in the Zodiac. Taurus is the other. Cancer unlike Taurus doesnu2019t slave away constantly for coin. Instead, by fortuitous design, they may fall into money. Whether by inheritance, property, connections (going back to family), or amassing wealth from creative pursuits.,In connection

What are some unique vegetarian (no eggs) sandwich recipes?

Well you could try the coleslaw! nGet some mayonnaise (there are eggless ones available) nNow finely chop n-cabbage n-capsicum n-onions(optional) nAnd grate carrots ,Add salt and pepper to the chopped veggies and mix well.. Now add 3-4 spoons full of mayonnaise to the mixture and mix well. nApply the spread on bread and enjoy muching!

Will Mission Impossible 4 be a guaranteed success?

It depends on how you define "success." MI3 was the least grossing film of the three and MI4 is coming 4 years later. Also, Sherlock Holmes 2 is coming out the same day. The first Sherlock Holmes had a better opening than MI3 and is fresher on people's minds, at least on paper. There's a good chance it doesn't even have the best opening that weeken

What is your experience of Wooden Street?

My experience with WoodenStreet was great. Great, in terms of everything! And, here I am sharing the experience which went like this:,I was searching for a shoe rack for so long. So I browsed on Pinterest to find some of the great designs and there I found pictures of amazing shoe racks. Surprisingly, it was WoodenStreet! At first, because of a bit

How much is 20 dollars in pesos?

What country pesos? A number of countries around the world use pesos as their national currency. Each has a different exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. Or were you referring to the Canadian or Australian dollars? Be clear with your question.

What does it mean when I dreamt that I had someone kill someone else for no reason, and during the dream there were different revisits to covering it up, disposing of evidence, etc.?

Hi to all, in my dream, I did NOT kill someone, however, I had someone do it for me. This person was a HS friend I havenu2019t seen in 35 years (probably recently saw her name on FB and I always liked her). I have a lot of stress at work. Thatu2019s it. So, Iu2019m guesing from the initial responses, that Iu2019m trying to have someone kill my job.

What is rasterize in illustrator?

Illustrator is a vector-drawing application, but it also supports display of bitmapped images. When you rasterize an object in illustrator, you're converting from vector to bitmapped and losing all of the vector information. Example:,This is a screen capture showing a vector star on the left, raster on the right. They look pretty much the same unti

What is the cheapest and safest country to live in?

Try the following sites - among many more u201cout thereu201d - for your comparison to avoid erroneous opinions or points of view youu2019ll read on this site:,Click: Cost of Living Comparisons, 2020 data. - compares the cost of living between cities and shows an international cost of living index map,,Click: Crime Index by Country 2020,Click: http

What is Onsen Tamago, and what does it taste like?

There are 2 types of onsen tamago/u6e29u6cc9u5375 in Japan. Well, 3 if you count the sort you might make yourself. Onsen tamago just means u201ceggs cooked/boiled/steamed in/over spa wateru201d.,People in Japan who live near Hot Springs have a tradition of cooking things in the hot spa water as well. Not just bathing in the spa. Vegetables and othe

What is the best weight loss diet?

According to me to lose your weight you should follow the following diet plan:-,Drink 1 glass of lukewarm water with honey or Lime Juice as soon as you wake up from your bed.,Take the light and protein rich breakfast like Oats, Poha, Boiled egg, Sprouts, Bananas.,In midmorning take 1 fruit.,Coming to the lunch, eat fresh and healthy food like you c

What is the best way to request a letter for a school admission?

I think you mean an application letter. In the United States you must put together an application packet which consists of,A transcript of your grades,Your relevant test scores (usually GRE, TOEFL),Your statement of purpose,A writing sample or an example of a publication you have authored,Letters of recommendation from people who know your academic

What are some mind-blowing facts about the worlds most famous brands?

Starbucks did not want to sell any beverage in their stores, ever.Now, there is a very interesting story about how this changed.,First, a little background -,The company was started by Gerald Baldwin (Jerry), Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegel in 1971 as a coffee bean store in Seattle. They were highly inspired by Peetu2019s Coffee and Tea, a store in Be

What are the pros & cons of low carb diet?

