What are the best mirrorless cameras that are future-proof (2022)?

Nothing in tech is future proof. With that said, mirrorless cameras will be more long lasting feature-wise than DSLRs because a lot of what they do is software driven. So they can be upgraded to improve current features, and add new features (within the limits of the hardware). This is true of all brands of mirrorless cameras.,The main thing, and t

How do touchscreens still work with a screen protector?

Most modern touchscreens on devices like cell phones and tablets are of the Projected Capacitive type, also called u201cPCAPu201d.,This type of touch screen starts with a grounding or reference layer at the rear most surface. The next two layers are the X sense and Y Sense conductive layers. A touch controller supplies energy to these layers indepe

How do you make whipped cream without heavy cream?

You do not. The gelatin is thoroughly unnecessary, of course, but you canu2019t make whipped cream without cream. Thatu2019s what whipped cream is: cream which has been beaten until foamy. If you donu2019t have cream, you may be able to make some other foamy substance (for example, fancy coffee-making devices have steam-driven gadgets which will fo

What did Frank Lloyd Wright mean when he said all buildings should be designed on 2 increments? Did he mean exterior dimensions, interior dimensions or room interior dimensions?

From a pure constructabily standpoint it makes sense. Lots of building materials would work well with that spacing. Framing (though I wouldnu2019t do flooring at 2u2019), masonry, ceiling grids (never permitted in residential imo). Sheetrock (though many of his buildings were plaster and lathe). Tiles.,Itu2019s automatically symmetrical.,And itu201

Are boiled eggs good to eat?

No studies on this question available, there is a study that showed that in people having high serum lipids eating two eggs a day had no adverse effects especially on serum lipid levels.nBut in diabetic eating eggs has been shown to have an associaton (u2260causation) the more cardiovascular disease Egg consumption and risk of coronary heart diseas

How much does it cost to feed a flight attendant?

It depends.,If you buy Purina Flight Attendant Adult Chow, it can be pretty cheap. If you want a sleek glossy coat or high energy food, itu2019s more expensive. There are specialty brands of Flight Attendant food that cost a whole lot more and have natural ingredients that are designed to keep your fight attendant healthy and thriving. There have b

How much is a Netflix year-long subscription?

Netflix standard package is u20ac6.99 yearly, you get a free month upon application and u20ac1.00 charged from debit card which is then deductible from your yearly charge once authentication is complete. However you don't get HD, that's extra. Another alternative and free is showbox or modro , search on Google, follow instructions and download to y

How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?

Q: How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?A fake card can boost the value of a cheap or even reject/faulty card from relatively worthless to tens of dollars or more, giving the counterfeiters a big profit for their efforts.,Detecting these fakes can be, by all accounts, extremely hard. The seller of the fake car

How do you cook cheap steak?

Depends what you mean by u201ccheapu201d. If you mean poor quality, I canu2019t help you. If you mean a leaner, tougher cut, ideally on sale, check out my homemade beef jerky:,Freshly cut. Five pounds, all cleaved by me.,Seasoned and ready to hit the oven.,Dehydrating.,I use a marinade I make of soy sauce, pineapple juice, Worcestershire sauce, liq

How do I find a startup mentor to build a deep relationship with? I have built surface level relationships online but want more personal advice and support from a mentor.

The challenge here is that there is a mismatch between your needs and those of a potential mentor. I strongly believe in giving back, teaching, and sharing my experiences with others. The problem is that of all the resources that I possess, the one that is in absolute shortest supply is time. If I were to serve as a mentor for all of the deserving

What is your daily vegetarian dinner?

I donu2019t really get this question. Just because you're vegetarian doesnu2019t mean you eat the same thing for dinner every night.,My mother cooks a variety of food from different cuisines on a regular basis. In the past week alone I can remember eating,Chinese u2014 mock chicken with steamed rice, broccoli, and carrots,Mexican u2014 fajitas with

How much money do I put in red lucky money envelopes in Hong Kong?

