How can I edit photos without Photoshop for free?

Q: How can I edit photos without Photoshop for free?,A: Its easy,On your iPhone/iPad,Look at the image and tap EDIT,Make your edits,Done,On your iPhone/iPad,There are name free editing and filter apps that you can chose from,On your Mac,Launch the Photos app and double click on the image,Tap on the EDIT button and do your editing,Done,On your Mac,I

How long can one safely thaw meat from a frozen state on a kitchen counter?

Experts recommended not thawing meat on the kitchen counter at all. That being said it depends on what you want to thaw on the counter.,I will thaw a thin piece of meat, like a steak or piece of chicken, on the counter because they arenu2019t very big and thaw quickly. Then cook them right away.,A large roast, a whole chicken or turkey is problemat

What is Warren Buffetts best piece of advice?

Warren Buffett said:,If you were born in the United States, you have already won the lottery.,If you find yourself complaining about our country, take a long trip around the world. Ensure you visit developing nations in Asia, South America, and Africa.,Also visit Socialist and Communist countries. Talk with locals about their daily lives.,Once you

What is the best way to bake bread rolls?

Bread rolls can be made several different ways:,The direct method is the quickest and relies on enrichments (like butter, sugar, eggs) mostly for flavor and can include potato for softness or sweet potatoes for the holidays. Bake these in a 350u2109 to 375u2109 oven until 190u2109 to 200u2109 internally. An egg (whole, yolk, or white) wash glaze is

What are some colors that match burgundy?

Since burgundy is a power color, very rich and strong, it will pair well with:nbeige, white, gold, pale blue. It is made of blue and red, so it will clash with it's opposites that are: most greens, purples, reds, and all oranges or yellows except antique gold.,In terms of clothing and using the color of burgundy, the above is true. If you are creat

Has anyone experienced their Netflix account being hacked? My account settings were changed to Spanish, my email changed, and subscription upgraded. Its particularly concerning to me because I have saved card information on my account.

Are you the owner of the account, or has someone shared their log-on for their account with you? It sounds more like your account has been changed by someone who shared their password with you.,It sounds like you can still log in to the account with a password that you set or share with someone. If the account was upgraded, did the charge show up o

Is canola oil unhealthy?

Well, if you drink gallons of it a day, sure, like everything else, canola oil can be unhealthy. However, when used with common sense canola oil is a pretty affordable cooking oil high in unsaturated fats.,The article you posted is more than a little suspect. Disregarding all the other pseudoscience BS that I cannot sufficiently comment on (since I

What is the best place to convert dollars to euros in the Bay Area?

Use credit cards instead of cash whenever possible.nIf you must pay in Euro currency in larger amounts over time, say u20ac5000 in 10 withdrawals of u20ac500 each. Then it makes sense to plan ahead.nOpen or maintain a checking or savings account nin a major bank with correspondence European bank in the destination country.nWithdraw from ATM of the

What is the definition of happiness in psychology?

Happiness really isnu2019t a destination, but a journey that youu2019re experiencing every single day u2014 embracing the negative and the positive..,Happiness is something that happens when you live your life without any expectations and desires.Don't live like a victim just follow your freedom and live your every single moment because there is on

Should I get an iPhone or a Samsung?

Iu2019ve used lots of Samsung devices ever since 2015 up to 2019, namely the Galaxy A5, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S9+, and Iu2019ve changed to the iPhone XS. Here are some pros and cons of using a Galaxy and an iPhone in general from my own experience.,Samsung Galaxy (Pros) :The cameras on Samsung devices ever since the Galaxy S7 onward, does

Should you use an HTML template for your website?

Yes, you can definitely go ahead and build your website using HTML template.,I'm assuming you have a basic knowledge of HTML/JavaScript coding when you say "using my time in a more productive way on parts of the site which can't simply be a template".,There are many websites from where you can download HTML templates such as Free Vector graphic art

What are the most search terms on Google for Dubai?

Here are the most searched terms ranging from 1k/month to 27lakhs/month.nCheers!,dubait2740000,dubai timet823000,dubai airportt450000,dubai weathert368000,dubai mallt301000,dubai hotelt301000,dubai currencyt246000,dubai jobst246000,dubai jobt246000,currency in dubait246000,dubai gold ratet201000,dubai time prayert165000,dubai atlantist135000,dubai

How did the colors get their names?

