What can Alexa control in my house?

Alexa can control all smart home devices that are configured via Hub and supports voice commands.,Totally it depends upon your smart home devices that you are using in your home.,After searching a lot, I got that which devices you can control through Alexa such as,1. Smart Bulb/ LED2. Smart Thermostat3. Smart Light Switches4. Smart Security Cameras

Is there any freelancing job for civil engineer?

Iu2019m a civil engineer and freelancer. As construction industry is also developing, many job opportunities are created related to softwares, soft skills, management, etc. Iu2019ll try to present some of them as follows.,This is screenshot of my phone on Upwork, the world's largest online workplace app. This is supposed to be the best website for

Where can I get help in building a strategic plan for an online business? Is there someone I can pay to do it for me? It has 2.5 million revenue, 15-18 employees, and 11% investment from the revenue in marketing.

Strategic plans donu2019t really work unless the person at the top (you) lives and breathes the plan, which, of course, you canu2019t do if you didnu2019t write it (or actively participate in the process of developing it). There are a lot of people who will gladly write one for you, but it wonu2019t be of much value without your deep input.,Take a

Should I get an iPhone or a Samsung?

Iu2019ve used lots of Samsung devices ever since 2015 up to 2019, namely the Galaxy A5, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S9+, and Iu2019ve changed to the iPhone XS. Here are some pros and cons of using a Galaxy and an iPhone in general from my own experience.,Samsung Galaxy (Pros) :The cameras on Samsung devices ever since the Galaxy S7 onward, does

Why cant America win in a guerrilla warfare?

The Americans are actually among the most influential pioneers of modern guerrilla warfare, from Rogersu2019 Rangers using Native American tracking, hunting and war-fighting tactics in the Seven Years War, to the irregular militias of the Revolutionary War, to the Bushwhackers of the Civil War and beyond, the US knows how to fight a guerrilla war.

What is the best way to eat an Oreo?

Crush them. A whole package.Use a blender, food processer, nutribullet, rolling pin, whatever your angry heart desires.,Take a brick of cream cheese and mix them together with all of those poorly crushed Oreos.,Roll them into spherical-like shapes.,Freeze them.,Melt almond bark (not Great Value brand) or white chocolate.,Dip those spherical-like sh

If I give you $1 million right now, what would you do?

Seriously, half of it would go into my wants. A new car. A decent house. A number of shares (yes, I want shares), health insurance (I want and need this) and a small amount on savings. I believe I can't help others if I cannot help my self first.,The other half I would use to set up an education fund. I want to setup a fund that would a) develop fa

What is the best way to learn Adobe Photoshop?

Shortest answer - practice (but I believe you are looking for a bigger answer).So here we go.......,Mostly PS is used for two reasons, 1) for photo editing and 2) for UI design (there are other usage of PS as well but lets limit our discussion to these two points).,1) photo editing - OK! So you want to master PS so that you turn a dull photo into o

What if Moscow declares modern Russia the legal successor of the Russian Empire of 1917? Can Moscow legally demand Finland, Poland, and post-Soviet countries to return to the empire?

Theyu2019re welcome to. Thereu2019s just one itsy-bitsy problem they must face first.,Tzarist era debtsAfter the October revolution, the new Bolshevik government declared themselves a new entity that is not a successor state to the Russian empire in order to repudiate the debts incurred by the tzars. The debt to UK alone was about 550 million pound

How do regular Russians feel about their politicians and propaganda leaders having a double citizenship and living permits, owning property in the EU or sending their kids to the universities abroad? Dont they feel being manipulated and betrayed?

Heavily charged question,Last time I checked, Russia was still on planet earth. So what happens in Russia, certainly happens in the west or worldwide.,Many western elite have holiday homes all across the world. Some even own islands.,Some have dual nationality. Some have passports of convenience. The second nationality been some little known countr

Which is the best OS for HP laptops, Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Windows 10, but only after you replace the HGST hard drive. I have now thrown out the forth one with the same boot problems or program start or run problems. The last one had 500,000 bad sectors and was flagged as failing Smart testing after less than 2 years. My friend said that I now had the lead, his worst HGST was a bit over 350,000 bad sectors

I read that the most expensive digital camera today can capture 400 megapixels, but the human eye can see 576 megapixels. Is this accurate? Will such cameras eventually surpass human vision in this regard? Is so, when?

There are actually gigapixel cameras, but pretty much all custom made.,But meet the Hasselblad H6D-400c, which runs about $48,000 u2026 without the lens. This camera can shoot 400 megapixel images, but itu2019s an interesting way to do this, and actually salient to your full question. Because this camera only has a 100 megapixel sensor!,A normal ca

What was the biggest wedding fail you experiencedwitnessed?