You could either standardise the amount giving to anyone and everyone ($10/$20), or give depending on who youu2019re giving it to.,For example, for family members you can give them a bit more ($20/$50), or even a $100 if youu2019re feeling really generous. For others, a $10 is enough.,Also, red packets are usually given in pairs if youu2019re marri

How do I get settled in Australia?

Trying to answer it with an assumption you are coming alone and without any job.,1. The foremost thing which many people wont tell you is the Driving Verification letter you should get from RTO stating your full name (as in Passport), License number, first issue date, validity and class on a letter head. Its called confirmation letter. When you pas

What is your most unforgettable moment with a fellow traveler in a flight?

We were flying from Philippines to Dubai and I was seated beside an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). While waiting for other passengers to board the plane, she called her family members. I have heard her crying voice while talking to them. Sometimes she tries to hide her crying voice so her family wonu2019t know sheu2019s sad. I only see these kind

What are some good habits to follow?

When I was young, I set out some lofty goals for myself including becoming a VP at the age of 30, building a company, creating a product from scratch and being in incredible shape (I wanted to be like Tony Horton).,I hit a few of those goals and missed on a lot of them. Why?,I forgot to create the daily habits that would get me there. ,Looking back

How many of the seven wonders of the world still exist?

It depends which seven wonders. The idea as become so popular that numerous organizations have created different versions.,The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World were:,The Collossus of Rhodes,The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus,The Pharos of Alexandria (basically a giant lighthouse),Hanging Gardens of Babylon,The Statue of Zeus at Olympia,The Temple of

What sauce goes with chicken cordon bleu?

Pound out a chicken breast between plastic wrap, place piece of Swiss cheese and ham, roll tightly, ends first than sides, without it unrolling, dip in egg wash, than flour, back in egg wash, than bread crumbs, bake or deep-fry, folded ends down, cook till done.

What is it like to live in Hollister, California?

I lived in Hollister for ten years, as it was the last place I could afford to buy a house in the San Francisco Bay Area region. When i moved there, the population was about 23k. When I left, it was about 33k. It is a commuter town; 50 miles from my office in San Jose, and most of my neighbors worked in San Jose or other south Bay Are towns, like M

For a single traveler, what is the best way to spend 3 or 4 days in the Philippines?

If you want to be in the country, then get out of the city ! Leave Manila as quickly as possible and head to Cebu, where you are close to Diving and related activities and also close to Cebu City. I suggest that Mactan would be a good place to be and good clean, cheap hotels can be found for $ 20.00 per night ! Some might even provide Breakfast !

How do you get a commercial on TV for your business?

Iu2019m coming at this from a UK perspective, Iu2019m unsure where the questioner is writing from and things are likely different in other countries but here goesu2026,First you should try to train at one of the dozen or so drama schools across the country that offer professional actor training (I say u201ctryu201d because places are limited, compe

What salary can I expect as a fresher in financial modelling?

The financial aspect of any company is one of the most crucial ones. The current economic structure may contain several elements that may be obsolete with due time. Also, the present scenario and the prospect may have differences in massive magnitudes. To create a balance and perpetuity of financial soundness in an organization, an instrument calle

How do paprika and Hungarian paprika differ?

The answer here might be terminology.,The dried red spice used for coloring and adding a sweet and smoky flavor is known around most of the world as paprika. And Hungary is famous for their paprika.,Fun Fact: A Hungarian scientist was the first to isolate Vitamin C using Hungarian paprika (peppers) - Albert Szent-Gyu00f6rgyi.,In Hungarian, paprika

When should Christmas lights and other decorations come down?

We take ours down on Epiphany (6 January), regarded as the end of the Christmas season. Strictly speaking, the end could also be u201cBaptism Sundayu201d (the first Sunday after 6 January) or even u201cCandlemasu201d (2 February) which celebrates the 40 days after Christ was born when Mary would have gone to the temple for her u201cpurificationu201

How has the poverty rate in the US changed over time?

http://www.npc.umich.edu/poverty/ will answer the latter and http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/faq.shtml the former, I hope. There are, of course, many definitions of what constitutes "poverty" but using the poverty threshold & guidelines helps to keep a consistent measure across time (although one could argue it may not be the best measure).