What is a good width for a brick garden path?

It depends. Look at this picture:,As you can see, there is a concrete walkway. That is 38 inches wide. For one person that is comfortable to walk on, but the brick wall on one side, is an absolute boundary. If there are two people, then both have to avoid bumping into the wall. If the wall was not there, 38 inches would be fine. Since there was a w

What is the best trading platform for beginners?

The simplest and most common type of stock trade is carried out with a market order. Market orders indicate that you are willing to take whatever price is presented to you when your order is executed.

What are things that one should know before any first international flight?

Before you leave for the airport, do one last check, no matter how certain you are, that your passport, wallet and medication is on your person.,Try to be well-rested for the flight. Jetlag and flight time will be difficult to begin with.,Leave for the airport with enough time to ensure you will be able to check in, clear security and immigration,

What are some good ideas for optical illusions in photography?

10 good ideas, i will suggest you.,10. Check Out the Most Common Forced Perspective PosesIf you donu2019t know where to start, you can always find creative photography ideas online.,Search u201cforced perspectiveu201d on Google, Instagram or even Pinterest, Youu2019ll find hundreds of forced perspective photography examples to inspire you.,People w

What does it mean if you dream about strangling someone?

STRANGLING SOMEONE,The person you are strangling is your self. If it is a male you are strangling, then you are trying to strangle some mentality in you. If it is a female, then it is some sentiment you are trying to strangle in you.,The characteristics of the person you are trying to strangle, along with any associations you might have with that p

Which countries should I visit in Africa? Why?

I like to visit low income countries with a good track record of peace, safety, and political stability. I get affordable trips and that way, I can go to more countries.,Zanzibar and Tanzania.The best words I keep hearing is that Zanzibar is a paradise island on earth. I gotta make a trip out there to see it myself. A friend of mine just got back a

What are some examples of Cambodian cultures that copy from Thailand?

I have learned history, It shows that Cambodia have been around since 1st Century and their language and culture are created around 8th century, Thailand which was born in the late 13th Century was heavily influenced by khmer. BUT Cambodia was destroyed by war so they lost everything, their culture, their tradition, their ancient statue(have been t

Is AMP good or bad?

When Incomm integrates flexa into its 500,000 points of retail, Amp will grow. This is not financial advice but in my opinion, Amp is the best investment of the 2020s. Blockchain payment networks are only in their infancy, and Flexa provides what every investor needs u2014 brick and mortar use cases. Have a look over market & do research and then i

Does India really require a bullet train?

India is a rapidly developing economy with numerous developmental needs. A major component of Indiau2019s developmental plan is the upgradation of current rail networks as well as the development of new high speed rail corridors popularly known as bullet trains. The Mumbai u2013 Ahmedabad High Speed Rail project, is a visionary project by the NDA G

Is Spotify Premium worth the money? Why?

In my opinion, absolutely not, though I am biased for a good reason.,Back when Spotify released on PS4, I immediately subscribed, as I was under the belief that it was needed in order to even function. Sounded legit, a fee for a library of music I could listen to while gaming.,What I did not like about it was the extremely obnoxious ads. Back when

What is the power of a legislative branch in the Philippines?

As the name states, The Legislative Department (one of the Branches composing the system of checks and balances in the Philippine Government structure, the other two being the Executive and Judicial Departments),The Legislative Branch enacts legislation, confirms or rejects Presidential appointments, and has the authority to declare war. This branc

Why are Canon and Nikon DSLR prices moving high in India?

All the camera price are moving high due to the demand. There was no fast supply to meet the demand also there was some shortage like some semi conductive chipset.,So price hike not due to single factor, it depends on multiple factors!!!!

What are some little known facts about McDonalds?

With billions of people served, McDonald's has played a fascinating role shaping international culture since its first restaurant opened 75 years ago. Here, a compilation of surprising McDonald's trivia even its most loyal customers may not know.,1. Seventy-five years ago, in 1940, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened up the first McDonaldu

What are the best dash cams which are easy to remove daily, as leaving them visible in parked car attracts robbers. I donu2019t want the suction cup as it leaves marks on windshields. Are there any other options?

Question: u201cWhat are the best dash cams which are easy to remove daily, as leaving them visible attracts robbers.u201d,I have dash cams installed in all of my vehicles.,You should distinguish between a dash cam being visible and it being conspicuous. The cheaper dash cams are quite large and they are very conspicuous and would probably serve as

What are RPA robotic process automation examples?