Hoo, boy!,Deborah and I met on-line. This was really unusual at the time because the Internet was still this arcane thing used by universities and research institutions. Email, once you got off the Internet per se, was transferred via UUCP and used bang paths.,Regardless, we met in person, fell in love, and, soon, I moved down from Seattle to join

What are the main ingredients or where do the ingredients of Hors dOeuvres come from?

Many ingredients go into the preparation of hors du2019oeuvres (French, literally u2018outside the worku2019.). Here are some examples of hors d oeuvres?,Small fried items such as turnovers, empanadas, samosas, and egg rolls are often served with a dipping sauce. Cruditu00e9 platters (cut raw vegetables served with a dip) or even dips served with c

What if World War 2 was capitalism vs. communism?

Rather a one sided war - you cannot show me any u201ccapitalistsu201d in that war, so there was no capitalism to fight, or be fought.,The main battle, in Russia, was between revolutionary international socialism-the USSR (though I think Stalin had to back down to the idea of u201cSocialism in one countryu201d - and fight a u201cGreat Patriotic Waru

What is the best recipe for Japanese fried rice?

Hibachi fried rice is not eaten much in Japan; I had a little bit of hibachi when I was there, but the rice they gave me was always sticky steamed rice. I can find recipes for fried rice when I search Google in Japanese, but most of them imply that fried rice is seen as a foreign food in Japan. Someone with deeper experience in Japanese food might

How much profit does an airline make from Dubai to New York with the A380?

About 15 hours of A380 flight between Dubai and New York costs over $300,000. A return trip would cost twice as much i.e $600,000. To achieve break even at 80% seat factor (440 seats occupied including first class and business class), average ticket price should be about $700 one-way or $1400 return trip.,Muhammad Afsar Malik's answer to Is it wise

Why is my newly purchased Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series slow and unresponsive?

Dell like most manufacturers has likely sent you the laptop out of the box filled with bloatware that slows it down. See if it's possible to do a clean install of Windows without any of the Dell provided software (with the exception of any drivers you need for your computer to work). If your system shipped with a hard drive replace that with an SSD

How do you create a good quality image with a clipping path?

A clipping path in layman's terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model, etc. This allows photographers; studios; magazines and other image-related companies to cut out a product from a certain background or focus on a centerpiece.,One of the other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product an

How accurate is an oral thermometer?

How accurate is an oral thermometer?,That depends on the brand and type of thermometer. Regular fever thermometers are accurate to 0,1u00b0 F ( 1/10 of a degree.) . Basal Body Temperature thermometers, typically used in family planning are accurate to 0,01 degree, but only have a range of 96.5 to 100,5. Fever thermometers go up to 104.5 degrees F.

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

If you have agreed to have an open relationship, then no. If you have never talked about the idea of being with other people while still dating each other, then yeah, probably not a good idea to kiss someone else.,However, this isnu2019t always true. My old roommate was a very affectionate person - he hugged and kissed (on the cheek) everyone, like

What is the best overall drone for under $250?

Drones have the power to help you make more of every adventure you take. Just flying a drone is an adventure in and of itself! Are you a beginner to the drone world? If so, getting a drone fit for a beginner is all you need to get started, so you won't need to spend more than 200 dollars. Basic drone models give you flight without fear of breaking

India: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How can we improve the way people drive in India?

I would not tamper with the live-and-let-live style of Indian driving.,Vying for the attention of the driver in India, in addition to all the humanity and machinery on the road, are redundantly deployed potholes and speed bumps, uninterrupted text and voice messages, a forest of oversize, panoramic billboards and signs broadcasting everything from

Is there a Chrome extension that would let me change the name of URL links? Changing it, not just shortening it. (Example: ht444z7a.com to happytimes444.com.)

Thanks for the A2A.,Iu2019ve been thinking about this for long time, since a few processes are quite tedious for me.,And coincidence has it, Iu2019ve done the research yesterday.,Yes, there are number of extensions that would do that. Examples would be,URL Rewriter or,Requestly,But personally, I wasnu2019t happy with either of the solutions. I thin

What condition is a dead body in after 1 month?

First of all, itu2019s still dead. And assuming itu2019s not been buried or cremated or placed in a very cold fridge or already embalmed, itu2019s going to be in a very sorry state indeed. Body swollen, abdomen ruptured and already in an advanced stage of decay. And the smell! Rotting human flesh is about the most repulsive smell known.,Now if the