Let me give a one word answer,Pros: Effective in weight loss,Cons: Not recommended for a healthy body.,They work really well for me because I am not good at starving. There is always something I can eat. And I can still go out to eat as well. I have been a low carb person for decades.,Just because it works for me doesnu2019t mean itu2019s right for

Where is one of the most dangerous places in the world for sailors?

Off of Cape Good Hope, Africa. Quoting NASAu2019s Earth Observatory:,Mariners have long considered the waters off Africau2019s southern tip to be treacherous. After decades of failed attempts to navigate around the continent, Portuguese explorers took to calling one of its southerly promontories the Cape of Storms. (It was later renamed the Cape of

What are the most valuable cooking skills that you have ever learned?

The most important hard skill chefs need is an ability to cook, as well as knowledge of the kitchen. This broad skill includes a variety of smaller skills, including knife and tasting skills. Chefs need to be able to cook precisely and efficiently.,Do you remember helping your parents bake cookies or make dinner as a child? Did you realize you were

When are digital signatures valid, and when are "wet signatures" required? Is there a difference between digital markup on PDF or printsignscan? Is there a legal principle (which might vary by country) or merely preference of different lawyers?

For the most part, signatures are not required at all to form a contract, nor are they part of rather legal arrangement between parties. Rather, they are proof that:,the two parties did in fact come to an agreement. Witnesses, communications records, the history of the partiesu2019 acts, and many other things could prove this, but two parties engag

What are some examples of practicing good company culture that a small business can do?

Looking at our own culture here at 7Geese (team of 13), one of the first visible aspects I noticed when joining that speaks to our company culture and good practices of culture is our weekly lunch and learn.,Every Wednesday one or two team members present on a topic of interest for the rest of the team during an organization paid lunch hour where w

How does the pressure difference between the air outside the plane and the air in the plane prevent me from opening the planes door? Doors open outward and theres more pressure inside than there is outside. Shouldnt the pressure work for me?

It would, if the doors were the simple types made for houses. Aircraft doors are a good deal more complexu2014largely for this very reason.,Most modern airliners rely an what is called a u201cplug door,u201d in which the door, seated against its seal, is held closed during pressurized flight by thousands of pounds of force. The simplest design for

How will life be in Dubai for an Indian?

I am Indian and have been staying in Dubai for over 2 years now. I moved here after I got married. I find that life is very fast here as compared to India but overall it has been a great experience. When I first moved here, I was amazed to see so many Indians here. The place is mostly dominated by Malayalis. I will try to explain few points for Ind

What is the resolution for the fujifilm instax mini 90 Neo classic camera?

Fujifilm Instax uses instant film instead of digital sensor. Film is an analog medium, so it doesn't have "pixels" per se, though film scanners have pixels and a specific resolution.,Fujifilm states their instant film can resolve approx. 12 lp/mm (thatu2019s line pairs, not pixels). Instax Mini has 46mm u00d7 62mm image size, so theoretically you s

Are zodiac signs a real thing?

Let me tell you this.,Whether or not astrology is real, as long as it can be a tool to make better understanding of yourself, then thereu2019s truth in it.Look at people who are religious.. Whether or not their religion is real, they make it real by putting in the energy to make it apart of their life.,Other than fact, something is only as real as

What made Taylor Swifts "Blank Space" so special?

I think it's special because it's a song she wrote as a joke. The media has always portrayed Taylor as this serial killer dater who "gets a new boyfriend more than you do your laundry". This upset Taylor at first but now she's laughing about it. Taylor said she wondered what song this girl that the media has made up would write. And she began to wr

What is the best free computer protection software for Windows 10?

Internet has made our lives so easy and have become such an integral part of our lives that it is unimaginable to have a life without them. Although internet has its share of benefits, but we can't deny the fact that Internet is a hub of malware. Clicking on a malicious link that infect the system with malware, so it is imperative to have an intern

Whats a good current account bank for a London-based technology startup?

Refusal is common but could be good.,,Do you need a business name on the account? - maybe not. nI run an online shop selling nonleather footwear with a separate but personal-name account. My personal account is at another bank, so there's no need to trouble one bank with a request for two similar but separate accounts. Separate bank accounts are re