How does the greenhouse effect contribute to climate change?

There is no real greenhouse effect caused by atmospheric CO2 or other so-called greenhouse gases. Itu2019s all a fake physics scientific hoax pushed for political gain by the climate Marxists at the U.N. and their politician-run IPCC global octopus of kept scientists, academics, journalists, and politicians as a Hail Mary to foist global Marxism on

How can I become fluent in English?

I'm going to tell you one method in which your English fluency is going to improve drastically within weeks. Yes, I tried this as I was not having access to download lot of English movies at that time or to buy books. So this was the best way for me without spending any money.,Unethical hackI used to call different customer care for different produ

How long should I marinate chicken breast with butter milk to make it tender?

I donu2019t like to brine or marinate chicken for more than about 90 minutes, because it changes the texture of the meat. Modern chickens are so tender that a longer marinade isnu2019t necessary. I do like to do a dry rub on chickens when roasting them, and I will do that for 24 hours, uncovered in the fridge, so the skin dries out while the meat a

What online business can I do to make money?

Understand everythingu2019s saturated. Something youu2019re doing is a variation of something that someone else is doing and whatu2019s been done in the past.,The results of whatever youu2019re doing may vary. Results May Vary.,J Bireus's answer to What are some ugly truths of life?What you learned to make cash may not work,What you learned to make

What happens when you eat expired food?

Well, in the worst-case scenario, you can get food poisoning. And that's no fun. ,Having said that, most food lasts a bit after the date printed on it - particularly if you store it well. But you want to be careful and use common sense, and possibly give your food a smell test.,There's also a difference between food labeled "best by", "sell by", or

What are the best dishes to start learning Asian cooking?

I would start with something with just a few ingredients (which is difficult with Asian cooking as there are usually at least 10u201315 ingredients in the simplest of dishes), and stir fry recipes are usually easy and pretty fast too. One of my very favorite recipes is from Chef Jet Tila, who wrote the cookbook 101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Bef

What are your favorite Chinese dishes?

I LOVE RICE, and these dishes are perfect to eat with rice.,1. Steamed egg with shrimp,2. Tomato with fish ball soup,The tomato soup base is very suitable for cooking fish, shrimp and mushrooms, which is fragrant and rich. It is perfect to be served with rice, because of the sour flavor.,3. Coke-flavored Chicken Wings,4. Stir fried meat with chili,

Is pointing out to media bias an example of ad hominem or hasty generalization fallacy?

(A2A)- No, it couldnu2019t be an example of an ad hominem fallacy unless you made a personal attack on the reporter or journalist that had no bearing on the subject in question.,ad hominem example: You have witnessed a neighbor dumping toxic materials in a nearby stream. You confront him and ask him to clean it up.,He turns the argument on you. Isn

What are some healthy Thanksgiving side dishes?

While I generally agree that Craig Good is doing God's work dispelling nutrition myths on Quora, I'm not going to echo u201cNo Food Is Healthy!u201d or u201cAll Food Is Healthy!u201d as though I don't know what you mean by your question.,When people ask for u201chealthyu201d dishes, they typically mean dishes with low to moderate calories, low to m

What is intended with a letter of application?

An application letter is very important because you are more than likely sending it for a potential job or to get into a university. The way you present yourself in that letter will give an immediate first impression.,You should definitely have this letter proofread as it would not be impressive if it was riddled with typos and incorrectly spelled

What are popular wall decorations?

Wall du00e9cor u2014 including wall art, wall accents, and wall mirrors u2014 can brighten and bring life to a room.,If youu2019re ready to turn those stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces, keep reading. No matter your style, Iu2019ve summarized the most popular wall decor ideas that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and ta

What are the most beautiful National Parks in the world?