Grand View Research estimates that the global Robotics Automation Process (RPA) Market will reach $11 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 34% from 2020 to 2027.,RPA automates operations without requiring large investments. They're functional, easy to integrate into current IT infrastructure, and flexible across platforms and apps. RPA is efficien

What kind of party should a 5-year-old have?

A small, short, inexpensive one.,I tried to follow the rule, "one more than your age" for how many children were invited to a party for my daughters. It made the party manageable.,I had their parties at home when they were younger. ,I kept them simple - cake, ice cream, some decorations, easy games and crafts,For example, for a Princess themed part

What is the history of the Taal volcano near Manila?

Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines, with 33 recorded historical eruptions, all of which were concentrated on Volcano Island, near the middle of Taal Lake. The caldera was formed by prehistoric eruptions between 140,000 and 5,380 BP.,Volcano Island, called Taal Volcano, has erupted more than 34 times since 1572, most r

Where can I find free export import data of shipping for international trade business?

Below is a list of reliable data from public international institutions that collect and disseminate trade data free of charge to the general public which includes:,The United Nations Commercial Trade (UN), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), World Trade Organization (WT

Iu2019m looking for a zoom lens (70-30055-300) for my Nikon D5100 with autofocus that actually works. I heard autofocus of Nikon AF 70-300 does not work for my camera. VR will be good to have. Will AF-S work with my camera?

My elderly Nikon D300 started missing focus. It was doing this with all the lenses.,I sent it into the Nikon Repair Station and they replaced the autofocus system, the shutter, base plate and cleaned the sensor. They also cleaned the camera, lubricated and calibrated the camera. The cost? $240.,Since the camera is able to autofocus one of your lens

What can I drink from Starbucks while I am on a diet?

Letu2019s seeu2026,Are you on a high-calorie diet? You should drink at least 5 trenti whole milk caramel mochas per day at the bare minimum.,Are you on a low-calorie diet? Water, black coffee, and tea with no milk or sugar is the way to go.,Are you on an everything-in-moderation diet? The occasional visit to Sbux isnu2019t gonna kill you.,Are you o

What are the best interiors?

,1. Pick the paint color last. I get calls all the time from homeowners who want to pick a paint color before they move in. I get the logic. Why not arrive to walls with a fresh coat of paint? Of course you can do it this way, but in my opinion itu2019s not ideal.,There are thousands of paint colors with various tints, tones and shades. And each on

What is the best statistics software?

There is no one u201cbestu201d. Each has advantages and disadvantages.,I have extensive experience with SAS and R. So, of those two:,SAS has much better documentation, better error messages, great tech support, easier output to Word and Excel, easier integration with Office in general, is better able to deal with huge data and has routines that are

How old is your current laptop?

My laptop is 3 days old. It is an Acer Aspire 3 A315-23.I brought it off Amazon Great Indian Festival.,Few specs:,Processor: 2.1 Ghz AMD Ryzen 5 - 3500U quad core,RAM: 8GB DDR4,Display: 15.6u2033 Full HD,Storage: 512GB SSD,OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit,Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8 Mobile graphics.,Price : Rs. 41,990,Of the few research I've done, Ryzen

Is the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14" 2-in-1 a good laptop?

Yes, the Lenovo laptops have gotten great reviews and this specific model is boasting great performance with the i7 evo platform, two other laptops you can look at however are the Dell Inspiron 2u2013in-1 and the HP Envy X360 which both have options for 11th gen intel cores and are 2-in1s.

What does digital technology mean in English?

The branch of scientific or engineering knowledge that deals with the creation and practical use of digital or computerized devices, methods, systems, etc.: advances in digital technology.

What are the creepiest photos ever?

Photographs are a top-notch way to capture a moment and freeze it in time. You donu2019t need to be a professional to snap a brief selfie or take a set shot of you and your pals taking part in a night out on the town. Photos have grown to be the ubiquitous medium that we use all the time these days.,These 25 snapshots show that regardless of how ex

What are the best beach resorts in the Philippines?

What is wrong in the Philippines ? July 15. 2019 Manila 1 kg Bananas 70 Peso, July 15.2019 Germany Bananas 57 Peso u2026.. August 15.2019 51 Peso, imported from South- or Middle America.,Electronics = cameras - smartphone cheaper in Europe to buy.,Cheaper: Food in eatery, some restaurants as in Europe, USA.,If a person in the province work in a sma