Our words came from many different paths. "Blue" came through Old French, and was Scandinavian before that. "Yellow" came from Old High German and Dutch. "Green" went through a similar path u2014 Dutch and other Germanic languages u2014 and probably arose as a word to call "grass" by. Green in its early days probably literally meant "the color of p

What are your favorite healthy recipes using chicken breasts?

Back when my mom was alive, whenever Iu2019d cook chicken breasts, I was always very aware of how dry they can get, and I could always tell how much she enjoyed them, by how much or how little sheu2019d eat.,I eventually created a simple dish which worked well, and the breasts stayed moist. I would de-bone the breasts (and pull out the tendons and

Whats the best keto bread recipe?

There are many keto bread recipes. A recipe for baking keto bread with mozzarella cheese is one of the most reliable keto side dishes you can enjoy. After a prolonged search and our try in a kitchen, we have placed before you, incredibly cheesy, satisfyingly chewy, & delightfully yummy! And thatu2019s not even the best part about these keto mozzare

What is the difference between accounts payable and notes payable?

An account in the popular ledger, which is mainly used to record purchases of goods and services on credit, is called account payable.,In the companyu2019s ledger, notes payable are a liability. When a company lacks cash, it may issue a bank draft note to a commercial institution or a vendor to borrow funds.,A note payable account is credited in th

What happens when you eat expired food?

Well, in the worst-case scenario, you can get food poisoning. And that's no fun. ,Having said that, most food lasts a bit after the date printed on it - particularly if you store it well. But you want to be careful and use common sense, and possibly give your food a smell test.,There's also a difference between food labeled "best by", "sell by", or

How do you reverse a curse? Iu2019ve been cursed personally, found the source, but can not afford to move. Iu2019ve done all solutions to resolve it and canu2019t. Iu2019m Christian and will continue to battle. Short of moving, is there a solution?

Repeat,Ask God to forgive you for any sin or action you may have committed to cause the curse to take effect.,Claim Christ's sacrifice that he was made a curse for you that you would inherit his blessing.,Repeat (daily) u2026after a while, u will get the gist and can summarise in your own words.,u201cBy the power in the Name and the Blood of Jesus

What are some shocking secrets of Ramayana?

Note: On many of my answers regarding various stories of Mythology, people commented as u201cwhich scriptureu201d and u201cit's not authenticu201d and u201cthese are stories for entertainment with no knowledgeu201d. So before I start writing this one, I am sharing you the source as well as my reasons for selecting those. I learnt these from the fol

Are Americans the only people who actually like peanut butter?

Yes, in a world with almost 200 diverse countries, only Americans enjoys peanut butter because they like it. Everyone else just buys and eats it as a dare!,Global Top 5 counties for the sale of peanut butter,United States US$1,989m because they like it,Canada US$273m just as a dare,Nigeria US$129m just as a dare,United Kingdom US$123m just as a dar

What innovations in smartphone cameras have transferred to DSLR cameras?

There are absolutely a few features on DSLRs and other u201crealu201d cameras that might be inspired by smartphones. However, Iu2019m not ready to credit (or blame) smartphones to creeping featurism in DSLRs too much. In part, because most of the DSLR companies have been pretty slow to adopt or adapt new features u2014 youu2019re going to look at m

Which one is a better phone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Huawei Mate 20 X?

There are definite similarities between these handsets. They're both big, sleek, and powerful, but the differences really do set them apart. And in that sense, the Mate 20 can't help but feel seriously overshadowed.,The Mate 20 Pro's advantages stack up, from the better camera setup to the much-improved screen. It's worth the extra $230, and it hel

Whats the most isolated town in the contiguous United States?

The most isolated town in the lower 48During my extensive travels, Iu2019ve pursued a number of cities that are extraordinarily isolated including remote sections of the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, North America, and around the world. While I prefer life in the big city, my escape from reality is to visit the most remote corners of our planet.,Es

What are the different levels of happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is the biggest trap that life ever sprung.That being said, letu2019s understand the (only) 3 types of happiness:,Imagined (delusional) happiness:Respect and admiration from an imagined community u2014 A person living in 1500s knew that kings and regimes would change, and she wasnu2019t as loyal to it as to her immediate com

What are the ingredients of carbonara sauce?

A real Roman carbonara needs egg fettuccine, guanciale, one egg yolk per person, freshly crushed black pepper, freshly grated Pecorino (or a combination of Pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano), salt for the water. That's all.