Please find my personal handpicked selection of the most beautiful National Parks in the world. The goal was to include as many different countries in the world combining famous and less known, but still amazing, National Parks.,My selection of the USA's most beautiful National Parks is not included but can be found here:nJulien Vachu00e9's answer

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

I feel one of the great Indians whom we actually donu2019t know is this woman,She is Sheetal Mahajan. The first woman who has performed first jump over Geographic North Pole on 18 April 2004 without any practice.,Belonging to a middle class family in Pune, Sheetal was in 12th std when she actually performed this jump.,In a society where the number

What are some of the photos from India which proves India is not like any other country?

Geographically India is one of the most diverse country on the planet.,Siachin glacier ~ worlds 2nd longest non polar glacier. Temperatures goes down to -50u00b0C.,2. Kanchenjunga mountain- worlds 3rd highest (8656m) mountain peak.,3. Kashmir valley is called paradise on earth.,4. Ladakh region- Indiau2019s cold desert region.,5. Thar desert- World

How do you create a good quality image with a clipping path?

A clipping path in layman's terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model, etc. This allows photographers; studios; magazines and other image-related companies to cut out a product from a certain background or focus on a centerpiece.,One of the other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product an

Whats the coolest feature youve seen in a car? Preferably something that isnt very common, such as the rain channels in the Mercedes S-class that channel rain from the windshield away from the side windows, & nothing related to self-driving cars.

The sliding door rail of the Hyundai H1 minibus.,A sliding door needs at least three support points. In modern minibus designs, two are found at the top and bottom of the sliding door, and the third on a rail to the rear of the door.,Hereu2019s the classic Toyota Hi-Ace, with the rear sliding door track visible as a black line above the rear wheel.

What is expansionary monetary policy?

In order to cure depression and lack of effective demand, central banks resort to quantitative easing (increase money supply in an economy).,Money too like any other commodity, because of its increased supply, its cost i.e. interest rates (nominal) decreases.,Because of reduced rates, commercial banks can acquire funds at a lower cost and in order

What are some infamous architectural blunders?

Ever heard of a building that can melt a Jaguar car ?n,u200b,nThe 'Walkie-Talkie' building ( officially called '20 Fenchurch') in London's financial district has the infamous reputation of being able to melt parts of cars that are parked nearby. The curve-shaped 'Walkie-Talkie' building has now been dubbed 'Walkie-Scorchie' after it caused u00a3950

What is the UNiDAYS discount for Apple?

UNiDAYS has some great student discounts for Apple products. Basically it offers up to 10% off when you shop online.,UNiDAYS Apple Music discount: if you a student of university or college you can get discount on Apple Music for up to 4 years. Discount amount depends on your country of residence. You can check availability of Apple Music discount h

What fruits taste like mango?

PeachPeaches have their own distinctive flavor and perfume but in terms of color and texture, they are the best fruit to pinch hit for mango in both raw and cooked form. Use ripe peaches instead of mango in just about any recipe, from fruit salsas and fruit salad to baked goods and smoothies.,NectarineNectarines are also similar in color and textur

What was the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Revolution was an epoch in history (particularly European history) that characterized the transition from 'Feudalism' to 'Capitalism' and development of the latter.,In the middle of the eighteenth century, 'English Capitalism' was characterized by the handicraft system. It was not the old craft production where each petty enterprise had

What type of media is YouTube?

YouTube is a Social Media its like a family in which, you can share and watch the videos all kind of videos excluding material that are not allowed by Youtube.,Thanks

Is there a good vlogging camera under $100 with a flip screen?

Nope your asking for a modern DSLR/Camcorder video capable with decent bitrate at a minimum 1080p 50 mbps that's gonna be 200USD+ for anything usable/practical,Best your gonna get for entry level is a YI 4k+ for Video quality and the features required to do vlogging keep in mind you'll have to drop 150+ in SD cards batteries and a proper mic in the

What is the best app for a wedding planner?

I guess it would be reasonable to introduce tools for implementing electronic signatures into your workflow - this would streamline the process of onboarding new customers, sending offers and signing contracts.nSignaturely gives you quite easy to use tools to get documents out fast and signatures in, faster by removing unnecessary steps.,It also pr